Outstanding BBC World report on DNA testing for Genealogy.

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The Christmas present that could tear your family apart.  Interviews with people whose DNA results were not as expected. The video at the bottom of the linked article is also excellent.  Take-home message from the story:  be prepared, there could be skeletons in your closet.

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in The Tree House by Michael Schell G2G6 Mach 1 (12.3k points)

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Horrid, horrid, horrid. For the survivors of these revelations at least, judging by the way the article was slanted, seriously horrid. It is the sort of thing that COULD turn your "world" upside down since so much of our self-image and self-esteem is tired to our "place" in a "group", organic or otherwise

However, my sense of humor asserted itself and I'm thinking that if this sort of "open the closet and get whaped by the skeleton" result escalates to the level of what the current suppositions are about marital fidelity actually IS, the global population is "shortly" going to be Connected a lot sooner than even WikiTree optimists thought

And that supposition about marital fidelity doesn't also include out of wedlock etc and so forth which secrets are also falling out of closets

Then there was that tale of an actual sperm donor for a clinic and something like 56 known biological children and some of them got together and bonded ... these being children of mothers who had in vitro fertilization

Agreed, for 99% of those who found out, it isn't a bit funny. I'm not laughing AT them or their predicament, but at Privacy being stripped naked and flung out the door to parade itself naked -- the Privacy we are admonished so often to "guard" from view
by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (206k points)

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