Too much Bacon?

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These two sections seem a bit contradictory and the notes on his wife's profile suggest that something is amiss (e.g., why is Drury an additional name for her if she only married another Bacon; i.e., did something get lost in the translation of Visitations data into the one work that is relied upon heavily?

Subtitle this: "Whose cousin?"

If it be admissible - as it seems to be - that Elizabeth BACON was indeed the kinswoman of Col. Nathaniel BACON, Sr., then it is rather more likely that she, though not much his elder, was his paternal aunt than that she was his daughter and, therefore, it is more likely that she was one of the untraced daughters of Sir James BACON (1567, Friston Hall, County Suffolk, England; christened 12 October 1567, St. Dunstan's, London, England - 17 January 1617/18, Friston Hall, County Suffolk, England, England; interred 11 February 1617/18, St. Giles, London, England) and his cousin, Elizabeth BACON (ABT 1573, Hessett, County Suffolk, England - 1649).

Section B: the very words can be found in the source citation, but does it make sense (or is it just me - maybe the two identifying source citations that I found on the spouse's father - James' father-in-law Francis Bacon on a profile which has no Elizabeth Bacon  - that suggest an impossible parental relationship due to a pending update to his death date are a false positive match?)

'''The eldest son, Sir James Bacon, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Francis and Anne (Drury) Bacon''', left issue Nathaniel Bacon, his son and heir, who was grandfather through his eldest son Thomas, of Nathaniel Bacon of Virginia, "the Rebel," and through his second son, Rev. James Bacon, Rector of Burgate in Suff., by his wife Martha Honeywood, of the other Nathaniel of Virginia, Councellor and acting Governor.''

I just stepped into this because I was wanting to add Barbara Bacon to the correct set of parents. That is all.

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There is no such thing as Too Much Bacon!!!!

Please forgive me, this is a terrible personal fault where I cannot pass up word play such as this.

<Chuckle.> Those extra exclamation points? Bacon.

I am sad to report: the general opinion is that (the surname) originated from the Saxon word "baccen" or "buccen," meaning a beech tree

Noooooo!  Now I am bereft of any joy leaning that James is but just a nut.  Wink, wink.

Sir James Bacon's wife is still in question. Unless his Elizabeth was the daughter of ANOTHER Francis Bacon and Ann Drury(!)... For now, all I can see doing is leaving Elizabeth (wife of Sir James Bacon) without parents.

Maybe the sources listed by Kirk Hess have a definitive answer. 

Francis Bacon and Ann Drury cannot both have a validated list of progeny the excludes an Elizabeth (which seems valid, in that Francis is sourced as having died in 1569) AND the NEHGR entry be correct, as the Elizabeth (Bacon?) (Drury?) question presents a conundrum. 

Roses are red

Bacon is too

Poetry's hard


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Suffolk Manorial Families p. 347 says Anne Drury was the da. of John Drury of Rougham, Esq. and Elizabeth Goldingham and she m. Francis Bacon, son of Thomas Bacon of Hessett. It says he made a will PCC 10 Sheffield, 1569 (apparently on Ancestry), so he d. 1569/1570 and she died later.

Francis Bacon's ancestry seems off to me, I can't find a lot about this branch of the family. 

by Kirk Hess G2G6 Mach 6 (63.6k points)

So this is confirmation that the husband of Anne Drury was married to Francis Bacon, and consistent with the other sourcing that I found, that Francis died circa 1569. In which case, Anne Drury and Francis Bacon could not have had a daughter Elizabeth "Drury" Bacon who was born in 1573.

Now the question is who is this Elizabeth (ca. 1573-1649)? If she is really a Bacon, by birth, herself, she cannot be from the parents listed, despite the conclusions put forward at "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (NEHGR) Volume 57; 1903, p. 317. New England Historic Genealogical Society Staff. 

From the notes put up on Elizabeth (Bacon) Drury (1573 - 1613) (EBD), it looks like this Elizabeth (who married Sir James Bacon ) is supposed to instead be a daughter of Francis DRURY and an unknown Ann: Fred Prisley, citing "The Bacon Family in the South."

After I go through vetting the sources that have emerged, it looks like EBD needs a surname change and to be disconnected from her "parents," once again, despite what NEHGR says. And that Francis Bacon (father of Barbara, among others, but not Elizabeth) can have his death date updated (the sourcing is set aside in FamilySearch, right now).

Anything else that should be done (besides dropping the additional daughter Elizabeth who was also born too long after her father died)?

Probably a wise move. However, usually I can glean why someone wants to be related to the Bacons of Hessett but in this case I can't really see it so maybe the NEHGR isn't that off.

Thomas Bacon purchased the manor of Hessett in 1540 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries,and died in 1547 but you'll notice his ancestors are all from Hessett (aka Hegessett). 

Here's a source with a bibliography you can research, here's an index from the Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology, v. 10. The pedigree starts in volume 5, p. 47 but was poorly digitized. You can see "Ann Drury and Francis Bacon" on this page. This is "Bacon of Lynn", on page 94. No Elizabeth: the children were John Bacon of Lynn, Alice Bacon m. (1) William Wheatley and (2) John Frost and Barbara Bacon m. Sir James Calthorpe. 

Did  The  "Rebel"  Bacon mary  an  Elizabeth Duke? her father  was angry  about  the  marriage  and  the  couple   moved  to  the  colony of  Virginia?
Kirk, can you make the necessary changes (or maybe all of them have been made)? I would have to start fresh to sort this out at this stage. Drury seems to need the most attention, no?

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