How to correct DB 848 error- template parameters

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I am not real familiar with the templates.  The wording on this one was {{Quakers sticker addinfo associated with Wilmington Monthly Meeting, New Castle County Delaware}} I changed it to {{Quakers Sticker}}.  I assume the added information should be a category.  I have another one that I do not know how to correct.  Brower-920 has a sticker for War of 1812./ New Jersey.

Would appreciate help correcting the error. Should New Jersey be removed?  How do you designate location of service?

Thanks for your help
WikiTree profile: Daniel Brower
in Policy and Style by Jean Adams G2G6 (8.9k points)

That / in the 1812 sticker was changed to a pipe | way back at 16:18, 20 January 2017, so I'm not sure what you're seeing.

Maybe you're supposed to use category instead?  From another profile:

[[Category: New Jersey, War of 1812]]

I'm guessing the sticker isn't acceptable/supported anymore?

I checked a few of the profiles here and those with the sticker had suggestions the same as the one on Daniel's profile.

because after the pipe "|" the parameter word and "=" is missing.

{{War of 1812|unit=New Jersey}} not {{War of 1812|New Jersey}}
Thank you. That is what I needed.
because after the pipe "|" the parameter word and "=" is missing.

{{War of 1812|unit=New Jersey}} not {{War of 1812|New Jersey}}

Oooooooh, I didn't see that on any of the profiles I checked; just the category, or the same sticker that Jean was having a problem with.

Sorry about that, couldn't find the pipe on my keyboard when I posted the message.

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He served as Private with Captain Robert Conover's Company in the New Jersey Militia.  I haven't found any historical data yet this unit except others who were members as well.

Remove the Category from his Profile and copy and paste this just below ==Biography== on his Profile

{{ War of 1812
| startdate = Sep 20 1814
| enddate = Dec 14 1814
| units = Captain Robert Conover's Company, New Jersey Militia
| rank= Pvt }}

Also I found a death certificate for Daniel though I am unsure if it is correct as there is no image to insure there is no transcription error as it lists father and mother as Daniel and Esther which happen to be his and his wife's names.  I do have one relative who was a Jr. and did marry a woman with the same first name as his mother, so not out of the question.

"New Jersey, Deaths, 1670-1988," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 March 2018), Daniel Brower, 10 Jul 1871; citing Bordentown, Mercer, New Jersey, United States, Division of Archives and Record Management, New Jersey Department of State, Trenton.; FHL microfilm 584,591.

Will upload an image of his Pension Record to his Profile.

by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (179k points)
selected by Jean Adams
Thanks Natalie, I was hunting it and just kept missing it. LOL

This is better Jean.  Better formatting of where New Jersey Militia is seen.

{{ War of 1812
| startdate = Sep 20 1814
| enddate = Dec 14 1814
|branch = New Jersey Militia
| units = Captain Robert Conover's Company
| rank= Pvt }}
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I'll address the War of 1812 Sticker: here is the template:

The parameters (followed by "=") are explained one by one.

{{War of 1812
| image = image file
| startdate = mmm dd, yyyy
| enddate= mmm dd, yyyy
| branch = <service branch> or <country>
| units= unit1; unit2, etc
| unit= first unit served in
| rank=rank}}

So in image, after the = you add the file name of the image, so it will end in jpg or png or what have you.

For branch =  you may add the country or the service branch (such as United States Army)

For units = it is free text with NO category assignment. Those can be whatever you need to insert. 

For unit = a category is added and this must be the precise category name.If you add the category name incorrectly or it doesn't exist, the link will show up as a red link on the profile after you save the changes.The instructions say first unit served in, but it can be their most applicable unit if they were in more than one. In the instructions, if you are adding their state of service, it should be under unit =.

The pipes MUST appear in between each parameter as it is laid out, or there will be an error. This is true for all templates, not just this one. And the parameters will be different in different templates,but they must be followed exactly or there will be an error.

by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (835k points)
Thanks, Melanie. Just so  you know, every sticker template has a page like this which should contain the information about sticker parameters.

Heh .. I'm still having trouble finding the SIMPLE help pages.  I haven't dared get into categories and stickers beyond what I see on other profiles, so I use what I see.  (I am still a wikitree "baby".  I've only been here since the end of September last year.)

I want some cemeteries, but am too scared to even attempt them in case I "do it wrong".  cheeky (Eh .. and they're not necessary, I have the cemetery in the bio, but it'd be nice to see who else is there .. connections and all.  I found rellies by clicking through on links!)

The only problem with that is if the other person you copied has it wrong, then you will also have it wrong. wink

Categories take some practice but once you get the hang of it, they're easy.

Cemeteries: [[C:Name of Cemetery, City/Town/, State]] works for almost all of them in the US, but there are exceptions. Then you add a bit of information to the category page and attach parent category tags. Done! If a red link shows up, that category has to be set  up.

When you feel brave enough, give it a try!

Yeahbutt .. I need want Aussie ones.  When I looked the other day, I just got so confused.  I'm not sure if I would get the place name correct, the shire, the district, the whatever.  I haven't a clue about New South Wales except that I heartily dislike Sydney.  Get out of the city, fine.

Most of my Queensland rellies are buried in places that already have categories .. most of 'em, but not all.

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I have about 25 of these errors to correct, so I share your pain, Jean!

Those of you who have worked on Canadian War of 1812 profiles over the past few years should be aware that the sticker doesn't place the profile in the list for the ancestor's regiment. There seems to be just one huge list now under War of 1812. To keep our Canadian regiment lists intact, please be sure to place the regiment category on the profile. See John Denison. Another little tip: you need to erase "image file" from the template to have the default image show.

by Laurie Cruthers G2G6 Pilot (144k points)
edited by Laurie Cruthers

If you add the "unit=" parameter you'll get the category as well. Denison has only the "units=" parameter that doesn't create categories. Text snippet from the template page below.

The |units= parameter is free text so the template cannot make assignments to a category using this parameter 

To overcome this, you can identify the first unit served in using |unit=. To correctly create the category, add |unit=<unit> to the sticker line, and the sticker will format the category name to add the profile to using <unit>, War of 1812.

Thanks, Juha. My concern going back to when this information sticker replaced the simple War of 1812 sticker was that it looked clunky, didn't follow the sticker "rules" and was too complicated for most people to be bothered with, and I still think it is. That said, I did what you suggested, but it doesn't seem to be working. Could you please check the Denison profile again. These were militia units - no branch - so not sure if that makes a difference?
I removed the angle brackets from unit=, added branch and units. Would it be satisfactory now?
Thanks again, Juha. The automatic category works, but the wording on the sticker is odd. When I added the category manually, the wording on the sticker itself was, for example, "Colonel Thomas Talbot served in the 1st Regiment of Middlesex Militia in the War of 1812." The wording on John Denison now appears as "Captain John Denison served for Canada in the War of 1812," which sounds awkward to me.

Hi Juha,

LJ Russell has come up with this solution. See Simeon Pottruff.

{{War of 1812
| country = Canada
| branch= Canadian Militia
| startdate = 6 Jul 1813
| units = Captain Samuel Hatt’s Co, 5th Regiment of Lincoln Militia
| enddate = 24 Jul 1813
| unit = 5th Regiment of Lincoln Militia, Canada
| rank = Pvt.}}

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