Help deciphering handwriting for marriage record

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I would appreciate opinions for the name of the bride for this marriage record.  I know what the indexing system says it is, but I'd like to see what people believe it to be.  The groom's name is Isaac G Williams.  (It's the third record on the right side of the page.)  Thanks in advance.

asked in Genealogy Help by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (273k points)

It also looks more like Milligan than Williams, but bad handwriting will do that.
I know 'for sure' that the groom is Isaac G Williams, so that gives you an idea of how some of the letters are written.  And looking at other records on the page gives you other clues . . .
That's why I said bad handwriting.  yet it was probably decent enough in the day.

I tried comparing the letters with similar on both pages.
Thanks for the responses up to this point.  So . . . her name is indexed as Lydia HUNT.  The Williams and Hunt families did have relations.  However, it doesn't much look like Hunt to me.  Knowing what it's indexed, does anyone think it could possibly be Hunt?

Also, others have shown her surname as White or Wright . . .

Big brick wall here . . .  Thanks again in advance!
Do either of them have a profile??
Cannot see it as Hunt.  There's a definite dot as though over an I .. and the first letter is either the W or an M from other names .. and Milligan it ain't (not enough tail for a true g).
Yeah, absolutely not Hunt.  There's a dot over it.  It's up high, but the scribe did that consistently.   See the 'i' in Lydia for instance, and in William.  The dot is level with the dot in Writ/Wait.

His profile is here

His first marriage is this one I'm trying to decipher, but is indexed as Lydia Hunt.

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Lydia Writ?
answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (407k points)
I thought that was a possibility as well.  I am waiting for others to respond before I tell you the name it's indexed as and what some other people have put her name down as . . .
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Lydia Wait.

W - for certain, no question.

a - it's faint but definitely the round shape of the a is there

i - it's dotted

t - see the way the recorder wrote the 't' in 'St. Clair' in the next record.

Possibly also a spelling error, her surname could be Waite.
answered by Christine Daniels G2G6 Mach 4 (47.9k points)
The second letter resembles the 'r' elsewhere on the page, to me.
I think it's a tossup between an "a" or an "r", but I think it's more an "a".
Mostly, it's a poor-quality image.  But if you look at the 'a's, the scribe consistently bears down on the back (left side) of the letter.  The left side of that second letter is light, in a way you don't see in Isaac, Williams, Jan'y, Michael, Jordan, etc.

I cheated and looked for a Writ family, and failed to find any in Logan County.  There were Ritts and Reits and other variations in nearby counties.

Also, Isaac got married again in 1840, but I couldn't find a death or burial for Lydia Williams.
Herbert, I agree.  I had done that also.  I did find a Hunt family, and then information that the Hunt and Williams families lived in close proximity and some married.  Haven't located anything about Lydia other than the marriage record, but as you said, Isaac married again in 1840.

I don't know enough about American geography or where either Isaac or Lydia lived but what about this one?

Lydia Wait 1830 Census

That's about 100 miles (160 km) from Logan County, where the 1831 marriage took place.  To me, that makes it a bit of a stretch for the same Lydia.  Anything's possible, though.  The record shows a young boy, a 20-something man, three teenage girls, and a woman in her 40s.  If Isaac's 1840 Census records shows additional people fitting those descriptions, that would lend some credence.  Or maybe there are some land records or probate docs to tie it together.
Writ, not Wait.  The r is unmistakable as I read it and in comparison with the rest of the document.  Definitely not Hunt as indexed.

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