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WikiTree profile Richard Bishop/Bishop-1500 likely combines/confuses records about several Bishop men and their families. The confused information concerns two Puritan Great Migration immigrants. The confused men, surname Bishop are: 
  • Richard Bishop, reported born 1609 at Edburton, Sussex, England; to parents Richard and Joan (Deanne) Bishop. 
  • Richard Bishop, Salem, Massachusetts, immigrant (1635), who married 1635 to Dulsabel/Dulzebella/Dulcebella (____) King; he died 1674 at Salem. 
  • _____ Bishop, who was the father of John Bishop, Guilford, Connecticut, immigrant and among its founders; John died there 1661. WikiTree reports his birth as 1590.
I have not been able to discover a valid relationship between the three “personalities.” 
Posting comments to G2G was suggested as a good way to vet some of these issues. Please support (a) correcting the record as to Bishop-1500’s (a) inherited wife and death date/location otherwise known to be about Richard Bishop/Bishop-179 (Salem immigrant), and (b) correcting the genealogically impossible parent-child relationship reported between Bishop-171 (Guilford immigrant) and Bishop-1500. 
(a) Richard Bishop, Salem, Massachusetts immigrant, 1635.
Richard Bishop, husbandman, died Salem, Massachusetts, 1674 (not “October 30” but “30: 10 m” or December 30).[a-1] He was identified as a 1635 settler in Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn, Jr., Melinde Lutz Sanborn, _The Great Migration-Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume I, A-B_ (1999), 307-310 for "Richard Bishop."
As his second wife, the Salem immigrant married by June 1635, as her second husband, Dulsabel/Dulzebella/Dulcebella (____) King, widow of Richard.[a-2] Dulsabel died Salem, 23 (or 24): “6m: 1658” (not June 1658, but August).[a-3] She seems unquestionably the real person behind WikiTree profile Dulzabella-1.
Richard Bishop’s date of birth, origin and parentage are unknown. The Great Migration authors estimated his birth as “By about 1603” based on an approximated age at first marriage, in turn based on the estimated age of his eldest known son, John (born “say 1628”).[a-4]
The four known children of this immigrant--John, Nathaniel, Thomas and Mary--were likely born prior to the father’s migration; records of their births have yet to be identified. 
Some sources of information about Richard Bishop/Bishop-179 are included on his profile:
(b) John Bishop, Guilford, Connecticut immigrant, 1639.
Said have often been referred to as “Mr. Bishop,” John Bishop was a member of the company that founded Guilford, Connecticut in 1639.[b-1] He died there there, February 1661[b-1]; the inventory of his estate reportedly totalled £375.[b-2] His wife was Anne _____, who survived him; she died his widow, April 1676.[b-1] 
From the printed articles I reviewed, no records have been identified that call out John’s age. His children married early enough to believe they were all born prior to his migration.[b-1] From the information about their marriages, the children’s births, and thus the parents’ marriage has been estimated by genealogists. Based on all these estimates, the birth of the father has been further approximated. The associated children vary in early accounts, [b-3] and this probably explains, at least in part, why John’s birth is found in print ranging from the 1570s to the early 1600s. 
None the less, a man born anywhere in that range was not the son of a man born later. 
Various transcribed records about John Bishop are found in a work by descendants published in 1951[b-2]. The work contains some apparent oversights about his children, but does not conclude his origin or parentage. I found no record there of his wife’s maiden name, either. 
According to 2010 and 2012 posts by the grandson of John Guy Bishop, publisher of the 1951 family account, further research was conducted by the publisher in England during the 1960s,”to find records.” The publisher found nothing that would advance knowledge of John’s origins or parentage. The same was true for the maiden name of his wife. In 2010, Bishop comments, “Since then others have identified possible dates for birth of John Bishop of Guilford. I can’t vouch for the accuracy.” In 2012, he mentions the 1960s work by his ancestor and adds, “I have not done any better.” 
In 1960, a work edited by Donald Lines Jacobus about this family identified the wife as Ann ____ and associated only four children with the couple---Ann, John, Stephen and Bethia. The eldest was born “say 1620-2.“ [b-1]
According to Martin E. Hollick’s _New Englanders in the 1600s_ (2006),[b-4] two more recently published genealogies mention this immigrant, as below. These have not been reviewed, but Hollick’s summary of Bishop reports his birth “ca 1604.” Neither of Hollick’s entries in 2006 suggest these works identify any “English Ancestry.” 
  • Harrison Black, _The Ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman 1829-1912, wife of Learner Blackman Harrison_ (Boston, MA: Newbury Street Press, 2001). 
  • Robert Croll Stevens, _Ancestry of the Children of Robert Croll Stevens and Jane Eleanor (Knauss) Stevens, Volume IV: The Genealogy of Robert Pond ?-1637_ (Pittsford, NY: Tucker Printers, Inc., 1990). [Comments that volumes V and VI contain errata and addendum and “should be consulted with this volume. Reports the work is unpaginated; families are identified by numbers.]
Will post references as comment; pardon typos.  
P.S.: More than 2000 family files online report John Bishop, Guilford founder, as the son of the man who died at Salem in 1674; any number report the Salem man’s birth in the mid 1500s. My best understanding of this is that Richard Bishop’s son, John, was first confused as the man of Guilford, about whom comparatively more was known. Once the Johns were confused in the IGI and and by other family historians, it seems accounts of Richard Bishop’s identity were devised to “make it work.”


