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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Chat closed.
asked in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G6 Pilot (898k points)
closed by David Selman

I like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeIVybmTgWg,

(also from the Legend of Zelda)

Wikitree, Wikitree

Oh how much you mean to me,

my dearest sweet Wikitree

(sorry, not a musician!)

Whew. It isn't Saria's song! =) Still cool!

The songs from the Zelda games have always been good. Breath of the Wild has some good ones and callbacks to earlier games.
Oh how I loved the lost woods song too!

This would be good to listen to while adding profiles,


This would be great for working on immigrant ancestors crossing an ocean:


Great Sea theme! =D

Wind Waker was awesome.

Oh, hey, Pip!  I almost forgot!  This week I finally surpassed you in downvotes!  WooHoo!!!

Hahaha!! You warned me!!!

You've got a while to go before you catch Our Most Worshipful Master, Chris W, who has 301!
LOL He's an inspiration to us all!
How did the boss get 301 downvotes?

The other Chris is a controversial guy!  301 is about 1.7% of his votes.  His posts are usually, "What do you think about making this change?"  They generate a lot of discussion, and I suppose that's where the nos come from.  Just guessing. 

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Spent the week slowly going through the images I got when in Salt Lake City last week. Transcribing can be slow. Also spent some more time on my cousin's genealogy filling in some additional info (siblings or ancestors, etc.)

Non-Genealogy was spending yesterday at the Denver Botanic Gardens. I had to go down and pick up a book that came in. It is a limited printing called "Practice Makes Perfect II" and is a print of a sketchbook done by students and teachers at the Denver Botanic Gardens School of Botanical Art and Illustration that was done to raise funds for an Artist in Residence program.

Foodwise, today I'm going to start a jar of fermented mushrooms. Never tried those before. Sauerkraut and other vegetables but not mushrooms. Sounded interesting.
answered by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
Herbert, you have the wrong dogs! I only have one that is picky, but she realized that she was missing out and now will eat more offerings. I have one (puppy) that will eat absolutely anything. The other puppy will eat everything except lettuce. Arugula yes, Iceberg or romaine, no.
Pip, simplest way is sautéed in butter with some minced garlic. Optionally, a splash of white wine near the end of sautéing. You can sauté with other vegetables such as onion and bell pepper. For a Southern boy, perhaps batter them and deep fry. Those can be really good and disguise the looks. A good, mushroom soup will give you the flavor without the looks. A portobello that has its gills scraped out, marinated  (a simple balsamic vinaigrette works) and then grilled is another option. You can leave the gills in but they tend to get mushy. I did grow up with mushrooms and morels are my favorite (one of the few I can identify in nature) but my wife didn't and she loves them as well.
Batter and deep fry (or even in a skillet). That just might work. BTW: I have eaten mushrooms before. Our pastor loves to cook with mushrooms, and not to offend, I eat them anyway. Just can’t tell the difference.
I have a membership at the Denver Botanic Gardens and try to go as often as I can. We went to the Blossoms of Light display last weekend!
Haha, Lucy, I've had dogs that turned up their noses at lettuce.  Also, most of mine have avoided onions, which I think are bad for them anyway.  But I've never had one that would pick up a mushroom.
Eric, at times it has nearly been my second home. My last few years working I took a lot of classes at DBG and was there at least once a week nearly all the time. Art classes there kept me sane. Hope you had some time to check out this year's art school graduate exhibit. Some really talented people.
About dogs and lettuce:

our (dachshund) dog became crazy for iceberg salad and cucumber...

after my sister bought a guinea pig!

Sibling rivalry!  laugh

Hey Guys,

Great to see you all are still posting regularly to  Week End Chat.    I think I prefer fried mushrooms but perhaps variety IS the spice of life.

I haven't really done much work on the computer since my left hip replacement in October...... by the time I got past the  "drug stupor",  I had a lot of projects around the house and garden that were languishing.  (My heroic husband tried to keep up!) My recovery was great  EXCEPT now my right hip needs replacing  (scheduled for Jan 14).......  I'm just thankful I have problems that can actually be corrected.

Hope to get back to my favorite pass-time,  WikiTree, in full force by spring.

A Merry Christmas to you all.

Hi Peggy! Glad you could join the party!

