German Roots hopes to start a German and Deutschland Portal!

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German Roots would like to begin a German/Deutschland Portal similar to the Dutch Roots project.

Anyone who can speak and write German and English to help create pages in German would be appreciated so, so much smiley

It can even be in a Word Document and we will transfer to a German/Deutscheland Portal like this one as an example:


in Genealogy Help by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (808k points)
edited by Maggie N.

I´m a german ,I´m living in germany .I would like to help here

herzliche Grüße


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As a native German speaker, I' d also be able to help with the new portal. By the way, as it is now announced as "German/Deutschland Portal" - maybe it should be made clear that it aims at all German-speaking countries. Genealogists and ancestors in Austria and Switzerland should not be excluded, especially as there are many family connections between the three countries (I have some myself).
by René Granacher G2G1 (1.4k points)
selected by Cynthia Coletti
True. So it should be "German speaking/Deutschsprachiges Portal". That would include Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, South Tyrolia and also Luxemburg and a part of Belgium. In those countries and regions German is official language.

Austria and Switzerland were pending projects. We need project coordinators to run them smiley

Hi Rene, fantastic to know, thank you and for offering to help. I do not speak nor know any German, so I have no idea, and this type of advice is awesome. I will be in touch soon about how you can help out. Thanks again.

I don't qualify to join (I think), but this is the 2nd instance today when I feel it necessary to ask:  My father's mother (she is his only more "current"  relative) is German and born in DE, about 1889. She (Anna Elizabeth Berg) came here to USA at about 16 yrs old, to escape a bad circumstance in Germany and to find the freedom of independence with a little family support already here to "get her through" a huge transition.

Anna lived the rest of her life in a suburb of New Haven (and in that city). Her son, my father, came somewhat later and quickly translated himself to the Western US, to escape her intrusions into his life. (He didn't even want to talk with her on the phone!) 

I'd love knowing some of the basics about her immediate relatives and her ancestors in Germany. She had a daughter here Valeska (or -ca) using her mom's birth surname, Hilse, who also stayed in Connecticut, in the NE of the US.

If you are able and have time, please contact me here, then we'll set up a better contact arrangement.

Hi Roberta, I don't think this is the perfect thread for your request ... Anyway I looked around a bit for your ancestor but was not able to identify her. The name is rather common, so any information about her place of origin in Germany, even a region or state, would be very helpful.

Hi Roberta, you should join the Germany project if you havent done already. Just answer this post to join

KYLIE--I must take a couple of weeks to fix some other things outside WTree first.

We will get together soon enough, I'm sure.
I think the countries can't be splitted by reason of language because a great among of people did at all times travel through the European countries and begin to live there. The case of German capital Berlin is well known: It is a town created by French Huguenot people having a large part of ancestors in French country (what else!). Huguenots in Nord-Rhine-Westphalie too. The best know German commissar is TV-commissar Schimansky; he is symbol for New German people (the next will probably have a Turkish last name). It is ridicuolus to build new limits using the language! I would "German (French, Italian etc.) Help community", not Portal! It only can be an help community. "Portal" includes to much the idea "you have to go through, separately"...
New research shows Berlin was actually founded by slavic tribes coming from the east. But nobody would come on the idea to include it into the Slavic roots project. And Huguenots are really everywhere in Germany, as many of the protestant duchies and principalities invited Huguenots to live in their empire.
TV-commissar Schimanski (obviously a Polish name) was a person living in the Ruhr Area, where in the mid 1800s came many mine workers immigrated, many of them from Poland. Still today you can assume if someone lives for generations in Germany, but has a Polish name, that his German roots are in the Ruhr Area.
JELENA, Your note above is very interesting and very informative for those with the German connections you mention.

To EVERYONE who knows about the very general  "German roots of American families": My paternal line(s?) [at Hilse-40] are virtually unknown by me, the only descendent. Berg is that surname.

I have only a few maternal lines, which are Burnett and Owen(s) ones.

I want to discover what I can about these three names moving back into history. PETRA ZILLMANN, Perhaps you could tell me:  How do I take a few first steps in these directions? I'll try to figure out how to contact or connect with you to give me a steer in the right direction.
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by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (369k points)
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I'd be ok to make Word-Documents in German if I got an English model text I can orient myself on. German is my native language.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (508k points)

Danke, Jelena! Kylie Haese is Coordinator of the Portal. I will have her get in touch with you.

Thank you Jelena!
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Always ready to help a good cause. German is my first language, English for the last 40 years. Translations back and forth no problem. Viel Glueck - Hans
by Hans Hofmann G2G6 Mach 2 (26.6k points)
Thank you, Hans. I will get you in touch with Kylie.
Perfect! Thank you Hans!
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I am a native German living in Germany. I could help occasionally with translations and so on...
by Manuela Thiele G2G5 (5.8k points)
Danke, Thanks, Manuela. Kylie will be in touch with you.
Thank you :) much appreciated.
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Bilingual German and English. Tell me how I can help you.
Thank you! :)
You will need to PM me so I can contact you with the details Anne.
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I'm living in germany and my native language is german.
I'm working/using PHP and mysql.

Maybe I could help - if required. ;-)

Best regards

by Ulli Heist G2G Crew (380 points)

Danke, Ulli. Private message Kylie and let her know!

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Excellant suggestion, Jelena and René about the name for the Portal possibly being  "German speaking/Deutschsprachiges Portal". As Kylie is setting it up, I will let her decide with Abby what's the best way to go. Thanks, Danke.

by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (808k points)
I like that name, and think everybody should be included, so it definitely serves that purpose. I will speak to Abby about that for sure. Thanks everyone. You are all amazing.
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I'm also native speaking German. I don't have much time for translating and my English ist not so good. But I'm very good in finding typing and spelling errors in German, so I could help with that.
by I. Caruso G2G3 (3.9k points)
Thank you very much, Isabelle. I will make sure the project coordinator for the Portal gets in touch with you!
Hi Isabelle, thank you, and I think you are now our official proof reader :) I will be in touch soon.
Hi Kylie

Great, thank you. If there's a google group for this, please tell me how I can join. I do have an account, but I don't know where to join them.
There is a google group for the German Roots project, you can join here!forum/wikitreegermanroots and I am happy to talk on there. Otherwise I will email you.
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Hey Maggie,

I've been learning German for about six or seven years and I would consider my skills intermediate level.  I'm not fluent but I can certainly help with translations.

by Sean Kessler G2G Crew (350 points)

Thanks so much, Sean. You know way more than I do smiley I will make sure Kylie, the project coordinator sees your comment to help.

Hi Sean, thank you for offering to help. I will be in touch soon with more details.
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I'm also a nativ german, and I use english at business for a few years. I could help if wanted.

Kindest regards Rainer
by Rainer Bögl G2G2 (2.9k points)
Thank you, Rainer. Let Kylie know
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That sounds pretty good and would be the right place for me.
I am born on January 29th 1953 in Hamburg.
So I am a native speaker, can very good read the old hand writings.
Would like to read from you.
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Hello, I am from German descent, and I am still living in Germany. Very nice to have a German portal/project.
by Kerstin Bergen G2G1 (1.3k points)
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Great idea! I won't be able to help myself (don't speak a lot of German) but I included a link to the German language portal on the (hopefully soon to be) Belgium Project.

Thanks a lot (in name of the German-speaking Belgians) for this initiative! 

by Filip Beunis G2G6 Mach 2 (24.3k points)

Thanks Filip smiley

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French man, I live in Germany since a long time where I did marry (German) and would also help (where my language level is acceptable)
by François Comparot G2G Rookie (290 points)

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