Advice before merging these pre-1700 Lefebvre profiles?

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Lefebvre-1635 is a duplicate of Lefebvre-1634 (side-by-side comparison) so they should be merged.

Should I contact one of the pre-1700 projects or know about any style guidelines before proceeding?

Or perhaps someone with more WikiTree experience would like to complete the merge? Let me know if you do. Thanks!

Edit: Tagged French Roots because the names look French, though there is no indication of any location.

WikiTree profile: Jossine Lefebvre
in Policy and Style by Johny Bouquet G2G Crew (430 points)
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These profiles need sources and places added. I followed the line down to 1920 and did not find one location on any profile. Without places we cannot guess where to look for good sources, and without sources we cannot know that the data is true.

These look from North France or Belgium to me.
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (394k points)
edited by Isabelle Martin
To some extent I agree with you Isabelle, however these are so obviously the same person and both created by Johny. I would suggest going ahead with this pair on the proviso valid sources are found. My heritage is not a source just a statement of the site used.
They are obviously the same person, yes, but we have no guarantee that Lefebvre is the proper LNAB. There are lots of spelling variants for this name. So we're running the risk of having to redirect the merged profile later.
Point taken.

 I have been searching Findmypast and there are not only spelling differences but also countries. So far no matches.
I found Johny's tree on Geneanet, with a bit more indications for locations and it places them in Nord, France / French Flanders.

Now to see if the primary record is available.
Hy Marion,

I read now the messages and yours answers to Isabelle.

it is very complicated for us in Belgium and France to add some information in our and your wiki-trees.

many reasons :

we have here(BE and FR)  the exact spelling of names  but  we have also begon with wikitree later than  in South Africa.

for this reason it is very difficult to modify the first mentioned informations who are not necessary exact.

example : In  our countries its "Lefebvre" and not "Le Febvre" . it's the same person !

With regards

Bonjour Johny,

Pour cette question d'orthographe Lefebvre / Le Febvre, la règle sur WikiTree est de reproduire l'orthographe et le style des documents d'époque, or sur l'acte de baptême de Pierre François Gruson (en latin, donc "Petrus Franciscus"), le nom est clairement Le Febvre, ce qui est fréquent à l'époque, surtout que nous sommes en territoire flamand, pas encore intégré à la France (il ne sera français qu'à partir de 1678, officiellement dans les années 1710).

Je comprends que ça soit difficile de s'y faire, et moi-même j'ai eu beaucoup de mal, mais en fait on ne doit pas tenir compte de l'orthographe à laquelle on est habitué, mais seulement de celle de l'époque. Pour cette raison je préconise le nom de "Le Febvre".
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I found the baptism record for her son. Her name is spelled Le Febvre, with the proviso that the letters U and V look exactly similar, which is normal since they were confused at the time. The name of the father - Judoca's husband - is recorded as Franciscus, not André.

I have been unfortunately unable to find any marriage in the parish register, though it is titled "BMS". This is again typical of Nord parish registers, which are usually very messy and hard to navigate.

If someone has access to indexed records to help localize more sources on this family, it would be greatly appreciated.
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (394k points)
edited by Isabelle Martin

This register - Archives départementales du Nord, Steenwerck BMS 1614-1709 - does contain marriages, but they are not mixed with baptisms. The marriage of François and Josine (I use the French names, because I doubt they used latin themselves) is on image 382/1142, top right.

Their names are written Franciscus Gruson and Judoca Le Feure (the U's except in Judoca have some diacritical mark above them; I am not sure of the meaning of this mark, especially on Le Feure where the U has the value of a V). Witnesses are Andreas Gruson and Philippus Le Feure. Parents are not named.

Thanks. I could not find any marriages in this large volume (it would help so much if they provided some sort of table of contents).

These people probably spoke a local Flemish language, it's hard to know how they really called themselves. I usually prefer to use the formal Latin name from the baptism record as Proper first name. Preferred name should probably be Frans, with François as another nickname.

It's speculated that Frans Gruson was the son of Andreas Gruson, and his being a witness at the marriage would tend to confirm this. I still have no idea how to confirm that this family is connected to Jean and/or Catherine Gruson however.

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