From all I’ve heard from other, getting the hips done close to the same time is the best way to go. Hope your recovery (recoveries) go smoothly. WikiTree will be here, waiting for your return!
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Hey, I made it early. I wasn't sure if EDT meant EST or not. If EDT meant EDST then they got 180 out of phaze.

I've been busy going here, there, and everywhere often behind the scenes. On a personal level I've been trying to sort out a massive ebook collection and get rid of the redundant ones. We have also been fully engaged in making Christmas treats. Fudge, Banana Bread, Apple Sauce Bread, Chex Mix, Peanut Butter Balls, etc. Most of these are given away as gifts.

Currently I am trying to summon up enough energy to get out of my own way. This isn't from being physically disabled but from being mentally exhausted. It seems like the whole world is spinning out of control and about to crash while I'm just trying to stand still for a few minutes.
answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
Steve, welcome to the Chat! Can I raise my hand for the unasked question?: "Who wants some?" One of each, please!
Christmas treats. We will make a limited number this year. We usually make candy, especially candied nuts. We used to make treats for the neighbors and some friends but this year got too hectic.
Howdy Steve, I'm very new to Wikitree and have never posted like this but I felt you when I read your post. My husband has leukemia that's not in remission and I have some health issues, so we never seem to know from day to day what is happening. It is really exhausting to live with any kind of disability.  And with the holidays upon us it seems like I'm a hamster running on a wheel! But it is what it is and we've learned not to sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff. So just keep hanging on.

As for my genealogy passion, my mom was given to a foundling home at birth, in New Orleans, in 1930. All she ever had was her mother's name on her birth certificate. Over the years she tried to get information but the orphanage was run by Catholic nuns and getting info from them was almost impossible. (It's a little bit easier now.) After she passed I became determined to find her family, and I did. Although most of her immediate family was dead, I was able to speak to the younger sister of my "grandmother", Jessie, and confirm my theory and all I had found using good old elbow grease. Unfortunately,  Jessie passed 6 months after my mom did. Since the assessibility of DNA, I have been able to reach a few second and third cousins, but of course either they didn't know Jessie or they never knew she had a child.  But in 1930 that was how it was done. Send the girl out of state to have the baby so no one will know. Now if I could just figure out how to find the father's family, with no name.

But like I said, we don't sweat the small stuff.
+14 votes

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps! And Happy Holidays!

Hope you all have a great Christmas on Tuesday! We'll be having our annual Christmas eve party. We'll be having a ton of goodies like calamari in sauce, stuffed calamari, fried calamari and gnocchi. We'll also have haddock for the non squid eaters and a few other goodies. Should be amazing. =D

On the genealogy front, I got confirmation this ancestor of mine, Anne Derehaugh, is a descendant of a few surety barons. That's cool, I guess. I mean. It's great and everything but I'm not one to go crazy over it. It is what it is and honestly how many people in the world today can trace their family to someone who lived on the upwards of 800 years ago? I just say "Okay. That's pretty cool." and move on. Not sure if I'll join the Magna Carta project here. If anyone from that project is reading this post....Umm.,...HI!! Bet ya didn't see that one coming.

So, yes. I got confirmation and I built the tree back to the 1100s. My first attempt at Medieval genealogy. I don't think I'll be making a habit of it. I'll only add the necessary route  to the person when it is confirmed.

Back in the present, I managed to check out a few people and built trees to the present. Sort of. Oh and I helped someone on Facebook get started on Italian genealogy. That was fun! 

Enjoy the chat and of course the holiday!!

answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (185k points)

Hi Chris! How's the Greek Roots Project coming along?

"'Okay. That's pretty cool." and move on.' (My attitude exactly!)

Slowly. Haven't had any takers. Need more gyros, I suspect.

And it's a good attitude to have. I mean logistically everyone who has ancestors who came from the UK has a connection to a Surety baron or their *ahem* concubines.
"MMMMMM Gyros", the greek equivalent to the philly cheese steak. LOL
It's either that or apologize for Rome taking their Gods and renaming them. =)
@Chris: But if Latin hadn't won out, too, we'd all be taking courses in Koine Greek to read the old documents!
Sigh. True. And we wouldn't have Spanish, Italian, French, some English words, Romanian and various other European languages. =)
Botanical and medical words go out, too!

Physics uses a lot of Greek roots, and the Greek alphabet.

