How to identify 2 things related to "Connectors" tasks

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I'm browsing the various help files within the connectors project. This one includes this suggestion:

  • If you're just wanting to help make some connections, another approach is to look at unconnected on the watchlist of high contributors or those who have uploaded a GEDCOM, as they will give you a lot of people to work out from.
I imagine this is achievable with WikiTree+ ? Regardless, would someone please direct me to guidance on how to identify the 2 categories/lists mentioned above? I've used WikiTree+ some ... but not a lot.
  • high contributors' watchlist of unconnected profiles
  • unconnected profiles from GEDCOM upload
Thank you!
asked in WikiTree Help by Susan Keil G2G6 Mach 2 (20.9k points)

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Hi Susan,

I'm sorry that no connectors have responded to you before now but I think the reason might be that we can't truthfully answer your two questions. But saying that I might be able to go part way there.

So the first question was getting an unconnected list of high contributors. The main problem with this is identifying the high contributors in the first place. If you work on connecting in a particular location, then you may soon start to come across many unconnected profiles that were created by the same profile manager. In that case you can run two WikiTree+ reports, one for their unconnected profiles, the other for connected profiles. If you sort both reports by last name, then scroll through each of them looking for names that match.

I've run the report here for you, you'll see that in the search criteria box you have the words unconnected keil_336.
And to run the connected report for yourself, use the search criteria connected keil_336. (Note it's underscore rather than hyphen in the Wiki-Id)

The second question is not at all easy to respond to. You firstly have to identify a Gedcom name that has many unconnected profiles, this again may be something you discover when connecting in a specific location. Once you have found your Gedcom name, then you'll need to identify profiles that were uploaded within it.
Open your profile page, then select Find (top right) and Search. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Section 4. Put the name of the Gedcom in the box and press GO. One that is being looked at at the moment by another WikiTreer is Tonkes_Morris_Ryles_Ellis.ged. So maybe run this and see what you get. There are loads of both connected and unconnected profiles from this Gedcom, and they are gradually being put back together again.
Once you've run the search, you will get a list of links (it uses Google) to profiles in that upload. But to find the unconnected ones, you have to open each of them. It's quite a slow task but if you keep a list of connected and unconnected as you find them, then you may be able to start to join the profiles into family groups.
If you need more help with this then maybe send me a PM and I'll help as much as I can.
answered by Carol Keeling G2G6 Mach 3 (31.6k points)
selected by Susan Keil

Carol: thanks for the tip on using the Find|Search|Text menu to set google on the hunt for profiles in a particular gedcom far my process has been much slower!

Susan and Carol: both of Susan's tips here are really helpful but not perfect and you should be aware of some limitations. 

Firstly, using the WikiTree+ solution will only find profiles that are currently managed by that Wiki-ID, which creates a couple of problems: 1. If the person who originally uploaded the gedcom is no longer on WikiTree (as is the case for the particular gedcom used in the example), the search will get no results; 2. it won't find profiles that have been orphaned; 3. it won't find profiles currently managed by someone else (eg. by adoption or through a merge).

Secondly, using the Find|Search|Text method will only find profiles which currently include the name of the gedcom file somewhere in its text section. That means it won't find profiles that have had this line of text removed or altered - this frequently happens when profiles have been 'cleaned' of the gedcom data during post-import or post-merge clean ups. It will also miss profiles that have been merged away or otherwise deleted.

Thank you John for adding these extra comments, I know there are many limitations to using searches for these profiles, and I hope you didn't mind me using your current project as an example for Susan.
I have ged filenames available from the biography. If that is so important for your searches, I can add them to search index.
That sounds like it would be a big help Aleš, especially in the Lost and Found Project. So when doing a WikiTree+ search we could then combine the gedcom name with the words 'connected' and 'unconnected'. We'd then be able to compare both lists for common surnames and be able to see how the connected and unconnected profiles link together. So from me that's a big YES PLEASE.
I checked and text  THROUGH THE IMPORT OF *.GED is present on 4.4M profiles. I am updating the database definition and it should be available with publish of next dump. You should know, that it will not include profiles with private bio.
I don't mind at all Susan! It was nice that somebody noticed - often feels like I'm plodding away all by my onesies!

Aleš, you're a legend! I'm looking forward to playing with this.

This is all wonderful! Was well worth my patient wait until knowledgeable, helpful folks came along. If I had really been thinking I would have prodded the issue along in the Connectors Project of which I am a part ...

Thanks again! I will play with all this good info and contribute accordingly!
Thank you Susan, for making my answer 'the best one', even though it was actually the only one. Please keep in touch if you need any help.
And another big thank you to Aleš. Like John I'm really looking forward to using this new facility and exploring it's potential within the connectors project.

This is now operational.

  • I added GEDCOM filenames to the search engine. It searches for " THROUGH THE IMPORT OF xx.GED". To find them on search engine, enter the name and replace each separator with an underscore. Don-t forget to replace also spaces, dots, ... For example you should search for DeCoursey_ged or Putt_Grantham_Marple_Robinson_4__2014_01_21_02_GED to find Putt-Grantham Marple-Robinson(4)_2014-01-21_02.ged
Example of links

All profiles with ged file

Unconnected profiles with ged file

Unlinked profiles with ged file

Those lists are much better than category

Question for Lost and Found project. Are .ged subcategories onlz for unconnected profiles? I programed EditBOT to remove connected profiles from unconnected categories. I can extend its operation to category.


Thank  you so much, Aleš & Carol !!! It was absolutely well worth the bit of a wait for an answer to my original post! smiley

Thank you Aleš for providing the links to WikiTree+. I can't believe that this Gedcom had over 2,500 profiles. No wonder it's in such a state. I've managed to connect a few of the unlinked profiles to family members, having these reports is really helping us.
As far as the Lost and Found Project is concerned, the sub category tag has been added to both connected and unconnected profiles to help with identification, so for now please don't let EDITBOT remove them. If we decide later that they are no longer needed then we can always contact you again for help with this.
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Several large unconnected Gedcom's have been identified by The Lost and Found Project. These are where the Gedcom links between profiles have broken on upload, so that each profile loads on its own as a stand alone profile. To correct these it's like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle back together. 

answered by Carol Keeling G2G6 Mach 3 (31.6k points)
sometimes you can get lucky and find the original tree the gedcom was exported from (like, from Ancestry, if you have an account there).
Good reminder. Thanks for mentioning this, Dennis.

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