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Don't know what's happened.   I have been attempting to access the volunteers for 18th April to send them a 2 week mentor follow-up, but am unable to do so.

On 2 May the first page would load and the "next" tab was on the lower left.  When I clicked on "next" - nothing happens.  Tried many times.

Tried again today (3 May) and same results; however, the "next" tab is on the lower RIGHT of the page.

Is there a problem?  or is something that I'm doing?  Been doing this follow-up for many weeks (on each Friday) with no problems until now.


UPDATE:  Tried again this morning (5/4) same results.  I tried "next" buttons on several web-sites with no problem - so I don't think it is my system's problem.


Just hope that someone who can access the April 18 volunteers will fill in til this problem is resolved.  I think that this follow-up is important!!!
in WikiTree Tech by John Beeson G2G3 (4.0k points)
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Hey John,  glad to see Chris is helping you with the intricacies of your technical issue.  I would be happy to pick-up the slack for you on the 2 weeks check.  Yell when you can click next again!  Mags

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Hi John,

The follow-up you Greeters do is awesome. Thank you for doing it!

Let's try to figure this out. I'm sure it's somehow related to the style changes. The badge pages changed recently.

What sort of URL do you usually use?

Does this URL work for you?

If that works, do you see "Previous" and "Next" links at the bottom of the page that bring you backward and forward?

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Chris, Yes, that URL does work for me. NO, I only see "next" because it will not let me get the next page. Just tried again, but no luck again. I have noticed that since the style change - pages load slower....
Hi John,

I don't know what's happening here.

Do the "next" links on your contributions list work?

What happens when you click them? Do you see the link to the next page when you hover over the link? Does your browser indicate that a page is loading? When you click, does anything happen at all?

What browser and operating system are you using (e.g. Internet Explorer version 11 on Windows 7)?

Sorry for all the questions. The more I know the better chance I can figure out what's going wrong and fix it.




I use Internet Explorer (not sure what version) Same version I've been using for at least one year.  I use Windows  XP.   Same as I've been using for years.

Don't have any problems with other "next" functions on WikiTree??????

I did not have trouble with the "next" function until this last change - since then it is just not working for me.  I tried again just before sending you this note.

Am I the only one having problems?


Hi John,

Sorry for the continued problem, we should be able to get to the bottom of it.

What happens when you click the "previous" link at the bottom of this page?

Does the little indicator spin, as if it's trying to load a page?

Do you even see the color change on the button when you hover over it and click it?


I am sorry to take so much of your time, but do appreciate your help.

I clicked on the link.  then clicked on previous:  saw the color change on the button and spinning indicator.

One thing (do not think that it is pertinant; however.....) I have a SLOW SPEED land line internet hook-up.  It's what I've always had.  Live in the country and only high speed connection available is via satellite & cost to install & use satellite in our area is EXPENSIVE!  Like I said, I do not think that this is the problem, because even with low speed all was working fine until last Thursday????
Hi John,

This could be a bandwidth/speed issue. Our badge pages aren't very efficient. This one in particular is getting slower because almost 33,000 people have the badge. It could be that we crossed a threshold here and it just happened to coincide with the design change. But ... I'm not sure that would explain why going directly to these URLs works for you, but paging forward or backward does not. And I would expect the loading of the previous/next page to eventually time out, so you'd see an error. I'll see if I can look into this some more.

Again, my apologies for the trouble. Your Greeting is much appreciated. Maybe until we fix this you could go directly to URLs, by manually changing the "limit" and "start" numbers? Let me know if you need more explanation on that.


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