Can you help connect a goodie maker?

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Continuing the series that started with "Can you help connect a Delaware Governor?", this time, we're looking at the inventors of some favourite goodies. After all, goodies bring such happiness to our lives, isn't it only fair to remember the people who invented such deliciousness?

The people on this list either invented a particular goodie, or founded companies which make goodies, or both.

If you can add sources, photos, or biographies, build out the family trees, or improve the profiles of goodie makers in any other ways, so much the better! Once you get a goodie maker connected, please post an answer here. 

P.S. There are more goodie makers out there. After this thread has run its course, we can have another thread with more goodie makers, but first we need to identify at least another dozen goodie makers with WikiTree profiles.

P.P.S. If you enjoy this challenge, there are similar threads running:

asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (181k points)
edited ago by Greg Slade

In case any Aussies are offended that the inventor of the Tim Tam is not included .. WE TRIED.  We REALLY tried.  But the guy is like my worst pod person (*waves to Wallace Gordon in that UFO in the sky*).  There just is NO real information about him anywhere we looked.  Not even Arnott's has anything beyond about two sentences.  In this case, it really is more about the product than the man.

Now what about Jaffas, Minties and Fantales?  Maybe next time, yes?  smiley

Oh, there are a bunch of favourite goodies of mine where the information about who invented it is pretty sparse. (I have to say that Jason really impressed me by being able to connect up Harry Brown, given the sparse information about him that I had been able to turn up.)

It may be that, if we wrote to the various companies concerned and explained the project, they might be willing to give out at least names and dates for who invented what, and then we could use that information for a second round on goodie makers.
Howard H. Campbell is now Connected!
All one has to do is look at the profile creation date to see that someone is currently working on it ! And therefore you should allow them to finish their work before jumping in and claiming a false victory.

Russell Stover [Stover-1987] has a profile; his wife, Clara, does not.

Yes, I did find Russell Stover in my research. I didn't add him to this list, since he was already connected. If anybody is into profile improvement generally, and would like to fix up some goodie maker profiles for fun (like adding categories, sources, narrative biographies, photos, family members, etc.) then here are the other goodie makers I found already on WikiTree and connected:

I've made stub profiles for the Terry family of York, makers of the Chocolate Orange (and before that, the Chocolate Apple, who knew).

I won't be doing any more on them, but there should be loads of census entries etc.

The inventor of Bovril is a doddle to connect

His son married a daughter of Beauchamp Mowbray St John, 17th Baron.

As well as the obvious aristo route, they can be connected to Isaac Pitman, inventor of the shorthand system, who is connected already.

And is connected to a very English celeb, Bamber Gascoigne, not dead yet, but very well connected, and nephew of Terence O'Neill, former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.  This could run and run.

The man behind Oxo, Marmite and Fray Bentos awaits connection

though it looks like he might have been raised by wolves and died unmarried.

And speaking of Rowntree, the French inventor of Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

the killer product that saved the company.

By the way, I removed "chocolatiers" "bakers" and "confectioners" as tags on this thread, so I could add "switzerland", "scotland", and "netherlands", since nobody has posted about making any progress on Henri NestléTheodor ToblerRobert McVitie, or Coenraad van Houten.

Good thinking.  I just got on to say that I'm not doing anything more on this set.  I hope someone else can pickup where I left off (or in another direction) on any of the rest.

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I believe Mr. Hershey may already be connected! lol. So, at least one is good to go.
answered by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (389k points)
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Added:  Franklin Mars is connected.

I quit working on Diemer.  Trying with Frank Mars as I discovered we are related.
answered by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Mach 2 (24k points)
edited by Kathy Rabenstein

Wonderful! Thank you! smiley

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Harry Brown should be connected now.

answered by Jason Klehr G2G Crew (300 points)

Great! Thank you! laugh (I love Almond Roca.)

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George Williamson is now connected (I think; I'm new at this.)
answered by Laurie Myres G2G2 (2.3k points)

He is! Thank you! yes

So I went through the list of goodie makers and clicked on the "Relationship to me" link from the menu with their WikiTree ID at the top. When that didn't get me any hits (which it didn't most of the time), I tried the Connection Finder. (That didn't get me any hits most of the time, either.) 

