Clayton/Clark family from Texas

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Ok, this is my situation.  My great grandfather, Clarence Calvin Clayton was born in Texas and there are varying dates of birth for him, even a variance in the years.  His gravestone and death certificate give the date 11/19/1883, WWI draft registration says 10/16/1882, WWII draft registration says 11/21/1883, 1900 census says September 1883.  Supposedly around the age of 10, he was orphaned.  No one knows what really happened. None of the older members of the family (who are gone now) knew anything, not even his children, or if they did, they weren’t telling it.  His mother was Mattie Rivers who married Calvin Clayton in Navarro County, Texas on 04/19/1883.  This was a few counties away from where they lived at the time.  She had either already had Clarence or was already pregnant with him when she married Calvin depending on which date you go by.  Could never find any death records for Mattie and Calvin or any other info after the marriage which always seemed strange.

Here’s the thing:  When my father first did a DNA test almost 10 years ago, we matched no one with the Clayton name except our known close cousins.  Recently it came to my attention that we matched several people with Clark connections.  Mattie Rivers (my great great grandmother) had a sister Gatsy Rivers.  Gatsy was married to William Allen Clark and they had 4 children.  William was also married to Molly Proctor (2nd wife after Gatsy died) and they had 2 children.  I am showing a 3rd -4th cousin match to one of William and Molly’s grandchildren.  I would only be related to the Rivers side of the family and should have had no connection to William and Molly’s children.   I also have DNA connections to some of William Clark’s mother’s family, the High’s.   So, I am thinking that Mattie and William possibly had a child together, Clarence.  It would have had to be William or a brother of his, correct?  I just wanted some other opinions on this.  I contacted this cousin match, and he hasn’t gotten back with me yet.  Looks like his mother is still living and I hope she can shed some light on this. 

Thank you, I know this was long and probably confusing.

in Genealogy Help by Rani Moss G2G Crew (540 points)
I see lots of year of birth discrepancies in this period between birth records (if they exist, often recorded later), draft registrations, death certificates, and grave monuments (in some cases erected much later). I believe in many cases people were simply unsure of the year.
Yes, I think he may not have known due to the situation.  The parents dying before he was 10 and the other aspect of the story.  Thank you!
Has your father done a YDNA test or just autosomal?
He did YDNA with FTDNA back then and it has been upgraded to the 111 markers with lots of Clark matches.  I did mine on AncestryDNA several years ago and  just a few months ago found this new cousin along with a lot of others who match these Clarks after I got to putting things together and knew who to look for.
I recently read a long article on the Daniel Boone family and it was simply astounding how many children -both related and unrelated - they "adopted" into their family due to death of parents. Also, I've noticed from looking at genealogy sites that it was very common for two siblings to marry two siblings from another family.
Yes two clayton brothers married 2 Macarthy sisters in uk early 1900s.

So it wasnt uncommon? I just shrugged it off and accepted it lol

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R, you could have lobbed a beehive at your cousin!

They might not want to know, especially if they think it too sensitive to bring up to the oldies.

Could take some time to get a reply
by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (835k points)
I know, I thought of that too...  Hopefully won't upset anyone and I told them that was not my intent, but I have been trying to figure this family out for 25 years or so, and think I may have found the answer.  Hopefully anyway.
Didn’t find anymore
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Well, it sounds like you are a match to either William Clark or his wife, Molly, or even both of them.  Hopefully you will get other matches that help you make the connection, but the fact you have many yDNA matches to Clarks seems to be a string clue to your paternal connection.  Have you uploaded results to GEDmatch yet? You may need to uploaded to GEDmatch Genesis, which I'm not really familiar with, but it should help you get many more matches.  And you can start comparing chromosomal segments and maybe tie down which side, Clark or Proctor, that you are related to.
by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 7 (71.1k points)
Yes, I really do believe it is the Clark side that I am related to.  I have uploaded my results to GEDmatch #A054280.  Hopefully, some more people tested with the Black Friday/Christmas special prices and maybe there will be some new matches soon!

Thank you!

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