H |ψ> = E |ψ>, doncha know.

More than I know. It’s been 39 years since I took my last class in Koine Greek. It’d be like starting over for me.
Yep. =D Genealogy itself has a Greek suffix.=)
Suffix and root both, Chris!
Now I know. (And knowing is half the battle.)

I wonder how many people will get that reference. =)
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Friday and end of the semester!  Just finished submitting final grades, so I can check that off.  Now to see what last-minute shopping I still have to do.  Plus the house is a wreck (the usual post-finals disaster, plus my daughter decided to clear a bunch of old toys and stuff out of her closet and now they're piled in the hall waiting to go the the attic/Goodwill) and we have family coming Christmas afternoon. And I have one looming work-related deadline and really need to put some time in on that project.  And the truck... is back in the shop.  Started sputtering a bit again this morning so I finished one errand and drove it straight to the shop.

Meanwhile on WikiTree...  I discovered a match on Ancestry that supports a relationship that I was already pretty sure of (6-7 generations back), so I spent some time fleshing out that line on WT.  And yesterday I finally looked at my mom's mtDNA results.  She has one match with a genetic distance of 0 but no tree (grumble), but with just a little bit of digging I was able to connect the match to a common maternal ancestor (my 5-great grandmother).  This is the first genetic confirmation I've found at all on that line, so that was exciting.  I've added profiles for all of the links in the chain and I'll be adding DNA confirmation statements once Mom adds her test to her profile.  Wonder if I can get it even further back with the other matches (~20 with a genetic distance of 1).
answered by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 2 (23.9k points)
HI Lisa! You're in early today! School winding down for the semester oughta give you a little time to do other things that get put off.

The truck again! (Sounds like mine. It's just used for work, but still.)
Good news... the shop just called and it's another fairly easy (but a little pricy) fix.  The ~20 year old plastic covers over the ignition coils are old and letting moisture in, so on a soggy day like this water gets in and it runs rough.  New ignition coils will fix it.  Hoping he can also fix the persistent emergency brake problem and the funny smell so long as he has it there.
Hey, Lisa! Congrats on your finding! Too bad about the tree!

About the truck. Give it the old Fonzerelli! Hopefully that'll work. =)
@Lisa: Hope it's not TOO expensive!
@Pip: Cheaper than a new truck!

@Chris:  LOL.  I used to be able to get our old (really old... think vacuum tubes) tv to switch from black&white to color that way.
We used to do that to our really old tv as well. Did very well. Well, except when it came to certain Genesis games.
+15 votes

Seasons Greetings, WikiCousins!

Happy Solstice to all pagans and pagan sympathizers.  Don't miss the Ursid meteor shower!

Not much going on with the weather or genealogy this past week.  Staying home in Hobbit mode mostly.  My office landlord yesterday gave me a huge tin of delicious cookies, and my investment guy also came through with some goodies.  If my neighbor and my brother do their usual baking, I might be able to skip grocery shopping and subsist on cookies the entire four-day weekend.  smiley

Merry Christmas (or not-Christmas, if you prefer) from the paper zoo!

Baby and manger, Leyla Torres.  All others, Jo Nakashima.

Teaser:  Next week something a little different.  wink



answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (319k points)
Thanks, Doug!
Very cool Herbert, I on occasion peek in these chats and your neato creations really stand out! Love it!

Thank you Colleen!  Credit where due, I don't create them.  Others create them and show how on YouTube, and I follow along.  OK, it was my idea to assemble them into a Nativity scene.  smiley

Well of course, but I tried my hand at it once, and never again! So great job! Maybe I will look into those youtube videos, how silly that I never thought of that.

You can learn to do anything on YT!  Thank you Mr Gore!  laugh

It’s great that the entire paper family was able to gather for the holidays.
The brachiosaur, in the "nativity scene" looks like a rocket.

And I did recognize you had done these over the chats even the capybara.
Thanks, Kay!  Although everyone was present, not all participated in the Christmas pageant.  The kangaroo, panda, rabbit, X-wing fighter, Guy Fawkes, and several others didn't make the cut.

