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Eight wives added with one more to go. Still looking for the marriage record source.

The children will have wait till another day.....I'm spent!

This guy definitely never let grass grow under his feet!
WikiTree profile: Augustus Satterfield
asked in The Tree House by Tony Lacey G2G6 Mach 3 (30.8k points)
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surprise 'Enerey the eighth he ain't!  surprise

Sorry Tony I see a problem, Mary J  appears to have married Augustus who was born eleven years after yours. Is there perhaps a confusion of Augustus’ ? Or do my eyes deceive me?

"Arkansas Marriages, 1837-1944," database, FamilySearch( : 10 February 2018), Augustus Satterfield and Mary J. Adams, 29 Oct 1893; citing Craighead County, Arkansas; FHL microfilm 1,293,961.

Don't be sorry, I welcome the input. Others my see something I missed. Be patient, it is after all a work in progress. More to come.
It appears to me that you are looking at all records as absolute. Like no one was capable of error in the data entry or indexing the documents. We all know both of those happen regularly. As I previously stated, this profile is not finished and I will flush out what does not belong.
May I add that there is not a photo of the record on the page, (one has to seek it out) so one can't easily tell if there is a transcription error or not -- of which there are many at Family Search. All in good time. :)

I am watching this conversation simply for the jokes. That is quite a profile!surprise

A photo for what record?

The death cert is there, other document photos will be added shortly.

I will also add that, yes I found records for more than one Augustus Satterfield. It's the middle initial of M, for what I believe is for Marches. He had an uncle by the name of Marches, which Is likely a family name of unknown at this time origins.
It is looking more like this is 3 different individuals.

Augustus M.  b. 1832- d. 1935 (proven) Indiana

M E or M A possibly Marches Augustus Satterfield. Slowly gathering records on this man. b. Mid 1800's, Likely a cousin. Tennessee

Gus Satterfield b. 1890's Kentucky or Tennessee, still gathering records for him as well.

Looks like you were correct, Marion Pool. Jump on help if you have time to help.


First name(s) Augustus
Last name Satterfield
Year 1861-65
State Indiana
Side Union
Country United States
Regiment 1st Regiment, Indiana Heavy Artillery
Company F
Rank in Private
Rank out Private
Film number M540 roll 67
Record set Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
Category Armed Forces & Conflict
Subcategory Regimental & Service Records
Collections from Americas, United States

Now here come the Confederate army. From Findmypast 

First name(s) Gus
Last name Satterfield
Year 1861-65
State Tennessee
Side Confederate
Country United States
Regiment 49th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Company I
Rank in Private
Rank out Private
Film number M231 roll 38
Record set Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
Category Armed Forces & Conflict
Subcategory Regimental & Service Records
Collections from Americas, United States


Last name Satterfield
Year 1889-1904
Event type Pension
Country United States
NARA publication number M686
NARA roll number 302
Record set General Correspondence Of The Record And Pension Office, 1889-1904
Category Armed Forces & Conflict
Subcategory Regimental & Service Records
Collections from Americas, United States
If you are talking about Mary J. Adams,  Arkansas Marriages, I have a copy.

29 Oct 1893, Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas, Book "E" page 0432

Augustus Satterfield age 50 married Mary J. Adams age 17 signed Augustus Satterfield and G. H. Adams by B.T. Stokes
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No sir, I like it!

Thank you for adding the banner.

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Holy cow. Can’t wait to see all the spousal death dates to make sense of it all. Good for you for tackling this difficult profile.
answered by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1m points)
and I can't wait to see how many children he has.
I have a collateral that had heaps of kids (or so it seemed), but I think he only had 3 or maybe 4 wives.  I might even get around to adding him one day, if his direct line don't beat me to it!
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Despite any record that came later, I would hazard that he was born about 1848/49, not 1832. The 1850 census shows his age as 2. So either that is not him, or the other records are in error. The fact that his first marriage didn't occur until 1871 lends some support to the later birth year.
answered by Deb Durham G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
Deb there is a number of Augustus Satterfield. One born 1832, one 1843 and more. Mary J was married to the one born 1843, not the one born 1832. So this could be a 3 or 4 way tussle.
Hi, Marion,