But much to my surprise, George and I are seventh cousins twice removed. That information, plus a dollar or three, should be enough to get me an Oh Henry! bar at any store that sells them. wink

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Garry Weston should now be connected.
answered by Rick San Soucie G2G6 Mach 1 (19.7k points)
Yay!  Wagon Wheels were one of my favourites growing up.  :)

This project is just rolling along! wink

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I spent a lot of time working on the family links for

Howell H. Campbell (Goo Goo Clusters)

and BEFORE I had finished researching everything and typing it all up online, someone else went ahead and connected it up ... thus denying me the privilege of claiming all the work I had put into it.

Not appreciated ... so that does it for me helping out any more on these connections ! I don't need to do work just so someone else can claim the credit. Bah humbug :))

answered by N. Gauthier G2G6 Mach 3 (33k points)

I've a cousin who did that to me on a few family profiles, so I stopped working on that line to allow her free rein .. but she also stopped to allow me free rein.  We are both currently playing with our respective maternal lines!  cheeky

Oh wow!  I had it all completed within an hour.  So sorry, take my name off and put yours on it
I hear you :)  But working on relatives common relatives by those who are not in regular communication is a bit different then working on these public timed challenges.

I used to work for the Mars company and actually met one of them, so I really wanted to connect that one. But when I saw that someone else was already working on the Mars family, Out if respect, left it alone for them to finish with the connecting ... and moved on to another goodie-maker.
it was completed that quickly because I created Millford's profile today!!!

I first connect the family through the BUGG line and then through the CAMPBELL line.
Be happy that I added new profiles for this family.
Next time you should do the work to find where the connection to the global wikitree is! That is the hard work.

These are not my relatives ... I was trying to help do the challenge. But now I will leave it to you to do all the rest of the goodie connections. Go to it!
which profile in Campbell's family did you connect to the global wikitree anyway ???

So far all I can find is that you linked to profiles that I created since the most recent update. And none of thise will show connected until tomorrow morning.

With regard to credit for making connections, I probably should have made it clear from the start that I'm not a WikiTree Leader, and have no authority whatsoever to assign points, credit, or anything like that. My intent with these challenges is for them to be a fun little break from whatever you're doing regularly. (Well, that, and preparing lists of different kinds of notables for the Relationship Finder Quick Links Page.) There's no time limit, there are no prizes, and if you have fun making a connection, then you win. (And WikiTree wins in any case, because the more connected profiles we have, the better the tree is for everybody.)

That said, there's no reason that you can't count any connection that you make towards the Connectors Challenge, if you're taking part in that.

But if it's going to bother people having other people working to connect the same goodie maker, maybe we should have people post here when they start working on a branch. Kathy, have you given up completely on Walter Diemer? Is he open for others to work on?

For myself, I don't mind other people working on the same profiles. What bothered me was that I spent a lot of time and work to make a connection ... and then someone else claimed that they made the same connection ... which was false ... all they did was link to the profiles that I created today. That's NOT a connection to the global wikitree since the last update (as defined by the challenge) ...  so false advertising.

I am not looking for a prize, but if I do the work, at least let ME share a one-liner that I completed the work ... that's not too much to ask for ... instead of someone else claiming they did my work.

Strange wanting credit.  Different strokes.  If you see I have been working on a family, pleassssssssssssssssssssssssse jump in and finish.  I did a lot of work on Diemer but would be exceedingly happy if someone else connected him.  Credit and $4 will get you a cup of coffee wink

Yes, I'm writing some bios for the Diemers but not going further in the connection.  I have about 600 bios to write.
There is nothing strange about not wanting people to lie about saying they did stuff that they did NOT do!!!