Thanks, Nicole!  I have to agree, it does look like a rocket from that angle.  But really, what would a rocket be doing in a Nativity?  That would just be silly.  wink

Actually, I thought it was purposefully done...I thought you were trying to reach for the stars... chuckle,chuckle.  Then a few comments later I see oh it is not a rocket, it's Staple.  I remember him!
+17 votes
Hi Pip thank you for hosting lovely to we you as host again. I have a very important question to you all, I am from Denmark and of course we are spending Christmas in a certain way, as you properly do in your country.

I would love very much if you would share how you spend Christmas? I love Christmas and would love very much to know please how each of you have a tradition
answered by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Thank You Rosalee for your wonderful Christmas story, gluhwin I like that very much. How wonderful you have so big a family must be so amazing,

You did well with your keyboard glædelig jul.

 Wish you a merry Christmas
Thank you, Rosalee, for sharing your stories with us. I hope this Christmas is the best ever for you and all who you love!
Thank You David for sharing your Christmas story, I am so jealous when I read your Christmas story, it is like something you se in and old film, you really must have and amazing Christmas with all the family, people children and pets.

I can imagine the children are so over the moon of exceitment

Thank You for sharing your wonderful Christmas with me

I wish you a merry Christmas
Thank you for sharing Coleen
We celebrate with friends who stay home for Christmas.  If family is not coming to them, or they are not going to family, they get invited to sups.  My crowd is very small only 12 people. We call them Christmas orphans.
That sounds wonderful hope you will have a wonderful Christmas

Thank You Nicole for sharing this wonderful Christmas
You are welcome Susan, but I hid my reply, cause, well, you know! Merry Christmas!
We have a couple of family traditions.  

We come together before Christmas and make cookies.  I use a recipe from the 1800s for the sugar cookies that puff up and are light and airy compared to dense hard ones.  (that recipe for those who care is:  SPRINKLE COOKIES  located on this free space page:  https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Woerner_/_Reiss_Family_Recipes&public=1)

My family had traditionally done Christmas Eve for presents but with my son's marriages we now do Christmas Day and Christmas Eve is observed by their wive's families.  

We open presents one by one starting with the youngest person and while it takes a long time, it allows everyone to see the fun gifts.  

We play games (old and new ones received) after eating.  Mostly we do a lot of different finger foods.  

We used to all go to midnight Mass but with all the little ones we now have some who go to midnight Mass and the ones watching the little ones go either to a 4:30 or 7:30 Mass on Saturday or to a very early on Sunday.

We always have the little ones "arrange" the manger as we talk about Baby Jesus and why we have Christmas.
Thank you Laura for your Christmas story and the recipe wow I was stunt to read it was from 1800 what a treasure to havetgat old a recipe thank You for sharing you are so sweet.

Sound great with the games that is always fun.

Your Christmas sound wonderful Laura I wish you and your family a merry Christmas
Hi Rodney Thank you for sharing, hope you will enjoy your Christmas with all the good food. Wish you a wonderful merry Christmas
+15 votes

This weekend is.....

WINTER SOLSTICE – Days Between December 20 and 23



The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs annually between December 20 and December 23.

The winter solstice is marked by the point at which the North Pole is at its farthest from the sun during its yearly orbit around the sun. It will be approximately 23 degrees away from the sun.  Despite the temperature outside, the winter solstice is considered the astronomical beginning of winter.  Meteorological winter begins December 1 and lasts until the end of February and is marked by the coldest average temperatures during the year.

Depending on how far north a person is in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter solstice, their day can range from 9.5 hours to absolutely no sunrise at all.  On the bright side, the days will gradually become longer in the Northern Hemisphere until the summer solstice in June.  In the Southern Hemisphere, this same day marks the summer solstice and the Southern Hemisphere’s longest day of the year.

The vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox conventionally mark the beginning of spring and fall respectively and occur when night and day are approximately equal in length.

Around the world since ancient times to modern day, celebrations, festivals, rituals and holidays recognizing the winter solstice have varied from culture to culture.


Use #WinterSolstice to post on social media.


Since the marking of time and the earliest calendars, this day marked the hardest time of the year for early people.  Survival was paramount when food and heat are not reliable.  In all corners of the Earth, there are ancient remains that seem to have been built around marking the winter solstice.

