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I am working on a project that includes early settlers from Scotland to Australia. The barque, "Baboo" arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia in December 1848 with "James Smith and his wife".

My problems:
The only reference I can find for this voyage is a newpaper article titled "Shipping Intelligence" on Trove and an obituary for James that also mentions the ship/barque (sorry I don't know what the difference is). There is no listing on I listed the newpaper article as a source but does anyone else know where I might find more info on this ship/barque.
The barque has no listing on the "Arrivals to South Australia" page and needs to be added. Please.

Is there a category for Migrants from Scotland to Australia?
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It doesn't actually tell you more than they were on it .. but it does also list the captain etc.
Thank you Melanie. I haven't used that site before. Should I use that as the source instead of or as well as Trove
I would do as well as.  the more sources, the better.  (It is State Library of SA based, so it should be ok.)

I can't find anything else except a few sentences that don't really say anything.

If you don't have the short link to the Trove article (no trimming required):

It's nice to see someone cleaned it up.  19 edits!

Thanks Melanie I had already used the Trove link on the profile.

SMITH James, Agnes NEIL arrived in SA 1848-12-05 aboard Baboo from London 48-08-24 via Plymouth

Rig Emigrant ship
Built 1835
Built In Howrah, Calcutta
Tonnage 423
Built By J.Thomas
Dimensions 115'7" x 28'5" x 5'8"
Demise T.Kincaid, reg. Greenock.

23 August 1848 ➜ 4 December 1848
Plymouth - Port Adelaide
23 August 1848 ➜ 4 December 1848
Deptford - Plymouth - Adelaide
23 November 1839 ➜ 9 March 1840
Liverpool - Port Adelaide

More than anyone wants to know about barques is on Wikipedia.

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 I can't help much on the  barque, "Baboo", part of it, but I can help on the Migration structure:

Is there a category for Migrants from Scotland to Australia?

This is both a Yes and a No.

Yes, the there is a category named Migrants from Scotland to Australia, but it is incorrect and should not be used. I have will have to work my way through this category at some point and clean up the mess - but it has hundreds of profiles so will take some time to do.

The level you want to try to get down to in order to add profiles in the Migration structure is Migrants from AdminEntity to AdminEntity (see the Migration Category Structure for more information - and feel free to message me if you have questions on it).

If all that is known currently is from Scotland and to Australia, then you will use two categories:

[[Category:Emigrants from Scotland]] [[Category:Immigrants to Australia]]

answered by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
Thank you Steven. I know it's a large family of Smiths from Loudoun, Ayrshire, Scotland. Smith-177548

If all that is known currently is from Scotland and to Australia, then you will use two categories:

[[Category:Emigrants from Scotland]] [[Category:Immigrants to Australia]]

answered 3 hours ago by Steven Harris


What if you know the FROM, but there's not an existing subcategory and you don't want to risk messing it up the way you did the last time you tried?

Currently, unless I'm misreading it, the only subcategories from Aberdeenshire go to North America (three).

Same deal with Wigtownshire (one).

Same deal with Lanarkshire (three), except this one branches out and includes .. wait for it .. SOUTH America (two).

The impression given is that nobody ever emigrated anywhere else.  I have a number of profiles I could add categories to, but there isn't one, so the generic "from Scotland" you posted above is it.  Thanks for that, by the way.  It reminded me to add it to the profiles I've been working on.

My folk (so far, anyway) all emigrated from those three to Australia, but that's not to say I won't find a few more from different shires.  I'm pretty sure a large number of Scots ended up in New Zealand, as well.

Melanie - try using this:

Enter in all the info you have and it will guide you on what to do.


it will guide you on what to do.



You think *I* am capable of doing that?  laugh


(I'll give it a try later.  I'm currently still neck deep in Scotland's People trying to find some dead people.) 

You think *I* am capable of doing that?

Sure! I tried to make the app to give just enough guidance on the setup, without being bloated with other useless information. And besides, if you happen to mess up, we can always fix it!

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” ― Roy T. Bennett

I'm still hunting dead Scots!  cheeky

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