It just occurred to me that my Pate line is the only one that is being questioned like this.

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That means I do know what I am doing. Although it appears now that my cousin,she knows who she is, was right about Abimelec Pate's parents. I have been adding people as Abimelec Pate's parents in order to find out who is parents were. I really do think that I found them this time. However, I am not going to assume that this is correct. I am going to add them in the research notes section of the biography.
WikiTree profile: Abimelec Pate
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My Pate brick wall is William Pate. He has only one other descendant on Wikitree so far, so if I added unsourced parents to him it's possible no one would notice for quite some time. That's not a good thing! You're lucky, in my opinion, if your ancestors get attention from other eyes.

Adding information in Research notes is absolutely the right thing to do.

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First name(s) William
Last name Pate
Gender Male
Marital status -
Occupation -
Event year 1841
Birth year -
Age at death -
Burial year 1841
Burial date 09 May 1841
Burial place Haslingfield, Cambridge, England
Place Haslingfield
County Cambridgeshire
Country England
Record set England Deaths & Burials 1538-1991
Category Life Events (BDMs)
Subcategory Parish Burials
Collections from England, Great Britain
As for my other family lines, if the profile didn't have a source, anyone that was researching the same family would add the sources they had. Also,they could have helped me research the family,then add the sources.
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It is the job of every genealogist to question. It is also the job of every genealogist to answer those questions with proof. Speculation is fine, we've all done it, but it shouldn't be viewed as more than a road to be explored on our journey to the truth. The internet abounds with unsourced trees that are based in pure fantasy in many cases. We don't need more of that and that is why WikiTree puts so much emphasis on sourcing.

I receive emails all day every day, related to a project I'm a member of, that do nothing but question "facts" and the relationships of profiles in the project. The end result is that sometimes children are disconnected, or spouses, or parents for lack of proof. I assure you, no one is picking on your line and we all hope you find the proof you need to move to the next generation.
answered by Deb Durham G2G6 Pilot (777k points)
You just gave me an idea. You shouldn't disconnect the parents unless you can prove they are incorrect. You may be disconnecting the right people for the wrong reasons. You shouldn't disconnect the individual for the same reason that you shouldn't add them,lack of proof.
Conversely, you shouldn't ADD the parents unless you can prove that they are correct.

Same coin, two sides.
In that case, you may be in a no win situation. For some of your ancestors,you will never find proof. The only source that you will have is what was handed down from your elders.

That's true .. but that's why we can add such speculation under "Research" in the bio. That allows those coming after us to see where we were at and do more research to maybe find confirmation or refutation for our premises.

We're working to produce an accurate, well sourced tree on Wikitree. Disconnecting unsourced parents does no real harm, they can always be reconnected when the evidence turns up. Meantime more research is encouraged. As to no win situations there will be many cases when nothing further can be achieved, not all brick walls can be broken down. We've have probably all found twaddle handed down from our forbears. What they have said can only be good for a couple of generations. For example my great grandson has a photograph taken on his naming day of all his blood kin who were present (including 5 great grandparents), it was blown up and hangs on the wall. His parents have used it to explain which of these relative might be coming to see him. He knows us well and will probably have no trouble remembering us for the rest of his life. However, he hasn't the slightest idea what, for instance, my maiden name was, so for all that effort his knowledge will extend only 3 generations. Anything else needs careful scrutiny. Wikitree is not a private passtime, it has a very public face, and there's lot of help here to get it right.
You are certainly not the only one to have a line questioned. I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to demonstrate to people that their ancestor really wasn't a member of the **** family just because they came from England and had a similar name.

It can be very hard prove a negative but if there is no positive  evidence then the parental relationship remains a myth.
So, if we can't find a  source for our family member, we just leave our family member off Wikitree. They should accept a good source whether it is primary,secondary,etc.
I don't need Wikitree to find my ancestors. I want help with finding sources for my family members.
Forgive me but I do don't understand how you know someone is a family member if there isn't a source.
Family reunions are one way to learn who your relatives are. Talking to your elders is another way to find out who your ancestors were. Don't forget to write everything down that they tell you. Of course, there are family Bibles.

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