Notables Monthly - January 2019

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

If you are interested in people who are famous, notable, noted, significant, important, historic, heroic, or otherwise fascinating, then the Notables Project might be for you! 

The idea behind this post is for anyone who needs help with connecting Notables to the tree to post to this thread and ask for help, or if you want to tell us whom you have successfully connected up, or if you want to join the Notables Project and get a badge.

Besides checking out the Notables Project page, don't forget to take a look at the Notables List page, where you can find lists of Notables who have profiles which aren't yet connected to the main tree. (For ideas on way to connect unconnected people and branches, see the Hints and Tips on the Connectors Chat page.)

Please remember to concentrate on those Notables who have already passed (died), so that we can see their profiles. If you create a profile for a living Notable, that profile WILL GO UNLISTED and noone can see it except for the PM and anyone on the trusted list!

And remember - Notables should have a Wikipedia page at the very least to qualify. And they should be DEAD! If you manage a profile for any living notable, would you please replace any Notables categories on that profile with [[Category:Living Notables]]? That could clear out a lot of profiles that people can't work on from the various Notables categories, and also keep all the living notables in one place to make them easy to find, should the need arise.

Wikipedia has a list of those who died last month, and another of those who have died so far this month. (You can even find a list of people who died this month last year.)

Have fun!!

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Can you please work on Jim Henson, recently given to the notable project? If you are a member of the notables project, can you edit any notable that you want even if the privacy isn't open?

Also if someone has the capability, I recently added John B Watson if anyone wants to connect him. Thank you,

If the privacy on a profile is anything other than open, then only people on the trusted list for that profile can edit it. That's why the Notables Project page says to set the privacy to open for deceased notables.

Ok thanks! Big thanks to Janet Spivey for working on the John B Watson profile!
Louis Cyr was a legendary strongman, well known today.  Cyr-475

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SJ Baty posted a message on New Year's Eve, asking, "Can you help connect a Delaware Governor?" The response was amazing: the whole list got connected in only 8 days. Since then, there are two similar threads running:

I wouldn't be surprised if there were more similar threads in the future. 

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (338k points)
We've also done Rhode Island and Connecticut governors.  Still in progress.  

My suggestion for why this worked:

1. Discreet list.

2. Only one list at a time (RI and Conn. came out the same day and are being done much more slowly.  Texas took only four days.)

3. Cheerleaders in place.

4. Allow time between lists so that people are looking forward to doing something fun again and it doesn't become a chore.

You might rotate the "needs connections" group goal by something like:

a. Political

b. Cultural (art, music, film, etc. should be separate)

c. Scientific

d. Academic

e. Business

Just some random thoughts.

I agree that a number of factors went into making the Delaware governors message work so well.

I also agree that it would be good to give a little time between lists, and to have different kinds of people on those connection lists.

However, any WikiTreer can post to G2G, so anybody can post one of those challenges. (I must say that I'm glad that, so far, we haven't seen dozens of people posting dozens of different challenges on the same day, or over a few days. Doing a bunch all at once would diffuse the attention, and each challenge would drag on for months, or even years, if the whole list managed to get connected at all.)

It may be that the Notables Project (which, I must say, I am not in charge of) may want to issue official challenges to try to connect up set lists of notables, maybe once a month or something.

thread about Jaffa Cakes (which is spun out from a completely unrelated thread which ended up chasing rabbits all over the place) got me thinking that it would be fun to post a list of unconnected people who have invented various goodies, so I posted a reply asking for suggestions. So if you have a particularly beloved goodie, and can identify the inventor, please reply in that thread. (By Friday if you can, because that's when I'm planning to post the list. I'm trying to people a few more days to connect space travellers before laying any more on them.)

Having a huge sweet tooth, that sounds like fun to me.  Might I suggest: József C. Dobos (Hungary) – Dobostorte.  I don't think he has a Wikipedia entry.

Sure. Create a WikiTree profile and I'll add him to the list.

Unfortunately, Hungarian is one of the languages I don't speak cheeky

József C. Dobos

1847 - 1924

History of the Dobostorte

Find A Grave, database and images ( : accessed 23 January 2019), memorial page for  József C. Dobos (1847–1924), Find A Grave Memorial no. 92088741, citing Farkasreti Cemetery, Farkasrét, Hegyvidék, Budapest, Hungary ; Maintained by Samuel Taylor Geer (contributor 46925792) .

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by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (338k points)
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Notables in the News:

* People without WikiTree profiles. 

