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There seem to be a lot of spelling errors in the <references /> tag following The == Sources == heading.   I spent hours last night and today fixing these. Is it possible for the Editbot to do a find and replace for each error to fix these leaving the data doctors free to fix the more complex errors?  Eg Find </References> Replace with <references /> etc.  it seems our time could be better spent fixing what a bot can’t do and let the bot fix a simple find and replace.  Then the find and replace algorithm could run on a monthly basis to fix new errors.  We all make spelling mistakes but this would solve the common ones.
asked in The Tree House by Deborah Talbot G2G6 Mach 3 (38.1k points)
I'm curious about the purpose or utility of the space between "references" and "/".  I have no objection whatever to following style conventions, just curious why it is needed.
The space is not required.
In HTML, the syntax defines an empty tag as "<" followed by the tag code followed by one space, the "/", and the ">".  The <references /> tag is not part of HTML, but I suppose wiki code syntax matches HTML for those tags that look like HTML tags.  The fact that it still works without the space is probably an instance of wiki code being forgiving of some errors.  Although you can apparently get away without the space, correct syntax specifies it.
Thank you, Gail's. A simple answer to something I had been wondering about.

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There is 10 years of legacy, and there isn't that many of them. Often there are other error next to the typo, that DD can correct while there.

Also 868 error means that there are <ref> after <references /> so your suggestion wouldn't correct the error unless there are duplicated references and just different error would display.

answered by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (364k points)
selected by Deborah Talbot
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I also found quite a few that had a space after the ending slash.
answered by Linda Peterson G2G6 Mach 3 (33.8k points)
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I am getting a ton of  db_error_868 Inline citations after <references /> tag as people are adding information to profiles at the bottom of the page and not above the Source/Reference section.  It is time-consuming to clean them up, and doesn't prevent someone from coming along and repeating the process and generating new errors before I can get the old ones cleaned up.  Is there some kind of utility that can reposition these "comments" into the right section.

answered by Janne Gorman G2G6 Mach 2 (21.8k points)
you could simply move the "<references />" tag to the end of the page, after the last citation -- that would be the simplest "fix"
Except then the citations would be after "acknowledgements" and "see also" instead of at the top of "sources".
As a former Db administrator, it seems that there could be a utility created that would apply the "simple fix" to profiles as they are amended, instead of a profile manager having to bring up each profile individually and manually taking care of them.  The code could be written to add the references in the correct portion of the profile when the comments are saved.
Correct portion for "Inline Citations" is everything before == Sources == Heading. If a source is only listed in == Sources ==, it should not use inline citation. It should use only

* Source...
I have found that this problem frequently happens when merges are done and the person doing the merge doesn't 'clean up' the profile so there is only One Sources and one 'References' line.  If one profile had a'references' and one didn't, there is only one included, so it is not always getting an error about duplicated lines.

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