Different dates do not make different people. It might indicate different people if it could be shown through records that there were more than one but it can't  The bottom line is his parents were listed as Hezekiah and Martha (Duncan) Satterfield on his death record and his birth date was listed as 1832. However, he is in the 1850 census with Hezekiah and Martha at age 2 making his year of birth 1848, not 1832.
Did Confederate soldiers change to Union at all?
It is a concern but his death certificate issued by a military hospital does list his birth date as 1832. A few census records also lean towards that date as well. It is an incomplete profile ar this point, and nothing is absolute until there is a record to prove it, and even those are sometimes questionable. It's that old human error factor that makes me question everything.
born 1848 according to the 1850 census. Grandson Ron Sattefield.
Augustus Satterfield was conscripted into the Confederate Army, got away, taken again, taken as prisoner of war, given chance to join the Yankees. Conscription was at age of 14. Some PTSD I would think. Ron Satterfield- grandson.
Augustus age changed after the first divorce. Always older than he really was. He suffered an injury in the Civil War and took morphine. My father, Tony Jack Satterfield, believed his father was almost 102 when he died. Tony was 15. Augustus was white headed and had a white beard for a while. Without more information at that time, I can see a young man thinking his father was older. The V.A. questioned why he continued to grow taller after he was in the military. Augustus used a Bible which was supposedly written in by his oldest brother, William, as evidence of his age. The V.A. finally gave up and that is where the erroneous 1832 birth date originated. I have tried to get that changed. However, once it on the internet -------.
LOOK at the 1850 census record Cass County, now Bartow, Georgia

Augustus was born 1848 Nov. 18
After reading all the comments posted, I must say that whether he is referrred to as M., M.A, A, Gus, Augustus (or maybe something else), Augustus is buried in Mountain Home V.A. Cemetery about a mile from where I live. I have found so many cousins it is just unreal. I have met some of them personally and some by email. There should be a follow-up by Ancestry.Com  on PBS and maybe they could determine where my dna originated since ultimately the y-dna seems to lead to Blake, Runyon, and Roberts on FTDNA. Several relatives have been confirmed through FTDNA through Ydna and Family Finder (autosomal). So there you have it folks. A mountain of evidence since I started researching in 1984.
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I would be interested to see how many of the children's profiles already exist.
answered by Kaylinn Stormo G2G6 Mach 1 (10.4k points)
Working on it.
5 girls with Ella Gilmore

one male with Sarah Cherry

one male with Molly J. Adams

one male with RosaBelle Church

one male with Louise McCurry

total 9 children known!
None on Wikitree so for....still a work in progress tho.

The records over at FamilySearch were scattered and most of the profiles would not even produce sources due to the amount of misinformation associated with them. Nicknames in birth name field always create havoc over there.

Ron, I was able to find that John Wesley Church was actually born Satterfield. Found him with Augustus and Rosa Belle in the 1910 census. His profile here is almost complete.

Having a rough time with some of the other children.
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He liked wedding cake, I take it.
answered by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
and champagne too, Gillian!
LOL Now that's funny!
The big question is did he keep getting divorced, or did they keep dying while trying to give birth?
Steven, it's looking like the wives divorced him based on abandonment. Still searching for proof in all of that as well. From what I'm finding, most if not all of his wives remarried shortly after ole Augustus hit the road for different cake and champagne. ;)
The V.A. files show Augustus was declared dead at least two times. I just found the Ella Hodgins marriage which the V.A. did not know about. They also mention a marriage to a Poellien which neither they nor I have been able to verify. So the Poellien appears to be an "assumed" marriage. The V.A. must have had some evidence but it is not shown in their files.

John Wesley Church and his brother Stacey Lawrence Church were at one time considered as children of Augustus Satterfield. DNA has proven that RosaBelle Church had an affair and that is why Augustus divorced her. Augustus was given custody but could not have cared for a baby. Wes, as we called him, was young. They both ended going with their mother. Lawrence (Stacey) was also listed as Satterfield at one time in records but RosaBelle remarried and Stacey took the Church name. He lived across town from our family and we visited them. Everybody thought we were family until dna came around which showed that Stacey was probably a Benfield and Wes was a Satterfield. Wes' lineage has been verified through dna through Wes' daughter on FTDNA. I remember, as young teenager, going to Lawrence's funeral. We visited with Wes a lot between 1960 and 3 Apr 1996 (his death).

Moreover, Wes took the Church name when he went into the SeeBees and was told he would need to determine which surname he would go by. He chose Church because there was no means to determine otherwise at the time except RosaBelle's word and, looking back, she may have been having affairs all along because Augustus would go for weeks to different V.A campuses.
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As I mentioned previously, if anyone wants to jump in and help, c'mon in, the waters are pretty cloudy.
answered by Tony Lacey G2G6 Mach 3 (30.8k points)
Hey, I updated your "under construction". What more do you want? lol
LOL Hey you can't blame a guy for trying. This one has my head spinning and I still have a mountain of data to add. The kids, Oh the kids are a handful!
your research notes look like they ARE the biography.
Steven, the text under the Research Notes header are from F-A-G and was considered unreliable till I could source the profile and associated profiles. Now it appears to be pretty accurate. I will likely reword it a bit and transfer it to the biography. This is Ron Satterfield's direct line relative so I will communicate with him to see what he wants to do for the Biography. He may want to write one himself. I do consider the biography very important to a profile, but it typically the last thing I do in regards to a profile. The profile of Augustus is still under construction.

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