We are closing in on 5 Million DNA connected profiles. Are you connected?

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1. Watch the change happen here 

2. Get connected.

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4. Go WikiTree!

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yes I am smiley

Hypothetically, maybe-possibly DNA connected, at least!  laugh

Hello, what are you meaning Edison? lol cool

Just post timing happenstance, Serena; sorry. I wasn't replying to your note.  blush

It was just a meant-to-be-humorous, tongue-in-cheek comment about the Question title since the vast majority of those 5 million profiles aren't connected by any DNA evidence, only by test-takers entering on their profiles the fact that they themselves have taken a DNA test. That fact propagates all over the tree (per established criteria) and appears under the heading "DNA Connections" on all other possibly-pertinent profiles...and those entries are truly "hints" or "research suggestions," not "connections."

I'd love for WT to post the number of profiles that contain information about a DNA test being taken. Would be a much smaller number, not nearly as impressive, but that's the number that's most important. It's only the test takers that we can compare.

Counting "connected" profiles, a single error for a recent generation in the tree could propagate as dozens, perhaps scores, of erroneous autosomal "DNA Connections" hints. And even a lowly HVR1 mtDNA test--essentially of no genealogical use except as negative evidence to rule out a hypothesis--will propagate to matrilineal profiles as far back in time as any profiles exist.

A "Confirmed with DNA" profile count wouldn't really help, either, because I'd hazard at least half of all the ones on the tree either don't follow the WikiTree confirmation guidelines for evidence citation, or use over-simplified autosomal triangulation to distant cousins that can't be defended (from an evidentiary standpoint) and are probably incorrect.

Not being a naysayer; 5 million is a fantastic number. I'd just love to see both statistics: total "connected" profiles, and total number of WikiTreers who have taken a DNA test.

I'd love for WT to post the number of profiles that contain information about a DNA test being taken. ”




Unfortunately relatively few of them have more than three generations of ancestry in WikiTree or are in GEDmatch (Genesis).

I would like to see members of WikiTree's DNA project encourage DNA test takers (in WikiTree who have not already done so) to upload their auDNA results to GEDmatch's Genesis, and upload their Y-DNA results and mtDNA results to mitoYDNA.org.

It would be interesting to know how many active users have a DNA flag on their profiles, apart from their own or a near relative's.  Because that's what has to happen before an opportunity exists for a "confirmation".

At present, two people's auDNA trails might collide on a common ancestor 6 gemerations back, but that's too distant to be any use.
Do we know what percentage of WikiTree users are active users?  That percentage might provide a clue as to how many of the DNA test takers in WikiTree are active users.

In Jan 2019, 578 WikiTree users received a 1,000 contributions badge and 2,264 received a 100 contributions badge. Those are the most active users.

Ah; thanks Peter; re. https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Badges&b=dna_tested.

That's 104,515 as of now. Not too shabby. So every individual shown as DNA tested currently results in 47.8 "DNA Connected" profiles.

The "DNA Tested Badge" is awarded automatically, then. Do you know if it's given only for tests entered from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, Living DNA, and MyHeritage? Or are "Other" DNA tests included in the count?

Never mind.  smiley  I think I found the answer:

  • 23andMe: 23,954
  • AncestryDNA: 52,136
  • AncestryDNA Maternal Lineage (defunct): 882
  • AncestryDNA Paternal Lineage (defunct): 472
  • FTDNA Family Finder: 11,283
  • FTDNA mtDNA: 6,503
  • FTDNA yDNA: 7,673
  • Living DNA: 591
  • MyHeritage: 5,242
  • Other auDNA: 604
  • Other mtDNA: 853
  • Other yDNA: 719
  • Total: 110,912

For those interested, BTW, the individual test results take the URL form of, for example: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:DNATests&t=myheritage_audna.

A quick Google search with these parameters, GEDmatch "Account confirmed" site:wikitree.com/wiki, (the "Account confirmed" to try to limit the results to actual profiles, not help pages and such) returns 3,090 hits. That seems low, though. But thought I'd give it a try...

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Is there a specific page that shows the numbers?

You have linked to the Wikitree Home Page.

answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (500k points)
Robynne, the numbers are on the home page just below the yellow stared bullet points.
Oh - DUH - silly me!!!  Thanks.

Well I am also connected.
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Yes. Yes I am. =)

Congrats, Wikitree! =D
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (195k points)
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My name and profile are on that list of numbers. However I never added any DNA information to WikiTree and do not plan on doing so. That makes me wonder how many other names are counted that, like mine, do not actually belong in that count.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Dale, the count is a measure of profiles connected through DNA testers not a count of actual DNA testers.  It shows that 20% of the Tree is interconnected through DNA testers.
Dale, this is very odd. We recorded you adding this Family Tree DNA test way back in 2013. But you never added it?

Regardless, simply delete it now at https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:DNATests
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Yes, but really confused about how to see with whom I'm connected unless I'm on a specific profile. I don't suppose there is a way to see all the members to whom we're connected? I'm also still struggling with how the DNA proven feature works. There are so many instructions and different possibilities, I get fed up and stop trying!
answered by Lisa Linn G2G6 Mach 2 (23.2k points)
Hi Lisa,

Your test details page shows everyone the test is connected to:


The DNA confirmation instructions certainly are complex, especially if your connection is beyond third cousins.


Thanks Chris, I've actually been to that page already. What I meant was other Wikitreers to whom I have a DNA connection. It would be nice if we could know who we're connected to here and through what family line.
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Could help this along by working on Suggestion 106: Duplicates between global tree and unconnected

if you connect the unconnected profile to the connected parents or spouse, until the merge happens, there would be duplicate children or spouse but the profile and its branch would be connected until merge is processed....

answered by S Stevenson G2G6 Mach 3 (31k points)
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5,070,636 DNA connected profiles as of right now!

answered by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (363k points)
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Ok, so I'm scrolling through numerous names in my ancestry looking for connections and find a Private Person (Warren) b.1880s (between two Benjamin Warrens) to whom I have a match. How do I get to that profile? Given the DOB is more than 100 Years ago, shouldn't it be open?
answered by Lisa Linn G2G6 Mach 2 (23.2k points)

I just found another "Private Person" from the 1880s between Warren-10996 and Warren-11323. These need to be opened they're almost 130 years old! 

I discovered as I checked page after page of Warren connections, I'm only allowed to post 24 profile comments in one day. All but two of the comments were to the same PM who dropped in a GEDcom and hasn't done anything with the profiles for two or more years. I will send him a message.

I find this very frustrating! Of course in most cases I can edit as I wish, but it sure would be nice if there were some requirement for another source on GEDcoms like there are on any profile entered by hand. I find one broken link after another, but when I say something to a PM, I'm told there's nothing wrong with a broken Ancestry link. Can anyone explain why this is the case?
You have my sympathies!  And I agree - in my opinion, those should be open.

Broken links are not acceptable.  I would first try to get the PM to update the link to something that works, or replace it with another source for the same thing.  If nothing else, I add an italicized note to it that the link is not working, in hope that someone responsible (or has an interest in that profile) will correct it.
That I can and will do. It's the "Private Person" over 120 years with no PM listed that really makes me crazy! That should not be allowed!

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