Removal of Unlinked, Unconnected Notables and Unconnected Profiles Categories

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As discussed in I conclude that it is to be done. The only one opposing was Greg, and we found the solutions to all his reservations by email.


If there are any objections. write them here.

WikiTree profile: Space:DBE_Unconnected
asked in Policy and Style by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (350k points)
edited by Mindy Silva
will this include unconnected NOT-notable profiles and what IS an "unconnected profile"? How do I find out if I have any? How do I protect them from the bot eating them?
You can find the Unconnected People in your watchlist by clicking on 'Unconnected People' from the dropdown list under 'Find' at the top right of your own profile.
Well, dang, HELLO??

For instance Mary Helena (Rivers-1565) LaRose is married to Napoleon Thomas LaRose-25, she's his 2nd wife, the 1st was Mary (Danio-1) LaRose

SHE IS CONNECTED, right?, married to someone else on my Watchlist.

I'm told I have 15 "unconnected" on my Watchlist who HAPPEN to be MARRIED to someone else on my Watchlist or a child of some couple on my Watchlist

You are telling me the bot could come along and CONSUME these connections and then what? Do I have to go back in there and put them in again as a profile? Will I be TOLD the bot ate my profile(s)?

I need to be told the bot ate them so I can re-enter them (as another profile) and make the connections (marriage, birth) again

Susan, the discussion is about removing categories, not profiles. I think you misunderstood. The bot will not be removing your profiles.

so I looked at the "First of all UNLINKED profiles will be merged into UNCONNECTED profiles ..." and for instance the sole occupant of KS is some man, has a biog, a hyperlink to the source but for some reason he is going to encounter a hungry bot?

So MY "unconnected" profiles despite ties of blood or marriage are safe from the hungry bot?

Yes, indeed, I do NOT understand the nuances of the jargon here, unconnected, unlinked, linked, connected (which should be called convoluted in many cases) ...

Links are hyperlinks, connections are ties that some how by some mystical wand magic tie you to Queen Victoria and other Notables--  as well as those ties tween a 3C4R's half-bro's sister in law's paternal uncle's step-mother's sister ... whatever the poor woman was before this connecting, she's now "family" in the best of Southern Tradition and the 7 children she had by her first four husbands ditto and likewise ... they are Connected in WikiTree style ...

FORTUNATELY, I suppose, none of mine have Categories. Not that I know of, at any rate. Someone might have snuck one in, I don't inspect the whole boiling pot every day ...

But MINE are safe from that hungry bot and I'm happy about that
Susan, unconnected doesn't mean isolated, it means not connected to the main tree. I have large branches (50+) that remain unconnected to the main tree but will eventually, when I've finished with them. When a profile is connected, it has the "X is Y degrees from Queen Victoria etc" message at the bottom (once the server does it's daily update)

At the top of profiles, there are sometimes bits of code called maintenance categories, some of these are the things that are being cleaned up.
So by "main tree" you are indicating the "degrees from Q.V." etc?

And by those other things, you mean "Unsourced" and "Ghoul's Cemetery"

I found a few with hyperlink to some cemetery project which hyperlink I most surely did not put there (the link to the project) and didn't know what to do with them so I left them alone ... I was none to happy to find them, but the Biog and Sources were intact so no harm done

And I can say there are some on my watch list which don't have the QV stuff at the bottom of their page ...
How can we keep track of the Unconnected if no categories? We on the Connectors use the categories to know which profiles are not connected.

Do your combinning, but leave the final categories.
Jon, as I know you are using

and there you have links to reports I prepare and links to predefined search queries for notables and unlinked.
I added William Clarke Hinkle (Hinkle-1040) as a notable because he is in the NFL Hall of Fame. He shows up as an Unconnected person even though I added his parents and grandparents. I don't understand why he is unconnected and why do you want to delete his category that makes him notable? Please explain

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Hi Ales and All

Please help me understand - does this mean that such profiles, even with Sources and Profile Managers, will simply be Deleted from WikiTree ?  If they are not somehow considered as "connected" or "linked" to others ?  And that you plan to do this by January 2019 with an edit 'bot' not even having any human beings go over which ones are eliminated and which might be somehow connected or kept ??

Or am I completely mistaken ?  I am really confused about these 2 G2G posts and only 73 views make me think I must be very wrong or that no one else is listening to what is being proposed.

Please help me understand because I cannot believe we will simply eliminate profiles just because they are not YET connected up to the World Tree (by how many generations ?)

I hope to hear from someone wiser and more "connected" than I am because I really feel like I am "in the Dark" here.

Happy Holidays to all,
answered by Chet Snow G2G6 Mach 3 (32.8k points)
selected by Susan Smith

It is only categories which are getting removed. These categories are redundant as you can find the unconnected and unlinked people through the Find tab up the top right hand side of each wikitree page. (between Add and Help). The Wikitree Database can tell when a profile does not Link to another profile and also if it is not connected to the big tree (Within 24 hours of being connected that is). 

What is proposed is to remove from the profiles some categories that are no longer needed. 

No Profiles are getting deleted at all. 

OK - I am being told that is simply Categories that are being removed, not profiles - that is good news.

Sorry for the mis-read.
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No objections on my end! Happy to support this.
answered by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
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I fully agree with this change.
answered by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (194k points)
me too, simplify, simplify, simplify, then it is much easier to use for non-tech people.
Yes, I think it's necessary and thank you for doing this so well.
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Aleš, wouldn't it be possible to tag all unconnected profiles automatically?
I mean, the system / the database already know the unconnected profiles ("Find/Unconnected Peoples"), why would there a need for tagging them (manually) a second time?

And by the way: i'm missing an option to assign a category to more than one profiles at a time. Is there a possibility to pick a category and get a list of names/profiles of the own watchlist to assign them to?
answered by Jochen Oberreiter G2G6 (6.6k points)
There is no need, so we are removing them.

There is no such option. You have to edit each profile.

You can't cross-search categories and managed profiles. It might be possible on WkiTree+, but I have to program it.
I stand corrected. You can cross-search categories and managed profiles.

Just for wikitreeID you have to use _ instead of -.
It would be nice if all WikiTree searches treated _ and - interchangeably, especially in tags, but in anything.  I can't think of any reason to justify the distinction, from a search perspective.
The point is if - is a word separator or not. In this case it shouldn't be, so _ should be used.
The rule and guidance is good, but as I'm sure you know, it hasn't been followed at times.  I remember examining tags, and finding some of them both ways.  What should have been one tag was two.
I know. I have a few problems also with comma splitting a category name into two words instead of one.But those have just minor effect on results. I might get that in order someday. The main problem is, that Ljubljana, Slovenia in location field should be treated as 2 words, but for category Ljubljana, Slovenia  should be treated as one word. Point is that it works in most cases. But if you have some problems with searches, let me know so I can look into it and improve the searches or at least improve the documentation.

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