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (338k points)
edited by Greg Slade
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I've been working on the Notables List, generally cleaning it up, making sure that Notables are listed in the correct sections, and breaking up the list into smaller pieces so nobody has a problem loading it into their browser because it's so long. 

  • I've been removing living notables from the list, since nobody can work on them except for the profile managers anyway. (And, for the ones I managed, I have replaced the {{Notables}} template or the {{Notables Sticker}} with [[Category:Living Notables]], partly to put all the living notables in one place so we can find them at need, and partly to clear out the Notables Categories, which mostly consist of unlisted profiles these days.)
  • I have spun out the list of Notables who don't have WikiTree profiles (yet) onto a separate page, so if you're looking for profiles to create, you might want to check there, and if you create a profile for someone on that page, please move their entry to the appropriate page.
  • I also spun off 1500-1700 notables and pre-1500 notables onto separate pages, partly just to reduce the size of the main page, but also because only people with those badges can work on those profiles anyway.
  • I'm also working through the list and removing any notables whose profiles are managed by other projects from the list. That's not to say that they're not notable, but we don't really want different projects arguing over how to manage profiles. wink

I have also noticed that, after the lack of Wikidata links, probably the second most common reason for profiles to be stuck at the bronze level is the lack of categories. In some cases, I've seen profiles with only one category: Notables, and that's only there because the template or sticker applies it. Recently, we've been making a lot of progress in connecting up unconnected Notables, and that's great. But there are a number of different things that a profile needs to make it to the gold level, including categories. You could say that, to get a profile to the gold level takes skills from a bunch of other projects: Sourcerers, Connectors, Biography Builders, Categorization, and so on. Does that mean that the Notables Project constitutes the playoffs? (Better not say that too loud...)

I have been thinking of dividing up the remainder either geographically or by field of endeavour, but I think which way to go is a decision for the Notables Project to talk about as a whole, rather than something for me to impose. I'm okay with going one way, or the other, or both at once. There are already categories under the Notables category of both kinds, so that might be the way we end up going anyway, but I'd really like a sense of the will of the project as a whole before sinking a lot of time into building out pages.

For that matter, it's probably high time that the Notables Project talked with the Categorization Project about how we want the Notables categories to work, because right now, it's clearly the result of a whole bunch of ad hoc decisions, so we have a bunch of categories with different naming styles, like:

  • Place, Notables
  • Place Notables
  • Placian Notables
  • Notables of Place
  • Famous People from Place
  • Famous People of Place
  • Place Famous People
  • Famous Placians

In some cases, there are multiple categories for Notables from the same place. It would be nice if we could eliminate the duplicates ("This sounds like a job for EditBot!"), but before we start making a bunch of changes there, it would probably be a good idea to agree on what the naming pattern should be.

The categories by field of endeavour have all those problems, plus even more, because some of those categories have gotten mixed in with the occupation categories. 

This is most likely to happen with categories like authors and entertainers, because when most people think of those occupations, the first people who come to mind are probably people like A.A. Milne or Mary Pickford, but for everyone in those fields who count as notable, there are probably a hundred ink- or greasepaint-stained wretches whom nobody would consider notable (except possibly their own family members). But of course, there are people who have risen to such prominence in their field that they're considered notable, even if they work in a field which is not normally something choose to go into if they want to become rich and famous, so there is still some mingling of Notables categories and occupation categories in other fields.

It may be that we will need to build out a set of categories which specify notability, such as "British Columbia, Notable Entertainers" or something like that, to distinguish between Notables categories and occupation categories. But, again, that's something for the whole project to discuss, probably in consultation with the Categorization Project.

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (338k points)
Wow Greg! Thank you so much. Many of these changes have been things that I have wanted to do for a while, i.e. reorganize the 'needed profiles' section. Scott Fulkerson and I haven't been as active in this project as in the past, and we appreciate whatever help you give, very much.

The Notables categorization would normally be done in conjunction with the Categorization project. There are many different ways to slice the categories - by profession, by country/geography, by century, etc etc. Personally I'd like to see profession as the 'top level' category, that dividing it such that the number category are somewhere between 100 and 200 ideally (to make it easier to find everybody in a single category). But I agree on the standard naming conventions, the category names have grown up over the years. They were originally set up by Eowyn.

Another project I want to work on is a way to *automatically* update wikidata into wikitree for profiles with wikipedia pages. Also (bigger project), a way to automatically create wikitree profiles for missing notables from their wikipedia pages (not copying the biography, just the relevant field data).

I added the Notables Project badge to your profile. Keep up the good work.

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