db_error_868 Why is this an error?

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I frequently use in-line references to sources in my "Research Notes".  The Research Notes section comes AFTER the Sources section and thus after the <references /> tag.  They all work just fine, example profile Fentress-6.  Why is this considered an error???
asked in Policy and Style by David Fentress G2G1 (1.8k points)

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The only reason it works for your example profile is cause you have your source citations before the <references/> tag. Therefore your source citations can be seen.

On other profiles such as Young-26300 you can see that you can not know what the citation is unless you go into edit mode.

This error is designed to catch profiles with any <ref> tags after the <references/> tag so the sources can be seen. Your example profile is caught up as you have reference tags like <ref name="1860C" /> after the <reference/> tag.
answered by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (100k points)
selected by David Fentress
Thanks to several of you for your comments to my question.  Especially to Darren Kellett for answering the actual question (Why is this an error?).  I interpret his answer to mean that it is NOT an error but it CAN BE.  That being the case, I am skeptical that it is a good idea to get the data doctors all reved up to 'fix' the error in all cases.<BR>
Thanks also to Rubén Hernández for pointing out that current 'style' standards is to put the Research Notes section between Biography and Sources.  This caused me to wonder a) how I managed to have that wrong for the last 1.5 years and b) is that a good idea?  My research notes tend to be a collection of miscellaneous comments on how conflicting information was resolved and why and what still needs to be done.  That means that they are a lot less important information than the biography and sources and might fit better at the bottom of the text in order not to detract from the main items.<BR>
Thanks to Ellen Smith for pointing out that this 'style' has changed (presumably recently) which answers the question of how I got that wrong.  Presumably, there was a thorough discussion of the matter in G2G at the time which I could find if I thought it worth the effort.  It probably does not matter that much in the great scheme of things so no need to reopen the topic.

As I said the only reason your example profile works even with <ref> tags after the <references/> tag is because you have the main citation before the <references/> tag. 

The <ref> tags should always be before the <references/> tags and you have discovered probably the only way that they actually do what they are designed for even though they are in the wrong place. 

It is still an error but more designed to pick up profiles like Young-26300 which just show a number instead of the source citation. 

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Hello David.

According to WikiTree styles and standards, the == Research Notes == section should be placed between the == Biography == and == Sources == sections. See the following help page:


answered by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (464k points)
Yes, but because of changes in direction from WikiTree, there are a lot of Research Notes sections after the Sources section. This isn't a problem, unless members mistakenly used <ref> tags in their Research Notes.

Hi Ellen,

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your comment ...

"unless members mistakenly used <ref> tags in their Research Notes"

Why do you consider it a mistake to use <ref> tags in Research Notes? I believe that there are good reasons to use <ref> tags in Research Notes.

Hello Rick,

It depends on where the <references/> tag is. If it is where it is recommended and the research notes is below it then any <ref> tags will not work correctly. That is the mistake that Ellen is referring to not putting your source citations in <ref> tags.

There are good reasons to put the source citations in <ref> tags but if people can't see them because they are hidden underneath the <references/> tag then the Source citations are useless.

This error is designed to bring out the hidden information into view and it could be a mistake or not. It is better to assume a mistake as per the Honor code point 3.

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