Help finding records in 1970's Berlin, Germany

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I need help locating a death date and record for my husband's grandfather in Berlin, Germany in the late 1970's (he thinks). I have looked in several gazetteers and directories, but his name is Alfred Dallmann.  Does anyone know a specific site for obituary archives.  Ancestry and FamilySearch do not have anything on him.  I have not added him to WikiTree yet, because I don't have source information.  He was born January 13, 1913.  I do have his marriage date to my husband's Oma in her Reichpasse.
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You could try to find some records here

The website is in German but maybe Google Translate can help

In the adress book of 1969 that can be found there, two Alfred Dallmanns are mentioned. Maybe this helps finding the correct civil registry office 

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Thank you very much for the help with the directory search.  I have both a copy of my husband's birth record and in-laws marriage record (both have passed), so maybe that will help as well.
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You need to contact the Einwohnermeldeamt, but since there are several in Berlin you need to know the address, or at least the district, to find the one responsible. Since this is within the privacy protection period you would need to provide proof of relationship. May be they would just accept that he was the grandfather.

Maybe this can help:

or for 1957 here:
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Thank you very much. We have photos from his great uncle, and family stories from Oma that I am trying to match up.  My husband speaks some German, but we both struggle to read it, and he has no experience in reading the written German.  At least I have more of a place to direct my research.
the deadline for the protection of death records expires after 30 years (birth record 110 years, marriage records 80 years). After this deadline the records are publicly available.Therefore it´s rather likely that the record was already transferred to the Landesarchiv.

In the 1969 address book (I assume he is from western Berlin) one Alfred is living in Schollenweg 38, the other in SchneiderMstr. 45 / Marienstr, 9a (the record list both streets this way). If you look them up at a map this might help finding the correct civil registry office...

You can research some register online. E.g. Schollenweg appears to be in Berlin Reinickendorf. Enter "Standesamt Reinickendorf" and check the box for Sterberegister. Than you find the pdf of several years...

You might also post a question on this german genealogy page:

They have sub-forum for Berlin and may be somebody researching the area could help you.

Thank you very much for the information and links. We are combing through the address/phone books, trying to determine which "Alfred Dallmann" "disappeared" when. Hopefully, that will narrow down.  I know 1/2 the family ended up in East Berlin, as my husband remembers going through the checkpoints in 1972 on a visit with Oma, not to mention the train from West Germany to Berlin.  What records could I look for prior to 1989 for East Berlin?  

Hi Elizabeth, it seems that Eastern Germany did not publish address books. There might have been phone books, but only very few people had a telephone in the east. If you have the marriage record of your in-laws I would try to start your search there. Do you have a birth date in Berlin and probably a street? Than you could try to get the birth record from the civil registry office or Landesarchiv. The record might be protected by privacy laws but if your husband is a direct descendant that you should not have a problem receiving it. From the birth record you might get more information about his/her parents...

The Landesarchiv should cover eastern and western records.

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