What do I do about the BIG RED warning every. time. I. save?

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Warning: Check the data. 1.A father's death date (Kirgan-47 died 1868) should not be more than nine months before one of his children's birth dates (Kirgan-57 born 28 Sep 1868) .


The "early warning system" cannot count 9 months.

Even if the father had died at the beginning of January, that still allows a full 9 month pregnancy.

Is there something I can do (other than put a false death date for dad) that will turn this off?  (I can understand the FIRST "check the dates", but every time I save is getting a tad annoying, especially as there is no error.)

WikiTree profile: Sarah Stewart
in WikiTree Help by Melanie Paul G2G6 Pilot (281k points)
edited by Jamie Nelson
I think it's great we have these warnings, especially the "unusual information" one which trips us up if we haven't ticked the likes of gender, but that warning needs adjustment. It would be more accurate if calculated in weeks rather than 9 months. And even then a bit of extra time should be allocated - not all pregnancies are 40 weeks in duration.
Oh, I wasn't disagreeing with the warning .. for the FIRST save.  It was every single save afterwards that started to annoy.  Especially as there isn't an error.

Even 42 weeks would be ok (I don't know that too many pregnancies went beyond that back in the day .. and today almost never (in "developed" countries, anyway)) .. I think 40 weeks for Sarah would be the very beginning of January/end of previous December.

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Hi Melanie,

You can't do anything to turn it off.

We will have to adjust the check.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
selected by Dennis Wheeler
If dad weren't a pod person the problem wouldn't exist!
Any chance that this will be resolved someday, Jamie? I'm concerned that members might adjust the data to suit the program, i.e. put in erroneous data to avoid the warning banner.
I believe this should have been fixed when we did the last round of data validation updates a month or two ago.

There was a bug with counting when one of the dates was just a year.
Not done if birth date is Oct and father died Jun same year as I came across one to-day

A data Dr fixed the problem

OK, so I think the problem was the mother's DOD "after 1920" was not specific enough, since she bore a child on October 30, 1920. I added the specific  date "after 30 Oct 1920" which I think will clear the red flag error. Sometimes the red flags are actually pointing at another related profile causing the problem, I don't know why.

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If you check it and you're happy it's right, just click save and that's fine. Thanks for raising it here - that's the right way to get someone to look at it.
by Andrew Turvey G2G6 Mach 3 (33.9k points)

Yeah .. I know the dates are correct .. it's just a blank for the day-month for dad, but he was deceased by May of 1868 (hence the between January and May).  Pod people are annoying! cheeky

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I had a problem like this on one of my profiles. I think what I did to "fix" it (mainly to get rid of the constant warning with every update) was to change the death to "before" and then put in the latest month the parent could have died.
by Emily Yaden G2G6 Mach 1 (10.9k points)

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