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Today, I created profiles for Charles Sturtevant and Minnie Felker and I'm kind of missing some meat for Charles's profile. I was wondering if someone could help me fill in the details for these two as trees on Ancestry have conflicting data for these two. Familysearch doesn't. So, I've been going by that.

I am just wondering because some trees have Charles's death in 1943. Some do not. All of them have different parents. That is really confusing.

As far as Minnie goes, If I put in a date people have for her birth in 1871 it conflicts with her brother Wilfred's birth. Wilfred being one of my ancestors. Here's Minnie's profile:

I am kind of unsure about the dates. I know they were married and I know they are related to me. Just need more info than what is provided and I put almost all I could find on the profiles. Any help would be good!

WikiTree profile: Charles Sturtevant
asked in Genealogy Help by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (196k points)

Could they have been twins?

Could the parents have been extra jiggity and had two kids in the same year?  It IS possible.  It only takes nine months.  cheeky

Pfft! HAHAHA! Okay. That was good.

Wilfred was born May 17th, 1871.

This tree I'm looking at has Minnie born November 30th, 1871.

I don't think they got THAT jiggity!!!!!!!

Thanks for the good laugh, Melanie!

Well, I couldn't think of another word. laugh

Have you tried this site:

I can't, because they refuse to accept my alphanumeric password as a password and not a surname; and the "case" is still pending.  So I'm locked out of fs unless I create another account there (and I didn't want the first one and only created IT because so many here keep linking to fs and I can never see what they're talking about!) and ignore the pending case.  :(

Yep. I've been using Familysearch extensively. Sorry you were locked out. =( Hopefully they can let you back in. I have an FS account just to look stuff up. I do have a tree there, though.

Note .. this is NOT my password to anywhere.

How does something along the lines of h0Rs3b4TteRy5tApl3 even start to look like a surname?  I mean, really?!


Well, I wish I could help more than just by giving you a good laugh, but I've hit my limit of knowledge of US BDM search.


Give me Australia any day, or England, or even Scotland (I did really well there the last two weeks), or even, maybe, Ireland. cheeky

I have no idea. Haha. That SHOULD work.

I think you did help. Commenting bumps the thread up. =D Gets more eyes on it!

More than happy to help any way I can. smiley


I need my eyes to have a break from reading Scottish census records and near indecipherable marriage or Baptismal records. 

I gotcha. I'm taking a break and adding a couple profiles on the other side of the tree. Made this profile:
I am wondering if Nancy Sturidvant  1760-1803 any relation found on
Haven't seen many trees with Charles here going that far back. The parents for some reason always seem to be different. Like there's no consensus...even though his marriage to Minnie shows the parents.

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