  • Probably the most famous of these is Stonehenge, England. Every year when the sun sets on the winter solstice, the sun’s rays align with two of the giant stones known as the central Altar and the Slaughter stone.
  • As the sun rises the day of the winter solstice, its rays illuminate the main chambers of the monument dating back to 3200 B.C. at Newgrange, Ireland.
  • In Tulum, Mexico an ancient Mayan city stands deserted. At the top of one of these buildings, a small hole casts a starburst when the sun rises on the winter and summer solstices.
answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Hey, Dorothy! I've been to two of the monuments you mentioned: Stonehenge and Tulum. The best thing about the Solstice is that the days ARE getting longer. Time to start planning our outdoor projects.

Many thanks to you for your special day postings!

The Winter Solstice is one of my favorite days.  I always think of the scene in Master and Commander, when the officers hear the tiller groan and all cheer.  "We have made our turn northward; we are headed back toward the sun!"
In the Southern Hemisphere it is the time of the Summer Solstice.
Loved that information! Thanks so much.
I have really been looking forward to the Solstice. The grey dark days are depressing. No wonder there are so many holidays with lights. We can now look forward to more sun. It is around freezing all week, but yesterday was in the 60s, weird.
+13 votes

Wishing all the WikiTree Team, Leaders, Volunteers, and Members a Wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Those that do not celebrate Christmas wishing each of you Joy and Happiness in the way you celebrate!

Hearty Christmas Greetings

answered by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (547k points)
Thank you, David. I wish you the best of the holiday. Hope you get to see all of your many descendants and that all is well with you and yours!
Thank You David, wish you and your family  a wonderful Christmas, hope you will enjoy every moment and have a fantastic Christmas.
Same to you David, hoping your wife will be feeling ok to celebrate and that you both will enjoy your family and others, this Christmas week.
+14 votes

To go along with with my other post..., today is also....


National Flashlight Day is on the same day as Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.

It was around 1899 that the invention of the dry cell and miniature incandescent electric light bulbs made the first battery-powered flashlights possible.

Today the flashlights that we use, are mostly incandescent lamps or light-emitting diodes and run on disposable or rechargeable batteries.  Some are powered by the user turning a crank or shaking the lamp and some have solar panels to recharge a battery.

In addition to the well known, general-purpose hand-held flashlight, other forms have been adapted for special uses.  Head or helmet-mounted flashlights designed for miners and campers leave the hands free.  There are special flashlights that can be used underwater or in flammable atmospheres.

January 10, 1899 – British Inventor David Misell obtained U.S. Patent No. 617,592, assigned to American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company.  This electric device designed by Misell was powered by “D” batteries laid front to back in a paper tube with the light bulb and a rough brass reflector at the end.  The company donated some of these devices to the New York City police, who responded well to them.

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
How appropriate!
Thanks, Dorothy. I learned something.
Learn something new everyday. Thank you.
+13 votes

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All!

May your new year be bright.

The cats have tortured the Christmas tree to the point that they're looking for new prey.

answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
edited by Doug Lockwood
What? No photo, Doug? Wouldn't be the Chat without one!
Doug!  Does the tree still stand?  Or are the cats still waiting for their moment?
OK, it is now the Chat (picture added).
Haha! Chat now complete.

Handsome cat!  And very intent.  Note Christmas cactus in bloom in the background.  yes

My Grandma painted ceramics and she made a white tree just like that one, which I later ruined painting it green (with kids paints).
Beautiful cat, you make me laugh with your cat has tortured the Christmas tree.

Also merry Christmas to you. You migh give you cats gloves on so they can’t spank the Christmas tree, well Doug look at it the bright way your cats has have a wonderful time
+14 votes
Hi Pip, glad to see you up and around today.

Hope all have a great Christmas, for those of us who celebrate it.

For those from generations past resting in our tree, rest in peace and we will keep your memories alive.

For all, as we find our way in 2019, take care of yourself and those around you. Wish everyone good health.
answered by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
I'm glad to be up and around, too, Rodney! I hope you enjoy your time with family. But you know what all that food means... dieting after Christmas!!
+14 votes
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Solstice, etc....

Wishing everyone a good holiday and a prosperous, healthy and happy new year.
answered by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (189k points)
And to you, too, Kay!
+14 votes
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I just contacted a new cousin on Ancestry. She is also a descendant of one of my brick walls. Her DNA test is still out, but hopefully we will match as expected. She doesn't have any information I need, but she has posted tons of photos and said I can use them in any way I want. Hallelulah Scan A Thon! I sent her a link to her great-grandfather's profile here that I created and maybe she will join us.

