Is there a new category for Germany when you don't know the exact state?

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I have many profiles whose origins are from Germany.  I had placed in the Germany category as I did not know exactly where in Germany.  Now Wikitreers are removing the category as these profiles should no longer be there - which I entirely understand.  However,  is there a category for Germany where you don't know the state?  

I was placing them in the Germany category so I could slowly work to see if I could figure out where in Germany they came from .  I see a category called "Unknown region, Germany" but only 1 profile.  Can I place my former Germany profiles in this category or will a new category be created?  Much like what has been done with individual states in the US.
asked in WikiTree Help by Meghan Dewhurst- Conroy G2G6 Mach 2 (22k points)

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Hi Meghan,

Great question. I think it would be best to place them in the unknown region, Germany category you mentioned. The reason is that I don't think there is any point creating another category for essentially the exact same purpose.

Also if you copy and paste the template {{German Roots Sticker}} onto the profiles this will automatically add the category German Roots to the profile. Feel free to do that if you would like to aswell.

Hope that helps Meghan. :)
answered by Kylie Haese G2G6 (9.3k points)
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Thank  you Kylie.

I will place in that unknown German state category.  Only concern was that there was only 1 profile in it... so hopefully there is no plan to eliminate the category.

I forgot all about the stickers.  I will get busy adding stickers :)
An alternative could be not to place them in any Germany place category at all, at least until a narrower place of origin is identified? I'm a bit doubtful about the real added value of putting profiles in an "unknown place" category. By definition, such a category would group profiles from all sorts of different places with probably little in common.

A sticker would be a good idea, and probably migrations categories could work for some of these profiles and would be more useful to get help to eventually narrow down the place of origin.
You are welcome. Thanks for asking about this because I have a feeling others will want to know the same thing (I will add it as an alternative to the Germany category on the task page now too). I don't think it will be getting deleted. Maybe a categories project member can confirm this? But if it is being used to categorise profiles and isn't a duplicate category then I think it will be safe.

Hi Isabelle, the category is [[Category: Unknown Region, Germany]] which is country specific. Essentially it should serve the same purpose as the "Germany" category.
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Here's a partial answer covering those who have immigrated:

Check out Category: Immigration

Example for a German who settled in Illinois

answered by Pat Credit G2G6 Mach 5 (54.7k points)

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