Question of the Week: What is on your genealogy to-do list for 2019?

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What is on your genealogy to-do list for 2019?

My big one is to get my collection of documents, photos, letters, etc. sorted, organized, scanned and uploaded.  I have been collecting letters from soldiers and their families that were written during WWI and WWII in hopes of connecting them with interested family members someday, so I have a lot to go through. I'm planning on using the Scan-a-Thon as an opportunity to work on this.

What's on yours?

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Dedicate more time in updating who’s on my watch list, and asking for help
Both good things!
I want to trace my patrilineal Johnson line (Y-DNA) back further and discover the origins.  My Johnsons are rumored to be Scottish, and I have them traced to VA/NC prior to the American Revolution, but I have been stuck there for decades.  

-James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson
Find my Grandfathers father (no marriage) and his moms parents she was a ward, born between census's. No idea of a name to try to link, just rumors.

My goal is to ask as many of my male family members to do DNA test to add to my tree I'm hoping that with this added it will help with some knots in my tree especially with the slack, drew, lane sides of family

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I definitely want to take a break from working on my Dad's side and do some more with my Mom's line. Scottish roots have got me showing favoritism.
answered by Jamie Adair G2G Crew (590 points)
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My number one agenda item is to transcribe a 125 page Civil War pension file that was filed by my great-great-great grandfather on behalf of his son who died in the war. (He was denied.) Having glanced through, there's useful vital information not available anywhere else, and some really juicy stories about my great-great grandfather (who didn't serve).  My second item is the same as last year, which is systematically adding and improving sources to my tree, including transcribing all documents.
answered by K Frazier G2G Crew (540 points)
I love reading those denied pension justifications, so very interesting. But 125 pages! Wowsers! Probably all handwritten also...
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I plan to try to share my time between expanding my own tree and error fixing on the England Team project. Letters to my mother (still with us) with much detail to decipher too.
answered by Paul Shepard G2G2 (2.6k points)
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I may have to redo some names on my tree,  cause what I found here  on wiki,  I have found another line . thats one, then break down some brick walls I have on that said tree.   I found a french name in my tree,, new info I have to weed out so now to work  on my tree that is, oh and yeah I will need all the help I can get from here too!
answered by Mary Warner G2G3 (3.2k points)
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I had an epiphany. My sister and I (okay, mostly me) are working on our genealogy and we have a few brick walls. I know, tell me about it. Anywho, I have spent many hours looking at my DNA matches and wishing so many people wouldn't just take a DNA test and not post a tree! Or at least a tree that goes back, you know, as far as mine! I was thinking maybe lots of people got DNA tests for Christmas and are researching Reams or Hogans. Alright, I'd really like them to be searching for Hogans. One of my brick walls. My sister is taking me to Ireland this year to try to break down that brick wall. So, I'm thinking we should (I should) do as much work sitting on my butt as I can. But why is no one related to me? Seriously? Then I had the epiphany. I am taking my DNA matches and doing their tree myself. Since I am pretty sure we are related, I have a lot of collateral lines, and can sort of take the research where I need it to go to make a match!

I am working on 4th cousins because I actually know all my closer matches in real life. So, for me, I am looking for 3x's great grandparents, most of whom seem to have been born in 1811. Simple, right? The first one I traced in one day. What do we have, like 8 3x's great grandparents? I found the match on the 8th branch I researched.

I just found my second match when I was just about to give up. I've been assigning user id's according to the DNA match's initials. I completely forgot to label the 2nd guy's ancestors. When I went back to do it, I realized that I had two people with the same name, in the same town, about 5 years apart in estimated from census records ages. Eureka! Took only 2 days, but 8 branches again.

Maybe, it's only exciting to me, but, IT'S EXCITING TO ME! I've made a bunch of blank charts and spread sheets which I plan to share on free spaces soon.
answered by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (255k points)
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I want to try and complete the missing links in my tree, and add as many photos as possible.
answered ago by Michelle Hodson G2G Crew (510 points)
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Cleaning up my unsourced  profiles.
answered ago by Teresa Davis G2G6 (7.6k points)

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