My family must have not been in the "in" crowd. I have only photos of the same old people. Whenever I visit a long-lost relative they have so many different people. They don't always know who they are, but through my research, I can make a good guess!
answered by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (269k points)
Awesome! Which side does she fall on? Your mom's or dad's? Not saying we need more people for Italian Roots...but....*slips card your way.*

Oops. How did that get there?!

Congrats!! Hope she joins us. =D
Oh, Lucy, I hope she does join us. That would be great! Good for you with the new photos!
She's on Mom's side. I got a new cousin from Dad's side to join up a couple of weeks ago. He is still a guest and I think his sister is doing the genealogy. I've been talking to her as well.

I also met another DNA cousin from my Mom's side and his father was adopted and I am pretty sure I figured out where he came from. He is so happy to have a relative, any relative to talk to. His father has passed and didn't want to know. He got records that gave his father's birth name and date and it was easy to figure out. It also helped that there was a smidgen of African ancestry in there to confirm the connection as far as I'm concerned. I have to finish their profiles because they are very interesting. There was one girl who's mother was a former slave and her father was French and chose to recognize her even though they lived in a slave state. Whenever the revenuers would come around her grandmother would grab her and say that she was her slave, so that no one would try to take her away and sell her. Her daughter had children with a white man from Connecticut and when the Civil War broke out, he sent them all to his mother in Connecticut for their safety. When he died, he left the three kids a legacy that was a yearly income. One daughter married into the Wright family of Long Island and when she died, her husband found the source of the legacy to secure for his children. It was a big deal in all the newspapers. One of these women, I forget which one, was a famous beauty and their was a play created in her honor. So my new cousin will really enjoy the stories of where his father came from.
That is an amazing story, Lucy! Thanks for sharing! =D I hope both cousins join up and participate. Maybe even come to the Weekend Chat? Anything's possible.
Lucy, which part of the Wright family of Long Island? Do you know?
+12 votes

Christmas Greetings from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

I like to try and contribute something to Weekend Chat. There are some interesting posts from other members. It looks like we will not be having a White Christmas this year, which is usual for us.

Busy with my Dad as usual. He has been out and about this week - to the dentist on Tuesday, Coffee morning at our community centre on Wednesday and shopping with me on Thursday. Our local shops ion our High Street, makes a little walk out for him.

Been catching up on some shopping today.  Found time to look at my Watchlist on Wikitree. Looking at profiles I had done some years ago and seeing if I can add anything further.......

All Good Wishes for Christmas .........

answered by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 7 (70.6k points)
edited by Chris Burrow

Always good to here from you, Chris. Sounds like you have been busy. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright!

+12 votes
Greetings from Everett, Washington!

This morning I have been watching my neighbor sawing up the tree that slammed into his roof in yesterday's violent storm.  He cut it up with a chainsaw and then he and another guy tacked down a tarp over the damaged roof.  When it happened I heard the violent crash behind me (about 50 feet away).

What was I thinking yesterday?  I thought I could just sit here and edit profiles while the wind howled outside.  Then I heard a transformer blow and *ALL* that happened was that the computer screen went black--but the lights were still on.  It knocked me out of the network, that blip.  The computer came right back on but I had lost my connection to Wikitree.  Google Chrome with FamilySearch was still going.  I just logged off everything and shut down the computer. Then I came upstairs and from the deck I could see my neighbor's damage from the tree.

I went to work at the sewing machine "until our power goes out" but it never did.  I am working on a purple, gold & white presentation with lots of University of Washington fabric in it.  Not that I am particularly a fan of the U of W (my family football connections are with the Univ of Oregon), but I think it looks nice.

My daughter is working at a mall movie theater; it is the busiest time of year and stressed parents yell and curse when their card doesn't scan.  My husband was consoling her with his work stories about when things don't go right and it's not your fault.

Yesterday at the Boeing factory where my husband works as a tour guide, he and another guide kept 75 people entertained with a song & dance for 45 minutes while it was determined that it was not safe to take the tour buses across the flight line into the factory.  Ladders were flying through the air.  They managed to keep the tourists happy even if they were a bit disappointed.  Then my husband comes to find out that he was also getting a performance review.

