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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Removed, posted in wrong place. Sorry
Darnit. I always hit the wrong button. Should have been an answer.

If there were a way in the universe to change the buttons, I’d have them say  ‘nested reply’ and ‘comment’ to be less confusing. Just sayin, lol.
Angela, I've seen "answer" and "comment" used like this on other forums too, so I guess it's something we need to get used to.  On Quora though I think the comment is in a small font under the post, and answer is a big button on the left.
Me thinks that it would be a good idea for one of our members to post a simple process of adding photos to this challenge. Like, 1.  Do this  2. Do this 3. Do this......etc etc.  I have been a member for six years and I still get it wrong!  any takers?  I would do it but I still have problems with getting it right!

Here is the way it works for me:

1. copy the tag Space:52_Photos_Week_6_Childhood

2.  upload your photo to your profile page under images.

3.  go to that image page and scroll down to "People & Things in the Image"

4.  add the tag above to the box.

5.  go to the G2G "52 Photos Week 6: Childhood" question posted on G2G.

6.  Answer the question with your comment and photo in the toolbox window.

7.  Add the Url of the image.

8.  Drop your image in the text box window.

9.  Click on the Add comment button.  Finished

Now I have my image on the Space: 52 photos page and under the G2G question...whatever it may be...in this case the photo challenge.

There must be an quicker way to get the image to the correct G2G question at hand.  Normally if I wanted to share a photo I would upload it and select "Share on G2G" on the image page, however this doesn't work if I wanted to share it on a particular posted question or I want to share an image that has already been uploaded to my images...since "Share on G2G" option isn't available.

I have tried putting my image in the toolbox photo option but it doesn't always work.  I probably need a 101 course on this.  I will gladly be the first to sign up!  

I put this on Angela's reply in the middle of the page, this might be a better place for it:


  1. you need to have a picture uploaded someplace, either on a profile or in the free-space page.  
  2. Copy the link for the picture (generally click on the picture, may take more than once, so the URL ends with .jpg).
  3. Then when doing a reply, click on the little picture of a mountain and the sun, a window will pop up where you can paste in the URL.  You may want to set the picture width to 500 pixels or something, I haven't really figured out when it will auto-size it.
  4. Click on Add Answer to finish.

Much the same as yours, but you can load pictures directly into the 52 Pictures space, you don't have to put it on your profile and categorize it.  I haven't used the "Share on G2G" option, so I can't comment on that.

Philip and David Pombrio with cousins. I love this picture because my dad is sticking his tongue out. Something I would have done. 

Not sure why but only half the picture shows. I don’t know how to delete it either.

My mother, at her grandparents’ house. 

Sue - you can't delete comments or answers, near as I can tell.  But you can delete everything inside it.  First though, you should be able to edit the photo properties, and in that window you can can resize the photo (set the horizontal or vertical size), it could be the whole picture won't fit properly. Try a width of 400.

But - pictures are supposed to be added as "answers" (following this section), not as "comments".

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My mother is the one in front with a doll, she is born in Hong Kong and live there until her parents died when she was 17, she then went to Denmark

Staying with her dads brother 

by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
selected by Rubén Hernández
She's very adorable!
Thank You Eowyn
This is a lovely photo, Susan! Your mom is the real doll! Just cute as can be. Thanks for sharing this!
What a lovely photo. All the children are adorable, but your mother with her doll is especially cute. Thank you for sharing it.
Thank You Pip much appreciated
Thank You Robin sweet of you
Very cool and what a nice old photo to have of your mother and her siblings! Thanks for sharing!
Thank You Scott howsweet of you, the other children are not siblings, my mother had no siblings. I am afraid to say I do not know the other children on the photo
THank you for sharing this picture.
Thank You Ruben how very sweet of you much appreciated
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I loved going to Cape Cod in the summers.  We would stay with my grandmother at her house in East Dennis built about  1760.  Go to the beach, fish and explore the property.  Here's me with my cousins about 63 years ago in front of that old house at 1661 Main St.  It is still there and has been beautifully restored.Sears Cousins

by L. Ray Sears G2G6 Mach 4 (40.6k points)
I love the little horse cart your cousin is sitting in.  You're all so cute!
What a wonderful photo. And so nice that the house has been restored. Thank you for sharing it.
This is such a sweet picture. The rocking chair is very cute. I love the flowers that are growing close to the house and the fence next to the driveway. Thank you for sharing this picture.
Cute photo Of your cousins the little girl look like she love her wood horse wagon thank You for sharing
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Until very recently this was the only picture I had of my grandfather, Lawrence Glen Western, whom I never met. He was a real scoundrel later in life. Married eight times, fathered 5 daughters with 4 different women, and abandoned them all to seek greener, child-free pastures.

