Did you see that top-level categories are now excluded from the category finder?

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WikiTreers, especially Categorization Project members:

We now have a system for excluding top-level categories from the categories you can select when editing a profile.

For example, if I am editing my own profile, click the categorization button, and enter my home state of Massachusetts I can no longer see and select Category:Massachusetts. I can select a narrower category, such as [[Category:Fitchburg, Massachusetts]].

This system was developed by Ales and he will be maintaining the list of categories to exclude. I think he will be using the {{Top Level}} indicators that are added and maintained by Categorization Project members. Is that correct, Ales?

Onward and upward,


in The Tree House by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)


At the moment, excluded categories are:

  • all with {{Top Level}} template
  • all with CategoryInfoBox CemeteryGroup
  • all with CategoryInfoBox AnglicanCemeteries
  • all with CategoryInfoBox CatholicCemeteries
  • all with CategoryInfoBox JewishCemeteries
  • all with CategoryInfoBox LutheranCemeteries
  • all with CategoryInfoBox MethodistCemeteries
  • all with CategoryInfoBox PresbyterianCemeteries
  • all with CategoryInfoBox QuakerCemeteries
  • all with CategoryInfoBox ReligiousInstitutionGroup
  • all with CategoryInfoBox CemeteryGroup'
  • and all using CategoryInfoBox with Profiles=no parameter.
  • all categories waiting on EditBOT
  • all template categories

The list of excluded categories can be seen in 


under 9921 List of All Top level


It is 8525 of them

To suggest changes to the procedure, ask in categorisation group.

And thanks to Chris and Brian for reduced Categorisation project workload of clearing top level categories of profiles.

Will there be a way to remove profiles from top level categories that are already there? I've removed a lot of open profiles, but not all are open.
Probably not. There will be a suggestion for that. Eventually.

Nice work Ales, if I add the {{Top Level}}  template to a category will it then be automatically included?  Would be very nice.

It is. It might take a day or two for that to happen, but it is automated.

And it would be Excluded from selection.

lovely!  laugh

This is tremendous and much-needed. Thank you to all.

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I applaud this!
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (729k points)
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Sounds very, very good!
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (386k points)
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This should save a lot of drilling.  Thanks!
by Robert Hvitfeldt G2G6 Pilot (138k points)
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Another useful feature, Chris - thanks!

However, it can be thwarted by simply typing in a top-level category and saving the edit.

Any chance of adding an alert banner to let us know if we are trying to add a top-level category this way?

Just a thought!
by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (211k points)
Don't forget the stickers that create categories from user input.
While the feature can be thwarted, my hunch would be that for the most part, people with the knowledge to do the thwarting are also people who are sensitive to the issue that the community wants profiles categorized are the lowest possible level, not the high level category.  So in practice, those who actually DO thwart this would be few enough to be addressed individually.
Alas, many WikiTreers are not familiar with the intricacies of WikiTree's numerous style guidelines, Jack.

However, alert banners are quite useful in bringing the stragglers up to speed - in my opinion, anyway!
Good point, Juha!

I hadn't even considered template usage.

But I guess it's better to fix a few holes now - then maybe someday we can fix the rest of them!
Looks like the Categorization Project is one step ahead of me, Doug.

Thanks for posting the link!
With something over 80,000 errors in our error reports, the Categorization Project has to think about some of these issues. Nothing is done quickly, however but moving in the right direction.

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