any volunteers able to translate Norwegian document ?

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can someone please tell me how I can upload the jpg  file for translating?

the document is from the Kristiana Prison 1888
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Here's a transcript, and an attempt at expanding most of the abbreviations and translating them. As previously mentioned in a comment, court transcripts of the sentencing can be found here: (not in blackletter though, I see now that it's just tricky old handwriting)

Dagarb. f. 25/2 25 Hastlestad oph

st. Høilund 1,72 gr.h. og bl

ø, før v.h. afsat ovenfor hånd-

ledet. Løsl Akersh. strfanst

hvor h.ifl. Hamar u.r.d 14/6

88 idømt strf 9 mnd for forbr

mod Krl. 21-29 Kfr. 28 forhn

7 g. straff.

Dagarbeider født 25/2 25 Haslestad oppholds

sted Høilund [Height] 1,72 [cm] grått hår og blå

øine, før(?) venstre hånd afsat ovenfor hånd

ledet. Løslatt [fra] Akerhus straffeanstalt

hvor han ifølge Hamars underrettsdom 14/6 88

idømt straff 9 måneder for forbrytelse

mod Kriminalloven kapitel 21, paragraf 29 Kfr.(?) 28 forhen

7 ganger straffet.

Day laborer born Feb 25th -25 Haslestad, current residence

Høilund. 1,72 cm tall, grey hair and blue eyes.

[Something about his left hand and above the wrist]

Released from Akershus penitentiary

where he according to a lower court judgement by Hamar district of june 14th -88

was sentenced to 9 months for offenses

against the Criminal code chapter 21, paragraph 29 regarding paragraph 28

7 previous sentencings.

answered by Bjørnar Tuftin G2G6 Mach 1 (10k points)
selected by Maria Lundholm
Jacob Svendsen Dybing was from Heskestad in Rogaland. In 1891 he lived in Trondheim.

1891 census for 1601 Trondheim

Sør-Trøndelag county, Trondheim, State Census (1891-1891), Document pages, Page 19127
Quick link:
I didn't think to search on the name in the rest of Digitalarkivet. Sensible move.

I see now that the birthplace in the Criminal file should be Hæskestad (alternate spelling for Heskestad as shown in the census). It was difficult to interpret with the descender from above obscuring the letter, but it appears to actually be the same oversized 'k' as used in Akershus later in the entry.
I skimmed through the sentencing, which lists all his prior convictions, almost all of them for begging, and, in at least the last few cases, using forged contributors lists to solicit charitable donations to the poor under false pretenses.
thanks so much, for all of you help with this. He was very poor and abandoned his wife and children, 4 of whom emigrated to Australia. This information rounds out his story

Although I found his record in the Index for the prison, I have not been able to find where to search the actual record pages that you provided.

I am away for a few days, will check this out better when I return

again thanks so much for your time
The court records are unfortunately not indexed, so one has to find a hint elsewhere, like the sentencing dates in these criminal albums, and leaf through the court records until one finds the correct date.
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answered by Deborah Simunsen G2G Rookie (260 points)
Sorry for replying without a good transcription. Just wanted to say he’s very handsome, I think!

The text is difficult for me as it is full of abbreviations but it does say that he has gray hair and blue eyes, something about his left wrist, and that he has got 9 months in prison. And he is a day labourer, 1 meter 72 cm tall, born on the 25 Feb 1825.
Thank you Maria. I guess it is difficult to say why he was imprisoned. He is rather handsome, he is my great gtreat grandfather. His daughter emigrated to Australia.I now live in Canada!

Thanks again for your help

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I pasted the image here, let's see if one of the norwegians can transcribe it.

answered by Maria Lundholm G2G6 Mach 4 (43.1k points)
I think it says he broke criminal laws 21-29. Do you know if he was missing a hand? It says something that I interpret as "left hand off above wrist", but as I said we should see if a norwegian can check it out.
Criminal law chapter 21 paragraph 29 involves knowingly using a forged document.

The sentencing can be found here, but it's a bit long for volunteers on the internet to transcribe from blackletter cursive: Based on my own experience transcribing my own ancestors court documents it's a few hours of work.

It likely also contains references to other court transcripts which might shed light on the abbreviations that reference his left hand as a means of identification. The guess that it refers to a missing hand makes sense to me, but I wouldn't make a bet on it.

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