Here he is a sweet little cherub and the absolute picture of innocence. The photo was taken ca. 1914/15 in Detroit, Michigan, United States.


by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
He does look precious, but there's a bit of impishness in those eyes. Thanks for sharing this photo.
Beautiful photo of your grandfather Deb
Great to have a photo of your grandpa so young!  Thanks for posting this photo!
What an adorable picture of your grandfather, Deb, and I adore his beanie cap.
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Here is a picture of my grandma, Helen Mampel.  I later found a companion photo that told the story of why she was looking up so earnestly-the family cat had climbed a tree, and this is before she got it to come back down to earth.

by K. Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo with us. I really like the bow in her hair. And she seems very concerned about her kitty.
A story to tell too!  That's great.  I could easily touch up this photo for you if you like?  Just let me know and I will download fix and send to you.  This memory needs to be preserved for sure!  Thanks for sharing.
Thanks very much-that would be great!  It had been torn (was in a box in the basement) so I scanned it ASAP.
I've definitely been in her shoes before when the cat decided to do some extreme climbing!
SHe is definitely concerned about her kitten.  I love the huge bow in her hair. I love the look on her face. If you look in the grass, there almost seems to be a heart.

Thank you for this picture. It is awesome.
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My grandmother, Elizabeth Stewart, as a child. 

by Alex Stronach G2G6 Pilot (301k points)
What can we say?  This is just a great shot of your grandmother!
Your grandmother was a beautiful child. Thank you for sharing.
How cute is this picture. Her little bob hair cut, beautiful dress, and her Mary Jane shoes. You just don't get any cuter than this.

Thank you for sharing.
Wonderful photo of your grandmother I really love her hairstyle

Thank You for sharing

Upon seeing the picture of your grandmother I was reminded of this photo of my grandmother, Dorothy Holmes, with the same hairstyle.  She was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1917, so this was probably 1919-20.

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These are my Fathers older siblings - Dorothy and Ian Thompson. This photo would have been taken around 1924 in Dunedin, New Zealand, judging by their ages. I have no other photos of ancestors or relatives as children (other than those of me and my siblings) in any childhood photos that were not formal poses.


by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (878k points)
edited by Robynne Lozier
Thank goodness for those who said...hey let's take their photo!  The first think I bought when I left home at 18 was a german camera.  Too bad they weren't digital back then, I have a lot more photos!  Thanks for sharing and love that baby buggy!
Great photo! A real treasure...  I also love that buggy! Thanks for sharing it.
Thank you for sharing this picture.
Adorable photo of your dads siblings, they both are so sweet,I love the old wagon the little baby is sitting in

Thank You for sharing
In NZ that baby "buggy" would have been called a PRAM - short for PERAMBULATOR!!  Even in the 1960s and 1970s, they were still called PRAMS, THat is what I grew up with.
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In this photo we we see Rebecca Susannah (George) Baty (1840 - 1867).  My gg-grandfather was born in 1866 about 9 months before Rebecca died.  Because this baby looks older than 9 months, I assume that it is one of the older brothers (looks like a boy, no?).

And so, we do not know for sure which of the older brothers this is:

Lorenzo, Josethic, James, or George, one of my Great-Great Uncles.

The oldest of the 6 children was born 8 years prior to Rebecca's death and I have always wondered what it must have been like for my ggg-grandfather and his 6 children after his wife died.  I have always reflected on on the childhood experiences of the 6 kids, aged 9 months to 8 years.

Fortunately, their father remarried again and the new "step-mom" was a wonderful lady who cared for these children as well as her own.  In time, the new wife Margaret had 8 children and the whole family numbered 14 kids!  Tragedy mixed with some salvation and I can only imagine a childhood filled with 13 brothers and sisters!

by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo! Over and over we are reminded that life was much different in the past.

How sad for the children to have their mother die at such an early age, but how wonderful to find a step-mother that raised these children as their own.

A lot of women will marry the man, but not treat the kids right. I bet all of the kids turned out just great. Look at you, you seem to be a great genealogist! laugh

Gorgeous and sad photo of Rebecca how very terrible they Children lost there mother must have been difficult. Rebecca is so beautiful

Thank You for sharing this wonderful photo
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My mother circa 1943 Germany.

by Angela Herman G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)
Looks like Angela needs some direction on how to post a photo in this crazy window...which I also have!!!  Where to post it first then how to get it on the 52 photos page and G2G.  Shouldn't be that complicated but sometimes simple things are!  Try Try again!
Scott Lee I am the same way. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to post a photo in the comment section of the G2G. I asked for help. No one answered. So I just gave up.

I only post on the "this weeks free space gallery" hopefully that is enough to be considered a participant observation.

It's described in the link at the very top of this page: 52 photos help


  1. you need to have a picture uploaded someplace, either on a profile or in the free-space page.  
  2. Copy the link for the picture (generally click on the picture, may take more than once, so the URL ends with .jpg).
  3. Then when doing a reply, click on the little picture of a mountain and the sun, a window will pop up where you can paste in the URL.  You may want to set the picture width to 500 pixels or something, I haven't really figured out when it will auto-size it.

