What is the proper way to communicate profile changes to a Project

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I often want to contribute or improve a Project Protected Profile.  Since we are supposed to communicate/coordinate/discuss these changes with the appropriate project, what is the best way to do this?  Post a question on G2G, contact the Project Manager, post a comment on the profile?

Just wondering what is the most effective method.
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With pre-1700s there's a button to start a thread.

Not many after 1700 get PPP, unless they're Notables, like this one.

I'd tag the thread with notables to catch their attention.

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It's never wrong to post a query in G2G or add a message to the profile. But please note that it's not necessary to contact the project for every edit you might want to make. Corrections of obvious errors, additions of good sources, cleanup of gedcom clutter, and similar improvements do not normally require consultation. As Project Leader for a project (New Netherland Settlers) with many profiles that are PPPed (and even more that are project-managed without PPP), I often want to scream when an experienced member of the project contacts "the project" (thus adding to my personal email inbox) to tell "the project" that there's a typo in a location named on a profile, or that they found a source for a fact that was previously unsourced, or that they're a data doctor investigating a mismatch between the profile and findagrave, or similar minor issues. Once you are acquainted with the project's purpose and protocols, and why the project protects certain profiles, you should be able to exercise some judgment on what kinds of changes the project wants to know about. In general, consult the project on consequential changes, not on every single edit.

Every project page is supposed to have a templated section that includes information on where the project communicates. TThe template on https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Notables points people to the project's Google Group. Since that's a private group, for people who aren't project members the communication only goes in one direction. Thus, G2G or a profile message would be better.

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As long as I'm here, I'll discuss New Netherland Settlers as an example of the purposes of project-management and project-protection, and to provide some perspective on the kinds of things that do and don't require communication.

Many New Netherland people had an exceptionally diverse variety of names (both multiple names and diverse spellings of those names). To help bring order to a potentially chaotic situation, the New Netherland Settlers Project uses project-protection primarily to protect LNABs -- to prevent merges that change an LNAB that has been determined to be correct, and also to prevent merges that erratically change the LNAB before the person's correct LNAB has been determined. In this project, PPP should not be misinterpreted to mean the profile is practically perfect and should not be edited. In fact, many of the project's PPP profiles are in pretty poor shape. Often those profiles have been placed into maintenance categories that identify some of the types of improvements the profiles need. Those maintenance categories are supposed to encourage members to do the research or editing to improve the profile. (They are most definitely not a personal to-do list for the Project Leader!)

Members who want to work on New Netherland profiles (particularly if they want to create new profiles) should first learn about New Netherland and its naming practices, the project's naming conventions, and the limitations of WikiTree's search utilities, and they should expect to need to learn about sources for New Netherland records and genealogy. The project (meaning all of its members) can try to provide advice about these topics and others, but primary responsibility for researching a person's ancestors still belongs to the person who cares about those ancestors; having the project account on a profile as a manager does not mean that the project wants to take over that person's genealogy. 

A  project Leader does need to get involved any time that a PPP-ed profile needs a new LNAB or needs to be merged into another profile. When that happens, the member requesting the change should expect to be asked to document the evidence and reasoning supporting the change (or at least try to do so) -- don't assume that the project leader will do all the necessary research and add the documentation to the profile.

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This profile does not appear to meet the current criteria for PPP. The PPP was put in place three years ago before the establishment of the current guidelines.

That said, if a project manages a profile (all PPPs are currently supposed to be managed by a project), posting a comment on the profile is probably the best approach as a notification will be sent to the project's google group/email address. If a project does not manage the profile, posting in G2G with appropriate tags is the best route.
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It appears to me that the profile was protected because of people wanting to change her current last name to match her husband's last name in spite of the documented fact that she retained her birth name. PPP doesn't protect current last name, but it may discourage people from fooling with it.
Ahh, that might explain it.  I added the 1860 census to the sources which shows her as Lucy Stone rather than Blackwell.

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