How do I "fix" this error "suggestion" ..

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.. when my computer locks up when I try?

511 Unique names (spelling) Help McCrea-559
image H
Overin McCrea

The name thing is explained in the text.  There is a copy of the church register wherein you can, barely, make out the name.  The death record (I only have the cemetery transcription as the cemetery itself hasn't existed for more than 100 years) has an alternate spelling (as does the NSW BDM).  I know it's the same baby, because of the parents (and the sibling buried nearby).

We're told to use the name as originally given/spelt, which is what I did.  I guess I've lived with it for so long I don't see it as "unique", just different in the same way my daughter uses an alternate spelling of her second name (Ailis instead of Alice; her third name is "normal").

Maybe three days from now I'll be able to fix it, but today it won't let me. :(

WikiTree profile: Overin McCrea
asked in WikiTree Tech by Melanie Paul G2G6 Pilot (139k points)

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You should just mark it as false error hide forever.  I would be happy to try and see if it will work for me. Would you mind if I do?

Edit: I went ahead and marked it as false error, hide forever.  It seems to be gone now.
answered by Karen Raichle G2G6 Mach 6 (62.8k points)
selected by Eva Ekeblad

Thanks!  heart smiley

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Does marking name as ‘certain ‘ make a difference?
answered by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (347k points)
I can't even try right now.  The computer totally freezes and I have to ctrl alt del to get anything going again.

The other "unique" name on my list hasn't gone away, nor have I had feedback as to WHICH part of the name is supposedly "unique".

I'm totally ignoring it and the other newish "error" that isn't an error.
I just changed name status to certain.
I don't think the status button affects the error checking.  Mark it a false error, as Karen suggested.  Which is what it is, because there's nothing wrong with the profile.
I would have, if I could have.  :)

I don't know what it is about those error reports, where some days I can check and it works fine; yet other days it locks everything up and I can't do anything except ctrl alt del and reload my tabs.  A day or two (or three) later and it works fine, then the next day not.  (This is why most of my notes are still on index cards!)

Nothing else on wikitree does that, just the error reports.
Have you tried running a different browser?
Yeah, two of them.  It may be the computer, as it was my husband's before he died and I had to have it fixed last year after it sat unused for the time he was hospitalised (2 months in a hospital room closet, being moved whenever he was moved to a different room).  It's never seemed quite "right" since.

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