How do I find out more about Donald's service NZ army WWII?

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I'm trying to finalise this section of twiglets on my particular branch of the larger tree, but I have no idea how to find out more about his military record.

Is there any way to expand on this information?

Embarkation details: WW2 Gunner/Military 2NZEF Nom. Roll 1, p.98 26th Battery, N.Z. Artillery 2NZEF Nom. Roll 1, p.98 Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force, First Echelon

From the Online Cenotaph


 For Aussie vets I can look up their files online see where they went, if they were injured, sick, on report, when they were returned; I can find what medals they received.  If there is similar for NZ, I have yet to find it.

C'mon, kiwi cousins .. HELP!

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Usually for NZ military records one would check out the Archway Archives -

But I dont see any military record for Donald at this time.

Bur then I only did a simple search.

You may need to do an advanced search or get in touch with the Archives by email and ask.

NZ does have some rather strict rules about privacy and it possible that Military records are not available to the public for either 80 years or 100 years after they are created.

And WW2 was less than 80 years ago
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (877k points)
I wasn't sure if my 2nd-cousinship twice-removed would allow me access.

I guess I've become rather spoilt by the Aussie records being so available online.

Robynne .. all that archway.archives gave me was stuff I apparently have to pay for?

Auckland education salary cards
Salary card for GORDON-KIRGAN Donald Vernon ORDER DETAILS »
1931 1958 Ministry of Education, National Office
Auckland probates
GORDON-KIRGAN Donald Vernon - Auckland - School Teacher ORDER DETAILS »
1958 1958 High Court Auckland, Department of Justice
Land valuation files
Application for consent to sale - Estate of Alexander Young Steel deceased to Donald Vernon Gordon-Kirgan ORDER DETAILS »
1948 1948 High Court Auckland, Department of Justice


That last item particularly interests me because it's the name of Donald's wife's first husband. 

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It's a pity Donald did not serve in WW1 because pretty much all WW1 records from the NZEF are available online.
Sadly yes some records do have to be purchased.

Not much else you can do.

My grandfather was in WW1 and all his records are freely available online - as well as his WW2 records. He was in the "home guard".  It is possible that his WW2 record only became available after he died in 1989 - since the original file was created back in 1914.

Hmm .. not all Aussie records have been digitalized yet, but they are available if you go to where they are stored.

I wouldn't mind so much paying, but $50?! surprisesurprise crying crying

Maybe I should just hope I find a current generationer who might have the info I want.  There have to be rellies out there somewhere.  His one sister had at least one child, the other sister might have had several.  (Privacy cutoff prevents online searching.)

Basically the ww2 records are not available yet. There are exceptions when there was service in ww1 and ww2. Those files are available free of charge.
On the probate - digitised copies of some NZ probates are now online at search by type=probate Location=New Zealand
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When a person who served in New Zealand Forces has died, and their record has not yet been digitised, there is an address you can write away to to obtain a copy of their file. You do need to provide evidence of their death (usually death certificate of funeral notice) if their death is not already recorded on file.

Enquiries about deceased former servicemen and women

Anyone can request the service records of deceased former service personnel, whether it is for a research project, your family history or your personal interest.

You can request a copy of a deceased person’s service record by writing to us at NZDF Archives.

Please note that if the person concerned died after leaving the services this fact may not be recorded on their file. In such cases you will need to send us some form of evidence that they are deceased. This could be a copy of a death certificate, newspaper death notice, funeral service sheet or photograph of the headstone. It will save time if you send us this information with your initial request.

If you request a copy of a single military service file within a 12-month period the copy will be provided free of charge.

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