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I am attempting to reconcile records for a Jonathan Faw Jr. There aren't many records I can find that connect this individual to the Faw family tree.

I have found potential census, marriage, and probate records that all reference the same Jonathan Faw Jr. However, I need help picking out the context of the Estate probate record (mostly just family/friend names) to confirm whether the record is related to the marriage record. Also, if there are any "clues" in the probate that may lead to other research avenues (parentage, census, etc.)

The records are below:

#*"United States Census, 1840," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 16 August 2017), Jonathan Faw, Ashe, North Carolina, United States; citing p. 20, NARA microfilm publication M704, (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), roll 354; FHL microfilm 18,092.

#*"North Carolina Estate Files, 1663-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 March 2018), Jonathan Faw, 1843; citing Ashe, North Carolina, United States, State Archives, Raleigh; FHL microfilm 1,671,948.

#*"North Carolina Marriages, 1759-1979," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Jonathan Jr Faw and Peggy Howell, 20 Nov 1841; citing Ashe, North Carolina, reference p 20; FHL microfilm 1,689,173.

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Stormy, you must be kin to the famous Broyhill furniture family, including this fella:, US Representative and Senator from the greatest state, North Carolina.

I've recently started on the Broyhill connection. I have the direct descent, but I have yet to add all the aunts, uncles, and such along the path. Very interesting!
I had family in Wilkes County in the late 1700s and probably many there now. Couldn’t find a connection between us.

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#*"North Carolina Estate Files, 1663-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 March 2018), Jonathan Faw, 1843; citing Ashe, North Carolina, United States, State Archives, Raleigh; FHL microfilm 1,671,948. 

Image 1: File, Jonathan Faw, 1843

Image 2:

State of N. Carolina Ashe County }} Know all men by these presents that we Amos Howell and George Lorance are held and firmly bound unto the State of N. Carolina in the sum of five five (sic) hundred dollars current money to be paid to said State of which payment will & truly be made. We bind ourselves our heirs executors & Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this (blank space) day of August AD 1843.

The condition of this obligation is such that If the above ?bourden Amos Howel Administrator of all & singular the goods and chattels rights & credits of Jonathan Faw

Deceased do make or cause to be made a true & perfect Inventory of all & singular the goods and chattels rights & credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands Knowledge or possession of the said of any person or persons (blank space) or into the hands or possessions of any person or persons for him & the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into Ashe County Court within the time prescribed by Law after the date of these presents; And the same goods chattels & credits & all the other goods chattels & credits of the deceased at the time of his death or of Which at any time hereafter shall come into the hands or possession of the said Amos Howel (blank space) or the hands or possessions of any other person or persons for him do well & truly administer according to law & further do make or cause to be made a true & just account of his said Administration agreeably to law after the date of these presents: & all the rest & residence of the said goods chattels & credits which shall be found remaining upon the said administration account (the same being first allowed by the governor & council superior or county court) shall deliver & pay unto such person or persons respectively as the same may because (end of page)

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selected by Stormy Faw

Image 3:

due pursuant to the true intent & meaning of the Act to that case made & provided & if it shall appear that any Will or Testament was made by the deceased & the Executor or Administrator therein named do exhibit the same in court making request to have it allowed & approved of accordingly if the said Amos Howel (blank space) above ?bounder being thereunto required do render & deliver the said letters on Administration (approbation of such Testament being first had & made in the said court) then this obligation to be otherwise to remain in full force and Virtue.

Signed.. Amos Howel ; George Lorance ; A.?? ; Jno Ray

Amos Howel, Administration Bond 1843

Image 4:

Amos Howel, son of Jonathan Faw, deceased

To the Estate of Jonathan Faw, Dcd

To Amount returned to ?clerks office $230.53 1/2

  • By ?voucher (unsure what this says) to paid J. Faw ?? $11.93
  • By act paid Jas Callaway & ?? ?? $17.00
  • By account paid Cal Bauers 5.69
  • By paid Do an act of ?? 12.50
  • By paid Jacob Watters act 3.00
  • By paid George Olivers act 1.50
  • By paid ?Isham J Callaway act 1.50
  • By paid Waugh & Misch..? 2.13
  • By paid to clerk of the county court for his fees and times 4.06
  • By paid the widow of J Faw deceased 1.68
  • By paid to Edward C. Borlet his taxes for 1844 & ?? ?? 0.75
The above appears to have been paid by the Administrator as per vautchers (vouchers?) ?tipid
This is amazing! Thank you so much for transcribing this record! I love this community!
Thanks for the best answer star!!

