Unsourced gedcom imports

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Can unsourced GedCom imports be added and so be created without an unsourced header?  Or does an importer just enter something like "Ancestry Tree" to enable them to be created?
in The Tree House by Chris Gilbert G2G6 Mach 2 (25.1k points)
If I understand your question correctly, then yes, I agree that the Unsourced template header should be there by default, and only removed if a clear source is detected.  I would like to see it require manual removal, if you know you have added a source and it did not recognize it.  In other words, an 'optout' strategy, rather than the current manual 'optin' to Unsourced marking.
So what presently happens when you upload a GedCom if there are no sources?  Is there a window requiring something to be entered to stop the unsourced template appearing?  And does that template appear?

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Ancestor Tree is not a source. You are best served finding sources first. The problem with adding unsourced profiles is too often people get sidetracked and don’t go back to fix them.
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Yes thanks I know it is not a source.  Having no experience of importing via a GedCom, does one have to fill a source box in to enable the profiles to be created?  I have seen some done this weekend that just have Ancestry and have been created with just this showing and so they do not have an unsourced header.  They all need sorting out and I only saw them due to following the surname.
If you have added a source to the profiles you are going to upload they will appear automatically, but I definitely wouldn’t advocate using trees.

I am sure somebody more experienced in this will be along soon.
Thanks Marion but it's not me doing an import as I hope I explained.
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I am not sure about GEDCOMs in particular but the basic answer is yes. It shouldn't be done, but yes, it happens. Many times I see just an asterisk under sources to prevent the unsourced template from being applied. It is annoying and doesn't help anyone, but not much we can do about except try to encourage members to either source while creating or allow the template to be applied so that the profiles can be found and sourced later. When you find them, apply the template yourself if you cannot source them at the time.
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Thanks Deb.  I am aware about that for normally created profiles but want to find out about GedCom imports as this just appears to be creating unsourced profiles without the template unless there is a box (the same as for a normally created profile) that anything can be put in to get the profile created.

I'm going to upload a very limited GEDCOM just to see what happens, then I'll let you know the result. wink

Hey, Chris,

Yes, when you add a profile from the GEDCOMpare report you get the same basic format as when you add a profile directly to WikiTree. There is a box for adding sources. So as long as you put something in there it won't generate the unsourced template.
Excellent. So that solves why they are appearing without real sources just things like "My research" or "Ancestry" etc.  Thanks
So it would be great if there was a pop-up or something to say what should and should not be added for sources and that if there is not a proper source, then to leave blank so that the unsourced template gets added. This should also happen for normal profiles in my opinion.

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