Can somebody please fix the problem when an Unlisted Profile is added to an Open Profile

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I added [[Krape-7|Dorothy Krape]] to Ora Calvin Glass as wife. No problem as Ora's Profile was Open.  I then added his Unlisted son as well.  When I went to add another son, Ora's Profile was changed to Private with Public Biography and Family Tree by WikiTree automatically and I am therefore locked out from this second addition..  This occurs when an Unlisted Profile is added to an existing Open Profile and is really quite bothersome to both the WikiTree Member adding the Unlisted profile to the other Profile as well as the Profile Manager of the Profile that had it's privacy setting changed automatically by WikiTree and now has to change it back to its original Open Privacy Setting.

Why should the Privacy Setting of one Profile have a bearing on the Privacy Settings of a linked Profile???????


OK, all the response have so far been dealing with viewing Unlisted data. This is not the problem I am trying to convey!  The problem is when you add an Unlisted Profile to an Open Profile by a family link, son or daughter, the Open setting on the parent's Profile is changed from Open to Private with Public Biography and Family Tree automatically by WikiTree.  This is the error that I believe  should be fixed!!!!

It doesn't seem to matter if you are the Profile Manager of the Parents Profile or not.  Add an Unlisted child to a Parent's Profile and WikiTree changes the Privacy Setting of the Parents Profile. WHY????  Being able to view data as mentioned below is a separate problem that should be addressed separately.

Sorry for yelling.  LOL

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"Why should the Privacy Setting of one Profile have a bearing on the Privacy Settings of a linked Profile???????"

Well, It's mainly because a open profile allows you to obtain information from that person for the private sibling and this is considered a breach of protecting the privacy of the Privacy Setting.  Thus if john is private and George is not, Information in his profile may compromise information John's profile. 

by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (406k points)
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Sorry, but I had an Open Profile that was changed when someone added Unlisted Profile and it was locked down and the user came at me for shutting him down and I had no idea it happened.

To make a long story short, I was not a member of that child's Trusted List and I could not see their data though the parents Profile was Open and I was the Profile Manager of the parent.  I could see they have a Private Child in their tree and that is it!  If a linked file is set above the Open Profile, then whatever the more Private Profile's Setting permits, is all that can bee seen given the rights the viewer has to the Open Profile..

I'm having what I believe is a different but possibly related problem: I'm on the TL for a parent but not on the TL for the child. Both profiles are Unlisted. But I can actually see private information of the child while viewing the parent profile. I can see the given and surname, the full birth date, and the birth location of the child while viewing the parent profile. Per my understanding of the WikiTree privacy documentation, the Unlisted privacy setting of the child's profile is supposed to prevent anyone not on the child's TL from seeing any such private information from the child's profile.

As far as i understand Rick, if you are not the child's Profile Manager nor on their TL, you shouldn't see their data no matter what your rights are to the parent.

My problem is not viewing data, please understand this.  My problem is that WikiTree changed the fathers Privacy Setting on his Profile from Open to a Private setting when I added the Unlisted child to his Profile.  The father's Profile is not managed by myself nor am I on the father's TL. I could not have changed the father's  Privacy setting as I never had the rights to do so.  WikiTree did it. This appears to be an automatic function now on WikiTree as I have encountered this before when another member has added an Unlisted Profile link to one of my Profiles. I have brought this up before with no answer..
I also came across this situation earlier in the week. I can still see the Unlisted child's details on the parents' profiles, but when I click on the link to the child it comes up as Unlisted.


I believe that I understand the problem that you encountered - connecting an open parent to an unlisted child via parental relationship causes the parent profile privacy to automatically change from open to a more restrictive privacy setting. I also believe that it’s somehow related to what I’m seeing - private info from unlisted child revealed on parent profile.

My expectation would be that in my case, I should not be able to see the private info from the child on the parent profile, but rather just be shown that there is a private/unlisted child when viewing the parent profile. If that were the case, then I don’t believe there would be a need for the automatic changing of the parent profile privacy setting such as that which you experienced.

Well, yes and no Rick.  I have not run across your problem.  Please see Edward Adams:  You'll see he is an Open and Orphaned Profile, I Orphaned him to make room on my Watch List.  You'll also notice he has two Private daughters who are Unlisted, also created by me.  I am the Profile Manager of both children and I cannot see their Names in the Tree on his Profile.  If I scroll over [private daughter (1930s - unknown)] and [private daughter (1930s - unknown)]  I do not get an active link, which I shouldn't.  If I go to the son Edward Adams  I can then see their names and get an active link to them in his tree as I am still a Profile Manager for him, which is how it should work as I am on the TL of all three.

These Profiles were all created before the EU Rule change and WikiTree changed the daughters from a Public Profile to an Unlisted one without changing the root parents Privacy Setting.  So it appears the Edit Bot did not have this problem. It only seems to happen to post GDPR Rule change family link additions.

Please take a look at the elder Adams' Profile above and please tell me if you have the same view as I do.where the daughter appear as Private and then please go to the son Edward's Profile and see if they appear a Private to you as well.  Also, if you could give me the Profile where you are experiencing what you discussed above, I would like to see if that happens to me as well.  If I don't see what you do, there is another problem with WikiTree's internal flag system regarding the Viewer rights and the subject Profiles Privacy.

The more we find out, the better it is for the tech folks to figure out.

Hi LJ,

When I view the Open profile for Edward T Adams (the father), I see the same Father of ... [private daughter (1930s - unknown)] and [private daughter (1930s - unknown)] that you do, also with no active links. When I view the Open profile for Edward T Adams Jr (his son), I see Brother of [private sister (1930s - unknown)] and [private sister (1930s - unknown)], also no active links. This is what I would expect.

For the situation that I'm encountering, both profiles (parent and child) are Unlisted. I'm on the TL of the parent profile but not on the TL of the child profile. The parent profile is where I can see private info from the child: <parent> of given/surname with active link, which hovering over discloses the full birth date and birth location of the child. My expectation is that for the child, I really should just see: <parent> of [private <child> (decade - unknown)] with no active link. Since you're not on the TL of the parent, you can't view the parent profile.
That is a great help Rick.  It appears being able to view an Unlisted Profile permits you to view other Unlisted Profiles of  family linked to it even if you do not have rights to the other Unlisted Profile.  Curiouser and curiouser as the Cheshire Cat would exclaim.  Though two separate issues, I believe you may be correct in some linkage somewhere in programming.

Thanks for your indulgence on my requests.  Hopefully these problems will be cleared up. Well, at least some great data if anyone from Tech reads this post.  LOL

Thanks, LJ.

If what I'm experiencing is the intended WikiTree behavior with regard to private information from an Unlisted profile (I'm still not certain that it is intended), I don't believe that it's consistent with what's documented in the description for the Unlisted privacy setting: "Unlisted profiles are entirely hidden from everyone except those on the Trusted List".

Hopefully someone with knowledge of what's supposed to happen in these situations will come along and shed some light for us.

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