You're more than welcome!! I love reading old handwriting!
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1840 Jonathan Faw age 15-20, only one on his line

For the marriage the witness appears to be Wm Willin, I believe the X is his mark.

The will/estate files are too much for my eyes, sorry.
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Thanks! I was hoping to get insight into the cursive written Estate file from the probate records to see if the census, marriage, and estate recrods can be connected to the same individual.

These are the only ones I could pick out , don’t think they are in order

Paid Isham T Calloway 1-50

Paid Jacob Watterscot? 3-00

Paid to clerk of the colony or county for. Files and ? 4-06

Paid to the widow of J Faw 1-68

There is a Jacob Watters in Ashe County. Perhaps the other letters are an abbreviation.
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The administrator is Amos Howell and the document is dated 1843. Amos Howell appears in Ashe County on the 1840 census as a man 30-40, living with a female 30-40 and 2 females 15-20, the same age range as Jonathan Faw. The marriage record shows Faw's wife as Peggy Howell, who might be one of Amos's daughters.

Unfortunately, while there is a small payment to the widow, she isn't named.
by Davis Simpson G2G6 Mach 2 (21.7k points)
I believe the other administrator is George Lorance, who also lives in Ashe County.
The 1850 census has Margaret Faw, 27, with her child Amos Faw, 6, living with Amos Howell, 51, and Ro(s)y? Howell, 49, and many other younger Howells. The Amos Howell on the will is almost certainly the father of Peggy on the marriage record.
Maybe he knew he was dying and transferred what he could to wife or father-in-law?  Wonder what the death record could show?
Could be - the probate appears to be all about cash disbursements. Looks like Amos Faw was born Jan 2, 1943, according to his 1911 death certificate, so hopefully Jonathan got to see him.
It is amazing how quickly you all found these related records based off of the estate record.

The main puzzle now is how does Jonathan Faw (Jr.?) connect back to the main/current Faw family tree. I only have 3 slots at the moment that would make sense for a Jonathan Faw Jr., but with the early census' I don't think I will have anything else. I was really hoping the estate record mentioned his parents.

I will keep searching for a Death record.
Oops, I read the 1850 census record too quickly. They actually had 2 sons: Amos and Jonathan.
It looks like Jonathan from the 1850 census disappears after the 1860 census. He does have a Civil War record listed as 18 in 1862 and it appears he serves with his brother Amos listed as 20 in same battalion. May the age difference is a typo or something as the census record shows they are most likely twins and the father would have been dead in 1843.
I can't seem to locate the death record. Do you have a link by chance?
The death record to which I referred was for Amos Faw, who died in 1911 in Missouri. He has an obituary there as well but that's not helpful when identifying his paternal grandfather.

I note there are 2 Jonathan Faw's in Ashe County in 1840 and only the older one lives to 1850. There is an 1842 land indenture of Jonathan Faw Jr. buying 50 acres so implies that the younger Jonathan is the son of older one.

Interesting, the survey of the new property was done by I.J. Callaway, Isham J Callaway is paid 1-50 on the accounts in the estate papers. A debt for the surveying?

Of course, everyone would know everyone in a small community so that's not exactly hard proof.
What resource are you using to find/access the 1842 land indenture record?
I used Ancestry. Here are the files if you want to review them. I'll keep them shared for a couple of days.

44173_347337-01021.jpg shows the bounds of the property, signed by I.J. Callaway.

Thanks! I believe I copied them to my drive, so I should be good to go. I created profiles for the family as the records currently show. I have yet to connect Jonathan to the main family branch due to lack of earlier records. 

The head of the family and his children’s and grandchildren:

Where I am documenting possible relationships and theories until more evidence is available:

I am also having trouble locating records for his son’s, Amos, daughter, Lura N Faw?, as it seems she changed the spelling of her name significantly. If you have a spare moment to see if there is something I missed it would be appreciated. 

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