Samuel Skornicki - Want to find Buriel Place of WW2 Resistance Hero

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Samuel Skornicki, born in Tomaszow, Poland in 1899, saved Jews in WW2 in the French Resistance.He used the name Santos-Montero in his undercover work.  He visited the USA in 1947.I want to find out where he is buried and get a photo of the headstone, if possible. 

 According to some articles he died in 1957, Some resources list a Samuel Skornicki buried in Melbourne, Australia but our family has no knowledge of him going there and according to an answer below that is not the same person.  If you can provide any information that would be very helpful.  thanks

.Photo of S. Skornicki from newspaper article

 Samuel Skornicki article

in Genealogy Help by Carlton Greve G2G1 (1.2k points)
edited by Carlton Greve

Has his name as Santos Montero (Samuel Skornicki). 

Has info about book on him and what libraries have a copy, if that is any use to you.

Yes I am familiar with this book. thanks. Everything I read says he is buried in Melbourne, Australia but the person buried there is not the right Samuel Skornicki (see answer below).
Yes, I am aware that he used the name Santos-Montero as a cover, when he worked in the Resistance during WW2.. Thanks.
Here is a good article about him in French
Hello, I'm Lucas Skornicki, the grandson of Samuel and son of his son Didier. I recently made just for curiosity a google research about my grand father, and I found myself here.

First I'm so glad (and proud) that people be interested in my grand father and his story.

unfortunately I can't advance in material evidence of What I m going to say and furthermore my grandfather died before my birth and my dad died 8 years ago. but what I remember is he was buried in the "carré juif" (Jewish square) of the cemetery of Père Lachaise in Paris. And it was around 1971/1973, because I remember my father (born in 1952) telling me his father died when he was young, around 19 or 21...sorry for not being able to be more precise.

I will try to get more informations with my family to precise these informations and try to get new ones.

have a nice day
Hello Lucas,

I am so very pleased that you saw my post on wikitree. I have been researching my family tree for a few years and when I learned about Samuel Skornicki, who is my great-uncle, I was intrigued to learn more about him. Thank you for the information on where he is buried. I want to find a photo of his grave. I am hoping that you might be willing to contact me directly. You can reach me by looking on wikitree for Greve-283, and click where it says send PRIVATE message. Many thanks -- Claudia Weiss Greve

P.S. --  Click on Greve-283 then click "send private message" it will allow us to email directly.  

Hello Lucas and Claudia,

the burial registers of Paris are online only until 1968. To get information on later burials, one has to write to the office of cemetaries, but they only reply to family members.

So, you can try to write to:
Service central des cimetières, 71 rue des Rondeaux, 75020 Paris, France
provide them with all the information you have about Samuel Skornicki, together with copies of official document proving that you are his grandson or grandniece.

Hopefully they will reply after a few weeks with his exact dates of death and burial, and the precise location of the grave. Then somebody can go and take a picture.

Hello again Lucas,

I realize (with the help of Google) that your father was the lawyer Didier Skornicki, 1952-2012, who appeared in the trial of Klaus Barbie. I think you should create a profile for him, and of course also for Samuel. And then maybe Carlton (or Claudia) could create a few more profiles (possibly private if people are living) so that Didier and Samuel are connected to the main tree.
Thank you, Julien, for this very helpful information. --Claudia Weiss Greve

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Samuel J Skornik

Australia, Victoria, Index to Probate Registers

Name Samuel J Skornik
Occupation Hairdresser
Death Date 07 Aug 1957
Event Place Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Residence City Ivanhoe
Event Date 28 Jul 1958
Series Number 532
Record Number 275

Not the same person I would say. 

by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thanks for your response. No I do not think this is the same person.
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In 2014 there was a big exhibition in Spain about him and others who helped Jews to survive. In the exhibition book it says he died in 1957 in Melbourne. Here is the link to the book
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (692k points)

So, Jelena, you do think that the vitae above is related to Samuel J Skornik? Or do you think it is more simple, i.e., that we simply will not be able to ascertain that with any certainty?

The thread opener wanted "any information" about Samuel Skornicki. I delivered information by providing informations about an exhibition that was in Spain done about him. I didn't know anything about Skornicki at all before I saw this thread. So I am not the right person to evaluate if this is connected to the right person or not. I do assume though, that the curators of the exhibition have done thorough work to find out where he died.
Thanks so much. I didn't mean to be embarrassing, if indeed that happened?

I'm curious, that's all.

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