Today is the feast of St Thomas the Apostle (doubting Thomas); the Church places his feast at the Winter Solstice to remind us to ask for faith on the darkest day of the year.

For Christmas, I will miss my daughter's help putting up the tree and the lights.  We follow a traditional Catholic Advent in that we do not put up decorations until December 24, and then we keep them up through January 6 (Epiphany) and fully celebrate all twelve days of Christmas. We will miss the Midnight Mass as we have for the past several years; just too difficult for us.  We go to the low Mass on Christmas morning, the one the tired priest is just happy to get through.  Then we bring out the bags of presents, unwrapped, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Clouds are gathering and the next storm is on its way. Blessed Advent, Merry Christmas, Happy Epiphany.
answered by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 2 (23.3k points)
Hey, Margaret! Our schedule is like yours, though Anglican. Because our church is so small and “elderly,” we do our Christmas the day before. I remember our priest saying that the Christmas morning service was always the lowest attended. We opted out, as so many of our congregants will be gone or will have grandchildren visiting.

The little church I help to serve up the mountain will have it’s Christmas service on Thursday. It’s way back their, and the two of us who serve it have a very long drive.  I forgot to bring my cassock and surplice home for yesterday’s service up there, but it turned ok as I was too ill to go. Wonderful folks there, and I did miss being with them.
+10 votes
Have a nice weekend and good holiday. I have been under the weather recently but today was a disaster. Sorry to dump on you guys but our house guest with cancer was just rushed to the ER. She came home from her latest treatment and went straight to bed. About a half hour later we checked on her and she was unresponsive with her eyes open and foaming at the mouth, the good news is she was breathing fine. She was fighting with the EMT's as they tried to get her to the Squad and they took her to the hospital. As of right now I don't see me doing much on WikiTree or the chat this weekend. They are currently doing a full workup at this time so we will see. All this is on top of my cousin with cancer not doing well with her treatment and my aunt with her heart problems. I will say Merry Christmas but stop the world I want to get off. Just got the latest text from the hospital and now the woman who just left by squad has a heart problem but they are still running more tests.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Vibes to the cousin Dale - hope things get mellower there


Our house guest is getting out of the hospital today

My Aunt is still in the hospital with heart problems

My cousin is still remaining stable with her cancer treatments

I am feeling much better but still not doing much on WikiTree, I just don't feel like working on anything yet.

Wih all you have gong on, Dale, I’m surprised you get any WikiTreeing done! Keep on hanging in there!
This will be my last update this weekend. Our guest has returned and ate a late dinner with us She now takes more pills in a day than the two of us combined take in a week. I have to skip Christmas with my father this year because we can not leave our guest alone for that long and she could not handle my family get together, yes we are that bad! Also this years get together is at my brothers and he is a smoker so everything reeks of smoke and that is not good for someone in her condition.
Gee! Always seems to be something. Well, I do hope your Christmas will have some bright spots in there for you.
Oh I forgot Tomorrow I have to bake a couple of dozen rolls, help with making potato salad and deviled eggs before we bake an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.

"...help with making potato salad and deviled eggs before we bake an apple pie and a pumpkin pie..." Dale, tell me what time I need top be there!! laugh

Pip, We will have an early meal, About 11 AM since the son is a Corrections Officer who works 2nd shift and his wife is an STNA who works the night shift, So lets see from your place if you left about 1 in the morning you should make it in time, that is based on the time it takes me to get to Kannapolis. I am sure you would be welcome, It is going to be a small gathering this year.
Dale, you have such a kind heart. One of these days, when get down this way, we’ll just have to meet.
Pip, I plan to be down your way around Easter. I have a wedding to attend in the Charlotte area then.
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I'm late to weekend chat because the power just came on a short time ago. Yesterday a mighty wind blew down a lot of trees out here. I had a scary drive home, but no actual damage to my friends or neighbors, so we've been very lucky.

My daughter, who is visiting for Xmas, reminds me that the power was out last year on the same day, and has decided that fireside warmed-over tacos is becoming a winter solstice tradition.

On the genealogy front, I have a little landmark to celebrate!  When I joined WikiTree I inherited literally hundreds of problem profiles from a distant cousin. I'm still contributing to fixing the errors my nameless relation created, but my own tree as of today is suggestion free for 8 generations (insert pat on the back)!
answered by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 3 (36.6k points)
Well done, Laurie. Your efforts have paid off!

