db_error_868 Inline citations after <references /> tag

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I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed with the errors in this category, many are on profiles that have been edited by multiple users with many different styles. 

My best example, on which I really need help is this one:

Edward Wigglesworth

Getting errors on the sources labeled NEHGR56, DEAN, and D208. I'm not understanding exactly what the problem is, nor how to fix it.

asked in Policy and Style by Bobbie Hall G2G6 Mach 8 (88.4k points)
As already stated, the problem is in the span entries of Hoadley and Dexter that are listed in the sources.  It looks like the person that added the span entries put the ref entries at the end of the span so they could easily copy and paste them into the text and be able to just change the end part of the reference.  Unfortunately, they forgot to remove them.
oops the minute I read Hoadley and Dexter I said that has to be me. Sorry there are probably others.
I certainly didn't mean to single you out, Anne! I'm just not as advanced as you, and others, on source formatting.

I need a course on advanced source methods, perhaps. I've got <ref name="xxx"> down pat, and use it constantly. But something about the '"span id" method just doesn't work in my brain, no matter how many times I look at it.

Thanks for everybody's help!
Bobbie, from another G2G question where use of 'span' was discussed I have come across a couple of profiles that use the span and are fairly simple to follow.  I agree with you, using the 'span' is a bit more difficult, but I think I have figured it out now.


This is an earlier G2G where the author tries to explain the span


I spent a lot of time studying to figure them out myself, which is why I have that extra bit that caused the error as part of my citation. Anyway because I noticed the post, I was able to look at most of the other profiles I would use them on and corrected quite a few.

Thank you Linda & Anne for your additional comments, they're appreciated. And Linda, your links are very helpful!

I guess my biggest issue with the <span> tags is that at some point we'll have to change them. From the Recommended Tags page:

  • <span id="...">...</span> - used to create an anchor for a link - see Adding Links. This is not approved for styling purposes or with sources.

I find a few different places where they are listed and explained, by they seem to be discouraged, no? Maybe I'm mis-reading the verbage. I'll play with them anyway ;) 

... the more I read, the more I understand. Use it, but carefully and appropriately. Gotcha.
My usage has been strictly with two or three New Haven sources and I've mostly stopped using it at this point.
This is possibly caused by incomplete merges.

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I found it, Bobbie.

Under the <references /> tag there is a list of sources. In edit mode, scroll down to Dexter, Franklin Bowditch.

At the end of that reference there is a <ref>....</ref> tag.

That's causing the error.
answered by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (662k points)
selected by Linda Peterson
There are 2 pairs of ref tags after References.
good eye, Aleš
Thanks for your sharp eyes, both of you!
A good way to find those is to do a search for ref and they will all be highlighted.  Then look for the ones that are after the references heading.

Maybe this error will finally help me learn how to use the reference names.  I've studied this in the Help section, G2G, attempted several times to use it, never successful.  Sometimes having to fix problems is a good way to learn a technique, though I agree, the number of errors in references is kind of overwhelming.
Using named references is quite simple.

Let's say you have a source supporting 3 facts.

next to any of 3 facts you make a normal inline citation with added name parameter.

<ref name="1880Census">full citation that will be displayed</ref>

next to other two facts, you just put

<ref name="1880Census" />

and nothing else.

All that should be before <references />
Thank you, Ales.  I think where I was going wrong is the first line.  I could see that in some of the fixes I worked on yesterday on other people's profiles on my suggestion list.  I KNOW I have profiles where I entered the full citation multiple times for different facts because I couldn't get this to work right.   Is THAT an error?  Because I didn't get any of those on my suggestions list (same full citation entered more than once)?
It is not an error for now. I might check that in the future, but not any time soon.

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