WikiTree profile: Richard Bishop
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References for Richard Bishop/Bishop-179

[a-1] _Vital Records of Salem, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849_ 6 vols, 5:90 for "[Bishop,] Richard, 30: 10 m: 1674," cites "court records, Essex Co. Quarterly Court" This record can be viewed in the transcriptions and digital images posted to the Massachusetts Vital Records Project
[a-2] The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts,” _Essex Institute Historical Collections_ 50 (1914):219 for "Estate of Richard King (of Salem?)"; digital images, _Internet Archive_ (accessed 2013).
[a-3] _Vital Records of Salem, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849_ 6 vols, 5:90, for entry "[Bishop], Dulsabell ['old'], w. Richard, 23: [24. dup.], 6 m: 1658," citing "court records, Essex Co. Quarterly Court." This record can be viewed in the transcriptions and digital images posted to the Massachusetts Vital Records Project
[a-4] Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn, Jr., Melinde Lutz Sanborn, _The Great Migration-Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume I, A-B_ (1999), 307-310 for "Richard Bishop." 
Also, Robert Charles Anderson, _The Great Migration-Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume IV, I-L_ (2005), 167-168, for "Richard King."
References for John Bishop/Bishop-171
[b-1] Nathan Grier Parke, _The Ancestry of Lorenzo Ackley and His Wife Emma Arabella Bosworth_, Donald Lines Jacobus, ed. (Woodstock, Vt., 1960), 98-100, “John Bishop, Guilford, Connecticut.” Identifies four children of this couple--Ann, John, Stephen and Bethia--with the eldest born “say 1620-2.” [Access to some available via Heritage Quest.] 
[b-2] William Whitney Cone and George Allen Root, _Record of the descendants of John Bishop, one of the founders of Guilford, Connecticut in 1639_ (1951); digital images, _Hathi Trust_ (accessed 2014), x. “Although the birthplace of John Bishop is not known, yet it is generally believe that he was born in England. … The date of his birth is not known, although he must have been nearly fifty years old when he came to America, as he had five grandchildren born to him before he came here.”
[b-3] Torrey cited more than a dozen references; happy to post the full array if requested. I have not reviewed all. Torrey includes the first two listed below. There is not a shortage of errors in print about John Bishop of Guilford. In particular, see item 3. 
Elizabeth Todd Nash, _Fifty Puritan ancestors, 1628-1660 : genealogical notes, 1560-1900_ (1902), ?171, “The Bishop Family”; digital images, _Hathi Trust_ (accessed 2014). John Bishop is born 1604; wife is Anne ____. Four children as SArah, Anne, Elizabeth and Mary.
Charles Edward Benton, _Caleb Benton and Sarah Bishop: Their Ancestors and Descendants_ (1906), 48; digital images, _Hathi Trust_ (accessed 2014). Reports about John Bishop (b. England, about 1604) and wife Anne ___; lists six children as John, Stephen, Bethia (or Betsey), Sarah, Ann and Mary.
Charles B. Saunders, _Four Centuries in America: The British Heritage of the Saunders/Carmichael and Shafer/MacIntire Families_ (2000), p. 36; digital images, FamilySearch (accessed 2014 via FamilySearch Catalog). Has John Bishop (1590-1661) … son of “Richard and Dulzebella Bishop of London.” Reports John Bishop and Ann Stevens migrated aboard the _St. John_ in 1639, “with their six children.” 
[b-4] Hollick has updated this work; I have not reviewed the updated version. 


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