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Does somebody know why "Family List" does not function?
in WikiTree Tech by Roelof Scholtens G2G3 (4.0k points)
retagged by Jamie Nelson

Works fine for me, sorry. surprise

I got the next announcement: Error parsing returned data.
Your family list works fine for me, Roelof.
Roelof, maybe provide a link (or exact steps), so we can be sure we're looking at the same thing you are reporting

Same error here Error parsing returned data. Here are 0 of your family members.

Was working the other day when you go to your family tree & tools.

these are the steps.

You're not alone.  I got e same error when using Safari.  On my old iPad. It worked fine, though, using Chrome.  Another user got the parsing error with three different browsers on an unknown device.
So this might be a bug related to the interaction between the Family List application and certain browsers. If we want our techies to find the issue and fix it, we need to give them details of the problem.

When you try unsuccessfully to access the Family List, what browser are you using and what is your operating system?

Does this problem happen every time, or is it intermittent? Does it happen on every person you try to get a family list for?

Did this start recently? If so, do you recall approximately when it started?
With all my profiles the 'family list' no longer works. I discovered this on January 4, 2019. Not in Windows (Chrome, Firefox). Not in Linux (Xubuntu) with Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Not even on my I-pad. So far it concerns every profile.

Bij al mijn profielen werkt de "family list" niet meer. Ik ontdekte dit op 4 januari 2019. Niet in Windows (chrome). Niet in Linux (Xubuntu) met Firefox, Chrome of Opera. Ook niet niet op mijn I-pad. Tot nu toe betreft het ieder profiel.
I get the same on up to date Chrome & Firefox on my desktop computer, Windows 8.1.

Doesn't matter who I start with I get the Error parsing returned data only on the Family list.

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Hoi Roelof,

Ook even gecheckt, bij mij werkt de Family list normaal in de Google Chrome en ook in de Microsoft Edge browser, ook bij andere profielen en gebruik een laptop (besturingssysteem Windows 10). Het duurt soms wel even voor de lijst tevoorschijn komt, maar geen error hier.

Checked things also, for me everything works normal, using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser also for other profiles and on a laptop (Operating system Windows 10).  It sometimes takes a little while before the list shows, but no error here..

En helaas geen idee waarom sommigen wel en anderen niet dit  probleem hebben...misschien heeft het te maken met het besturingssysteem of misschien bepaalde instellingen ?

 And unfortunately no clue why some are having problems while for others everything still works fine...perhaps it has something to do with the operating system or maybe it has something to do with certain settings ?

The error sounds familiar from when I used one of the older windows operating system versions, so perhaps if you google the exact error you can find a way to fix it ? Here are the results for:  Parsing returned data

And here the results for: Error Parsing returned data fix 

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (277k points)
edited by Bea Wijma

Dank je Bea voor het antwoord. Vreemd hoor, tot vrijdag helemaal geen probleem en daarna niets meer te zien in, met, door family list..... Ik heb niets aan de computer veranderd. En er zijn vele mensen die hetzelfde probleem hebben. Het lijkt mij sterk dat wij allemaal een nieuwe computer moeten kopen of weet ik wat voor instellingen moeten controleren. Kan het niet gewoon een foutje bij wikitree zijn? Het voelt een beetje dom om mijn hele computer om te gooien. Immers ook op mijn laptop werkt het niet, op die van de buren evenmin, evenals op mijn I-Pad als op mijn PC. Ik heb allerlei browsers geprobeerd: Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Safari, enz. Echt waar het moet bij wikitree liggen!!

Nogmaals bedankt voor je reactie en suggesties.

Vertaling via google in het engels:

Thank you Bea for the answer. Strange, until Friday no problem at all and then nothing to see in, with, by family list ..... I have not changed anything on the computer. And there are many people who have the same problem. It seems to me that we all have to buy a new computer or I know what to check for institutions. Can not it just be a mistake with wikitree? It feels a little stupid to change my whole computer. After all, it does not work on my laptop, nor on my neighbors', as on my I-Pad or on my PC. I have tried all kinds of browsers: Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Safari, etc. Really it has to be at wikitree !! Thanks again for your reaction and suggestions.

Ja het kan ook heel goed zijn dat er misschien iets is geupdate of gewijzigd bij WikiTree hoor Roelof, iets dergelijks hebben we een tijdje geleden ook gehad met het G2G forum, na die update konden we niet meer op de normale manier dingen kopieren  of plakken in G2G (dat werkt nu niet meer in de google chrome browser) en dit kan als je de google chrome browser gebruikt, dus alleen nog met de sneltoetsen (kopieren ctrl+c of plakken ctrl+v). Dus het zou zomaar kunnen dat er weer een of andere update is geweest dat voor sommige mensen nu dit probleem met de family list veroorzaakt. Ik zal Ales wel even vragen of hij kan kijken naar deze G2G en of hij misschien een oplossing weet. 

Yes it's also possible something was updated or changed at WikiTree Roelof, something similar happened a while ago with the G2G forum, after an update we could no longer copy or paste things in the normal way in G2G (it no longer works if you use the google chrome browser) and this, if you use the google chrome browser, is only possible using the shortcuts (copy ctrl + c or paste ctrl + v). So it's very well possible there has been an update that for some people now causes this problem with the family list. I will ask Ales if he can look at this G2G and if perhaps he knows a solution.

1. Dank je wel Bea voor je antwoord. Ik ben zeer benieuwd of er een oplssing is. 

2. Het volgende berichtje kreeg ik in mijn e-mail box, zulks naar aanleiding van een mail dat ik stuurde naar het WikiTreeTeam info en naar Brian van het WikiTreeTeam:

Hi Roelof, 
If you haven't yet, can you post about the issues you are having in our G2G forum? Our tech folks will see it there and if others are having similar issues they can also chime in. 
On Sun, Jan 6, 2019 at 7:00 AM WikiTree <noreply@wikitree.com> wrote:

The following was sent via the private messaging system on WikiTree.com.

Dear all, Please can you help and can you give a reaction no matter how on this e-mail? Yesterday I send a message to brian@wikitree.com : (Good evening Brian, Please can you help solving problems with "Family List" See: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/745321/family-list?show=745859#c745859 Thank a lot in advance. Best regards, [[Scholtens-35|Roelof Scholtens]]). The subject also was not working "Family List" There are more people who mentioned this problem. I putted also e message on G2G: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/745321/family-list?show=745859#c745859

Hi everyone I received a message from Ales, Jamie and Brian are going to look at this and Brian will try if he can fix the problem, so hopefully things are going to work fine again for everyone soon. smiley

This was corrected by the Team. Can all that had problems with it try it again and report back if it still doesn't work.
Wonderful!! It works like the old days. Thanks a lot. Best regards Roelof.
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This was corrected by the team. Can all that had problems with it try it again and report back if it still doesn't work.
by AleŇ° Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (513k points)
All working fine now, thanks.

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