Does anyone else out there have my John Monroe Worley in your family tree?

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I wanted to share this family photo of John Worley with the community. Location: Oregon. Date: unknown.
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WikiTree profile: John Worley
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My maternal grandmother is the 2nd person from the right, sitting on the log.   I believe her father, John Monroe Worley, is the elder gentleman in the picture, 3rd from left.  Another genealogist contacted me and said it appears he had another family before he had one with my great grandmother.   I would love to solve that mystery.  It will require DNA corroboration as there are a lot of John Worleys listed in Family Search.
Hi. I was wondering if you have any idea as to maybe the timeframe? I have a couple of John M Worley’s in my family tree.
Thank you for your response.  John Monroe Worley was born 27 January 1825 in Virginia.  He died 1926 at the age of 101 in Baker, Oregon.  My profile for him is Worley-703 on Wikitree.  The easiest way to access it is to click on the name under the picture, which will take you to his profile, or to  type John Monroe Worley Wikitree in your browser and it pops right up.  Interestingly his obituary had a typo and listed him as John W. Worley, but on his profile page I have a picture of his headstone, which shows the John M.  

He and Matilda Katherine (Forgy) had 10 children, and one of them was John H. Worley.  He drowned in the natatorium at the age of 23.  

On I found numerous John Worley's from Virginia in about that same era, so it is very confusing.  One reason I want to connect with others is specifically to find DNA corroboration for the possibility that he may have been married and had another family before he met my great grandmother.  Another reason is to find someone who may have gone by the nickname 'Slim" to help solve a family mystery.
I will have to do some digging in the family tree but I will definitely look. I have done the AncestryDNA test and it help loads on finding relatives. I also have an ancestry account and one on I know on family search you might be able to look him up if he was added to it and if he was then there is a possibility that there are connections that have already been made.
Edward McFadden added his correct tree to Family Search.  There are others that are incorrect so have not done their homework.  The only thing Ed's does not show is the first two daughters, twins Mary and Martha who died very young.  I also have done both Ancestry DNA and Family Finder DNA.  My links for that are posted on Wikitree.  If you follow the generations for John, go to his daughter Julia, then to my mother, Nellie, then to Lola (me).  Thanks for searching connections.
Elizabeth Burkett is my 6th Cousin 6 times removed and that’s

How she shows up in my trees
Larry, I do not know how to find her in your profiles, but I am curious to know if you show her being married to a John M. Worley.  Obviously you and I would not share DNA unless you are related to him as well....

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I can't help you with your search, but this is a wonderful photo.  I love the location backdrop, the car, the dog, and the family. Certainly they didn't fit all those folks in that truck...  Thank you for sharing this.
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Thank you!
Thank you, Susan, for choosing my answer as the best. I appreciate it!
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Wow! Great photo.
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Thank you!

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