Sorry to hear about the power outage. The snow storm two weekends ago gifted us with 40 hours with no power. Just hope, for you, that two years in a row doesn’t set a pattern!
+12 votes

            To all our WikiTree members, our regular weekend chatters, friends,  cousins and extended family...... Wishing you the best Christmas and happiest New Year ever!!


answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
A wonderful photo and heartfelt Christmas and New Year’s wish. Thank you, Dorothy!
Why does that picture remind me of one of those live action Christmas specials they used to air in the '70s and '80s? It reminds me of those credits for some reason.

Merry Christmas, Dorothy! =D
Beautiful photo Dorothy, and Merry Christmas to you as well.  2019, wow Have a great new year as well.
Thank you, Dorothy! Wishing you the best Christmas and New Year ever. Nice Christmas background with a lovely lady!
Merry Christmas to you too Dorothy and your wonderful dog

Great photo you look great
+10 votes
Hi everybody,

have a nice Christmas time ahead and a great new year. Yesterday - fitting to the shortest day of the year - it was also dark grey and rainy and... just uncomfy outside, so I was happy when the Christmas food shopping was done and I could simply stay at home. Now it's lighter - you can actually see the sun outside, but it's also stormy.

Genealogy-wise I finished the Eckstädts that I could connect to Tangermünde. Now I still don't know how to eventually connect them to my tree, I'd need clues to connect them to my ancestors. And there is the big problem that I hardly have any siblings of my ancestors but only the direct line. I blame my granddad for that.

On Wikitree I created a glossary of Portuguese genealogical terms. Paul will add that in the respective section as soon as he comes home again. He wrote me a mail that he is currently on tour.

I think that's it for now
answered by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Mach 8 (89.7k points)
Hi Jelena! Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you with all those Eckstadts. I hope you’ll keep us posted on your progress. You keep digging. (I know you will.)

The rain broke here yesterday evening, and now we have sunshine. Still very cold. Hope the weather clears for you for Christmas.

Thanks for joining the Chat. It’s always good to hear from you!
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I think I have finished the cards for this year, or at least the first batch. I got a list of addresses from a cousin and added a few to my list. My father was one of 9 and I had 24 1st cousins on his side, 17 left. They were 12 boys and 12 girls. Half of the boys are gone and 1 girl. I met some of them, but some I have never met. The family was mostly New England and my father went down to DC for work in the 30s. I thought since so much work is done on distant relations, including DNA, why am I ignoring 1st cousins?
answered by Sue Hall G2G6 Mach 8 (87k points)

Hi Sue! Thanks for joining the Chat!

I have 16 1st cousins in my mom’s side of the family. Eleven boys and five girls. All still living, but most we don’t see except at events.

On my Dad’s side, not as many. And that was a very disfunctional family. The siblings split and some of my 1st cousins I’ve never met. Sad.

# of Christmas cards we sent out this year = zero. surprise

That's a lot of first cousins. I have: 8 first cousins all on my mom's side. My dad's an only child. So no first cousins on that side. My brother and I are the only half-Italians in the immediate group. My parents, though? TONS of first cousins. Especially my mom's side. My maternal grandmother was one of 6. My maternal grandfather was one of five. My paternal grandfather had one full sibling and a half-sibling. My paternal grandmother was one of 6.

I grew up knowing most of my first cousins once removed and a few second cousins. Some of whom I am friends on Facebook. My great-grandparents had a lot of siblings too. Keep track of everyone is like herding cats.
My cousin Peggy is the one who has kept track. She sends birthday cards and Christmas cards to all of them. Her mother did before her. Peggy is the oldest cousin, Her mother was the oldest sibling. Peggy is in her 80s. When she goes the links will break. I asked for a list of addresses to keep the ties. Cards seems old fashioned, but it is one way to keep some link. So is genealogy about family? Are only dead relatives interesting?
I'm the second oldest of the first cousins. Cards are fine. Almost everyone is on the book of Face. And I have e-mail addresses and phone numbers. My mom is the oldest of her siblings. I do have an aunt Peggy. She's the youngest. She was a flower girl at my parents' wedding.

Genealogy is about family. Living relatives can be interesting. =)
my husband says living family is annoying.

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