Can you help connect a space traveller?

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A while ago, I made a suggestion that we could do with some more variety in our Relationship Finder Quick Links page. One of the suggestions that I made was letting people check their connections to people who have gone into space. (After all, there aren't that many people who have done that yet, and most of them are still alive, so the list shouldn't be too unwieldy.)

Unfortunately, not all of the people who have gone to space (and since died) even have profiles on WikiTree, and most of the cosmonauts/astronauts/taikonauts who do have WikiTree profiles aren't connected to the main tree.  Can you help to connect them?  I've made a list of the cosmonauts/astronauts/taikonauts who need to be connected to the main tree below.

If you can add sources, photos, or biographies, build out the family trees, or improve the profiles of space travellers in any other ways, so much the better! Once you get a space traveller connected (or added), please post an answer here.

(If you want to add profiles for those cosmonauts/astronauts/taikonauts who don't have WikiTree profiles yet, Wikipedia has a List of space travellers by name, which makes it easier finding them. [Hint: look for birth and death years in brackets as a quick way of finding the ones who are deceased.])


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Greg, I have no known relationship to an astronaut, but it seems you are asking to see a link for any astronaut to any wikitree user, and I just linked up second cousins who were both previously unconnected to the global tree ...

Schirra-27 & Shillito-77
If you're asking about my comment about the connection finder, what I do was go into each (connected) astronauts' profile, and select "Relationship to Me" from the menu with their WikiTree ID at the top. When that comes up negative (which it always has so far), I click on the "the Connection Finder may find it" link. So far, that one has always come up negative, too. So, despite being an über space geek, it appears that I'm not terribly closely related to anybody who has actually gone into space. But I was curious as to whether anybody else in this thread was related to any astronauts closely enough to get results from either the Relationship Finder or the Connection Finder.

So are you saying that Wally Schirra is your second cousin? That's way cool!

(All of this is just my own curiosity, and peripheral to the main point of this thread, which is to try to connect all these astronauts to the main tree. And I must say that the people taking part are doing a stellar job.)
No I said I am NOT connected to an astronaut. I just gave an example of a wikitree user who was closely related. So the finders are working, you are just not related to any of them ... yet :)
Add to this that under the communists, one in every 200 Soviet citizens was murdered by the government.  This does not include the hundreds of thousands who were forcibly evicted to Siberia.

Those who were not evicted or murdered, knew someone who was.  Fear, no, terror, swept the union for decades.  Many families burned their photos and family trees because they didn't want their ancestors used as ammunition against them.  A merchant or an aristocrat in your family tree, no matter how distant could mean a firing squad.

Add to that the revolution.  The communists completely dismantled the old state and this included burning many of the archives.  Much of the records were in churches an these were burned after being looted and many blasted with artillery and dynamite.

I do not envy genealogists from any country in the former USSR.

I'm one of those who still mourn the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Do what you want in terms of rearranging the political structure, but leave those records alone! angry

Nevertheless, some records do seem to have survived. On the Russian Wikipedia entry for Yuri Gagarin, it references the site for The official portal of the Administration of St. Petersburg for a source for Yuri's grandfather having worked in a factory there. (Unfortunately, the site has changed, the Weblink archive gives me gibberish, and the Internet Archive is acting up right now, so I don't know what the source actually says.)

Thanks to those who have been working so hard, we now have 20 of the 41 astronauts on the list connected to the main tree. I have other lists of people whom I would like to see connected to the main tree, but I'll let this thread go for another week before I post another one. I don't want to distract connectors from these people!

Huh. There have been so many comments that the list has gotten hidden. Here are the people who still haven't been connected:

I got all excited when I found:

But when I looked through it, there was virtually no genealogical information (except for the note that two Soviet Cosmonauts had married one another.) 

I have no idea who made the connections, or when, but Gene Cernan and James Irwin are now showing as connected.


I have removed the Soviet cosmonauts from this list (since there are so few people on WikiTree who can read Slavic languages), added new cosmonauts who have had profiles created since I originally posted this challenge (thank you, Antonia!), and spun them off into a separate "Can you help connect a cosmonaut?" challenge.

That reduces the number of people in this challenge to 34, and increases the percentage complete to 64.7%.

Okay, somebody connected Jack Swigert. Thank you!

That means that 23/34 profiles are now connected, which pushes this challenge to 67.6% complete.

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I would love to help, but what if their parents are still living?  

