How far down the tree should people be tagged as Nantucket Founders and Descendants?

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I am a descendant of several Nantucket Founders, but my 4th great grandparents left Nantucket in the 1760s.  Should I tag myself and my ancestors as "Nantucket Founders and Descendants" even if they were born hundreds of years after the family left Nantucket?

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Fuller answer given, but I think in your case, any family in your 4th ggfather's generation and successor generations should not have the designation. They are so far removed from the founding event, and also probably so numerous, that the designation confers no real meaning at all.

As for me. as expanded in my answer, I would not use that category for any generation after the founder's grandchildren, even if they continued to dwell in the settlement for which the category is used.

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It is up to an individual to choose whether or not to use the designation on a profile.  I consider this similar to using the sticker for being a descendant of a Mayflower passenger.

The Nantucket Founders and Descendants space page has just been upgraded to a project.  See the following link for information and to join:

See this page for a list of stickers available to use on the profile of a founder or descendant.  By adding a sticker specific to the founder, we are able to create/view a list of descendants of that person.

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And there is now the new sticker which names the founder from whom you are descended.  You simply add the name of the founder after a pipe, for example:  {{Nantucket Founders and Descendants Sticker|descendant|[[Mayhew-74|Thomas Mayhew, Sr.]]}}

For a list of all of the stickers available for the Nantucket founders and descendants, see this page.  By adding a sticker on the page of a descendant, noting from which founder they descend, we are able to view a list of descendants as opposed to having a 'category' for them.

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Probably someone will have a better answer, but I'll give my opinion: The founder's grandchildren are the last generation most likely to have known the founder in real life, and to have experienced the beginnings of the settlement, which would qualify them to deserve a founder's descendant note. Following that, the founding of the settlement is simply history.

My 4th great-grandfather was a UEL (United Empire Loyalist), and is on the official list compiled by the UEL organization. His son, born in Vermont, and who went to Canada as a young child, and as an adult served in the Ontario militia during the War of 1812, is not listed as UEL, even though he is a descendant. 

In full disclosure, it is my personal belief that categories are way over used in WikiTree, and that categories should be used only when genealogically meaningful. or can help research. For instance, I might search the category "Mendon: Massachusetts" for families that might have interacted or married into my family who lived there in the early 1700s. On the other hand, the category "Left-handed pipe fitters" really is meaningless for genealogy research, and should not be here on WT. 

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