Since you don't appreciate the work I do, I will stop doing it and let YOU do all the future work that is needed!
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I'm working on John Mackintosh.  I have sources on his mother and father and am adding profiles for them,
answered by Karen Lorenz G2G6 Mach 3 (32.2k points)
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With help from Kathy, I managed to connect George Ensor, and on the way discovered two profiles for people who qualify as notable, but weren't marked as such, and also found a couple of merges that needed to be done, so some progress there, too.
answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (181k points)
Nice! I was trying to get him connected and believe I had found a connection point, but wasn't confident on all of the sources.

George's Father, Benjamin Franklin Ensor:

His brother (George's uncle), Harry C. Ensor:

His daughter (George's cousin), Edith Iola Ensor:

Her husband, James Robert Read:

His brother, Frank Tillot Read:

His wife, Nellie Worthington Brewer:

Her father, John H. C. Brewer:

His father Vincent Brewer: who I believe is in Wikitree here:

In FamilySearch, John H. C. Brewer is linked to two different mothers named Catherine Lewis (wikitree profile: ), and the only child in WikiTree for Vincent is Harriet Brewer ( , ). I couldn't find a record that puts Harriet and John H. C. in the same household, so I didn't jump on building out all of these profiles.
Great job, Jason!  Look how many good profiles you added to Wikitree!

I'm not on FamilySearch, because now they insist that I give them my birthdate to access their data, and since too many banks use your birthdate as a security question, I'm not prepared to do that. But that said, I love it when I can find a connection path on some other family tree site. That's actually how I found the trail that I ended up using to connect George Ensor: his father-in-law is Orin Sawyer, and the name "Orin" is unusual enough that I thought he might be traceable through a web search, and lo and behold, he turned up.

Of course, family trees are often incorrect, so I had to source every step through some other source, which is how I ended up stumbling across James Murchie, who was MLA for Charlotte County, and notable in his own right as a lumber baron, and John McAdam, another lumber baron who was both an MLA (several times) and an MP. 

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Walter Diemer is driving me crazy.  I added another 50 or so profiles yesterday to try to link him.  Found two individuals already on Wikitree--but neither is connected to the tree.  So I'm still working on him.
answered by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Mach 2 (24k points)
When I end up connecting to another unconnected profile, it is kind of frustrating, because finding somebody who's already on WikiTree is normally a sign that I have finally connected the branch I'm working on.

But, on the other hand, I have come to regard bumping into an unconnected profile as kind of a bonus, because when I finally do connect to the main tree, I will also have connected that other unconnected profile, and any other profiles connected to it.
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My Great Great Grandfather owned a 3 story steam driven Candy Compay

( F Walter Candy Company) the largest West of the Mississippi in the late 1800s )  He sold chocolates, ribbon candy, and more in St Louis, MO and internationally to the crown heads of Europe.  

His company was eventually bought by Mars Candy which was bought by Cadbury.  

In researching him I always wondered how he got into Candy and confections since he descended from glass and crystal makers in France.

I discovered a couple of things.  His mother's family were bakers.  His uncle had married into the Haas family of confectioners and a lot of the same chemistry used to make glass and crystal was similar to making candy.  

Swap out sand for sugar

Swap out potash for flavors

Ribbon candy and ribbon glass are made with the same basic tools and techniques.

Lollipops are panes of glass on a stick

Taffy is like pulling and shaping molten glass.

 I also found that other children of glass and crystal makers moved into candy in the 1800s.

He is very connected on WT hs profile is  but hs wife Eva Weber is a mystery and I often wondered if she had ties into the confectionary world through her family.  As she is a total brick wall I have no idea.

Her profile is

I would love it f someone can find any info on her!
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (459k points)
Yes, Walter and Weber are sort of like Harris and Jones in the English-speaking world.  Good luck breaking down that brick wall.
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I will try to find more information about Theodor Tobler. I have some local advantages.
answered by Isabelle Caruso G2G1 (1.2k points)
That's a relief. Every time I see Toblerone on offer in a stores these days, I think about poor, unconnected, unloved Theodor. I'm glad he's getting some attention now.
+3 votes
answered ago by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Mach 2 (24k points)

Yay! I'm glad to see that people are still working on this challenge. yes

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