How to best handle Ancestry Gedcom Imports with no access to Ancestry?

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Hi!  Still a newbie, but gettin' an edumacation.  I just adopted an orphaned profile for ancestor [[Turley-379|Berryman Turley]], an old GEDCOM import. It's an Ancestry import, I believe, and probably with some good primary sourcing.  Problem:  I don't have access to Ancestry. com, so I can't connect and verify.  However, I don't want to totally erase it, since I can read between the lines and use what's listed to go find the primary sources.  Should I "amend" the GEDCOM and water the sources down to what remains of the "primary" until I can source it further?  Leave as is? Eliminate the associated "family trees" and keep the Census and Vital Records?  Suggestions please.
WikiTree profile: Berryman Turley
in WikiTree Help by Gregory Morris G2G6 Mach 1 (11.8k points)

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Everything George said is true, but you can reformat the Ancestry entries to conform to the Chicago style of sourcing as recommended by Wikitree. I did the 1860 census on your profile. I moved your note to the top so that it is more noticeable and hopefully nobody will touch it (I guess I do not heed instructions). Also, the <references /> tag belongs directly below the == Sources == headline. You do not need to use the {{Ancestry Record}} template, but it was just shown to me and it is easy to form a link directly to the record on Ancestry. I used to put ( : accessed 26 December 2018) which goes to the homepage of Ancestry and then the user would have to do a search to find the 1860 Census record.

It is easy to find the links to the Ancestry record in the part I highlighted in bold in your name section. In the {{Ancestry Record||}} template, after the first bar | goes the db or dbid. This can be a number or in the example case the name of the database. After the second bar | goes the h= number. Those were both found in the highlighted section, which should now be deleted.

For the family trees, I just put them below the references in a section ''See also,''

* Ancestry Family Trees. Family tree files submitted by Ancestry members.

That alerts users that there are member submitted family trees that they can search for and look at. Ordinarily, these are only useful as hints and the links no longer work, as is true in your example.

by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (504k points)
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Thanks!  Wow, good stuff.  I printed your answer out to work on later, and I'll keep it on my desktop.
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For those without an subscription, such as myself, I use my local public library which has a subscription, or the nearest FHC which has free access.

You do not need to include a link to the source, but you can properly identify the source so anyone can go to ancestry with their subscription, or the suggestions above, and find the source.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (355k points)
George, what's "FHC."  ( know your answer is going to have me slapping my forehead.)  Thank you for your advice!
FHC - Family History Center (its like a library for genealogy, run by the Mormons). You'll usually find one in many large towns.
My apologies for using only the abbreviation; I see your question has already been answered. A related abbreviation is FHL, or Family History Library, which is also Mormon, or LDS (Latter-day Saint).

It is too easy just to use the abbreviations, and assume everyone knows them!
Thank you Dennis and George!
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I imported my gedcom from Ancestry, and I've found when cleaning up the bios that nearly every Ancestry source can also be found on Family Search. So I just get rid of the Ancestry sources if I find them on Family Search. It can be tedious and time-consuming, but I think in the end it's worth it. The bios look cleaner and everyone has access to the information in the sources. 

Sometimes I can't duplicate an Ancestry source. In that case, Lucy's answer is brilliant. I wasn't aware of the Ancestry Record template, but it's easy to create a link to the source. And I don't use Ancestry trees as sources because, as we all know, they're not always correct.

by Leslie Torkelson G2G6 (8.4k points)
Thank you Leslie.  I'm sure I'll use a combination of all the good advice offered!

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