Thanks!  All the best, Janet
by Janet Clifton G2G6 Mach 3 (39.6k points)
There may be cases where the parents are still alive, but it kind of shocked me how many Mercury, Gemini, and even Apollo astronauts aren't connected. Those projects were long enough ago that I'd be astonished if the astronaut's parents were still alive.
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I think I have connected Pete Conrad  through his great great grandmother, Elizabeth Abbott.

by Rick San Soucie G2G6 Mach 2 (26.5k points)
edited by Rick San Soucie

Good job, Rick! yes

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Given that the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8 just occurred and the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 will occur this summer, I think this is a great project!

Is anyone going to SpaceFest, August 8 – 11, 2019. JW Marriott at Starr Pass, Tucson, Arizona?  We went last summer and may go this year.  Lots of fun for space fans!  

by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (511k points)

Huh. A space travellers project would be a good idea, although it should probably be a sub-project of the Notables Project.

The goal would be to add, source, add categories, and eventually connect people who were involved in humanity's exploration of space, so probably people like Robert Goddard would fall under the project, as well as actual space travellers.

I am far too scattered to manage such a project, but I'd certainly be happy to contribute from time to time.

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I found another connection.

Dick Scobee

by Rick San Soucie G2G6 Mach 2 (26.5k points)
You are rocking this! (Or maybe I should say, "rocketing this"?)
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I have found another astronaut connection.

Gordo Cooper

by Rick San Soucie G2G6 Mach 2 (26.5k points)

You are a connecting machine! yes

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So is Polina Gagarina a niece or grand-niece of Yuri Gagarin, or was Glamour just playing on the same last name?
by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (330k points)
I checked her Wikipedia pages (the English and French ones) and neither mentions any family link. Just homonyms, apparently.

Gagarin had three siblings and a wife who might perhaps be added by someone who understands this (his two daughters would be alive, so that is out), but I don't see that it would help much for his connection.

I went to Yuri's Russian Wikipedia entry, and then read it through Google translate. There is a lot more information about his family there, and a bunch of them have their own entries, so as I have time, I'm planning to build out his tree to the limits of what I can find.

Some info I found ...  (5 pages)
Yuri Gagarin's father Alexei Gagarin
Yuri Gagarin's niece Natalia Gagarina
Yuri Gagarin's niece Tamara Filatova
with lots of links for further research

Yuri Gagarin married on 7 Nov 1957 to 1968 to Valentina Ivanovna Goryacheva

Yuri Gagarin's 2 daughters ...
- Yelena Yurievna Gagarina is an art historian who has worked as the Director-General of the Moscow Kremlin Museums since 2001.
- Galina Yurievna Gagarina is a professor of economics and the department chair at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow.

2004 book "Two Sides of the Moon" by Alexey Leonov

There are 2 other Gagarin lines (including a princely line) which I do NOT find being connected to him.

Greg, as you work on his tree, can you include the English translation of names to help others research them. Thanks
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Ed White should show connected on Thursday.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)
He is indeed! Good job!
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Charles Brady

I am ready to hook him up. but I have to wait until the profile manger gives permission, since it is someone born in the 1890s that is not an open public profile.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)

He's showing as connected now! yes

+6 votes  will show as connected tomorrow.
by S Stevenson G2G6 Mach 7 (79.6k points)

He is! yes

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Charles Veach will show connected on Saturday morning.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)

He is showing as connected! yes

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I'm not sure if Mary Louise Fredlock is Michael Philip Anderson's grandmother, but here is her profile (she is unconnected)

* The Fredlock's were German

Edit: Changed Wife's name as she might be living

by A. C. Raper G2G6 Mach 4 (45.2k points)
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Stanley David Griggs should show as connected tomorrow.

by Rick San Soucie G2G6 Mach 2 (26.5k points)

Yes, he is. smiley

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Sonny Carter will show connected on Saturday morning.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)

Yes, he does! yes

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David M. Brown might show connected on Saturday or Sunday morning.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)

He's showing as connected now! yes

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David M Walker  is now connected.

by Rick San Soucie G2G6 Mach 2 (26.5k points)

Yes, he is! smiley

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C. Gordon Fullerton

Hoping he will show connected on Sunday morning.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)

Your hope has been fulfilled! wink

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Richard Gordon will show connected on monday morning.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)

He did! smiley

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Henry Hartsfield will show up connected soon.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)
He is
+6 votes

Karl Henize will be connected soon.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)
He is
+6 votes

Alan Pointdexter will show connected soon.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)
He is

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