R.Neff Thank you so much!! I figured it was probably a simple process! Your step by step instructions were wonderful!! I have attempted to post a practice picture... please let me know if i did it correctly. 

Yep, I see it.  Glad I could help.
What a beautiful family picture. Just like my husband's. Step-ladder. One right after another.

Thank you for sharing.
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My uncle (with the holster), my mother (with the lollipop) and an unidentified friend enjoying a summer day. My uncle is turning 91 this year, my mother turns 95 this month and you'd still be able to recognize them today from the expressions they have in this picture.

by Karen Fuller G2G6 Mach 1 (19.4k points)
Great photo! Looks like they're on their way to the beach... and well protected with that six-shooter. Thanks for sharing this.
Your uncle is really sticking his stomach out in this picture. I love the way the kids are sucking on their suckers.

Their bathing suits were so modest. I like that.
What a absolutely delightful photo just as you would se Children

Your mother really look like she enjoy her lollipops

Thank You for sharing this wonderful photo
Funny you should mention my uncle's belly. My grandmother wrote this on the back of the photo "How do you like Edmund's 'corporation'? Not bad eh!"
Although my mother doesn't usually eat lollipops anymore, she still insists on taking one (or more) whenever she goes to the doctor's office. The ones she saves usually end up being given out for Halloween. (shhh, don't tell the trick or treaters!)
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I love this photo of my cousin Duane Kennedy.  He was probably tortured later in life with this picture.

by Randall Gardner G2G6 Mach 2 (21.6k points)
Not at all!  What a great picture!  Somebody loved Duaney a lot!  Thanks for posting Randall!
What a handsome baby.
Beautiful baby; beautiful buggy! Thanks for sharing this photo.
You just don't see buggy's like this anymore. Wouldn't it be great to have one of these today.

And I bet you are right. After his friends saw this picture, I bet he was teased a lot.

Thank you for sharing.
what a wonderful photo of your cousin what a magnificent wagon he was sitting in thank You for sharing
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My great great grandmother Laura Charlotte Lackie as a little girl, probably taken around 1877.

by Brian Lamothe G2G6 Mach 2 (26.8k points)
Grandma Laura was indeed a cutie!  Love it!
What a cutie!
Beautiful child -- love those boots. Thanks for sharing this photo.
I love this picture of your grandmother. First of all it is well preserved.  I love her boots, her afghan is beautiful, her dress is very pretty, and your grandmother is adorable. Her bow is very sweet.
beautiful photo of your grandmother what a cute little girl she was.

I just love her boots

Thank You for sharing
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Oh, so many choices.  My grandmother in a baby buggy, something from my childhood...?  Here are my grandmother's cousins, circa 1902.  They grew up on a farm and this is probably a fairly normal day for them.  No kiddy rides on a little pony for them!

Brother and sister on horse, about 1902

by Rob Neff G2G6 Mach 5 (57.4k points)
The swish of the tail makes this photo come alive.  Looks like perhaps your aunt in the background!  How times have changed!  Thanks for sharing!
I love the backdrop to start with. The old barns. You can tell this is an old picture by just looking at them. Your grandmother's cousins are so cute sitting on the horse, and the horse is beautiful. Was the horse swatting a fly?
Your grandmother was brave to get up on a big horse like this Wonderful photo thank you for sharing
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This picture of my grandmother (standing far right), her sisters and friends (and dog) enjoying a sunny day in Trinidad, Humboldt County, California about 1920.  

by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Pilot (190k points)
What a great photo!

This photo is so typical of the happy-go-lucky 1920's - clean clothes and smiles.  We don't see too many of these photos from the 1930's.
As I look at this picture, I'm sitting in a campground just a few miles from Trinidad. A photo can't show the beautiful area these young people are standing in, but their attitudes in the photo show their contentment. Thanks for sharing it.
That is cool Robin. I am jealous!  My great grandfather was a manager at Little River Redwood Company back then (aka  Bulwinkle,  Cranell).  About ten years ago, I drove back on Cranell Road from 101 but it is private land now and I was not able to get to see the old camp.  I know from the stories that my Grandma told me about it that it was an incredible place for her to spend her childhood.
I have never been this far north in California before. The scenery is spectacular! We're moving to the area and I agree it must have been a wonderful place to grow up!
Did you have any family in Humboldt Co. in the late 1800's? I'm trying to track down information on a fellow who lived there then.
Allison, sent you a private message.
I have family that were living in and around Humboldt then.  Have you tried the "California, Voter Registers" ?  It was required that folks be registered every two years and it contains a wealth of information including occupations and personal statistics.  It is available at Ancestry.  If you don't have access, I would gladly do a lookup for you.  Just let me know. :)
This picture is amazingly cool. Their umbrellas look fantastic. I love their all white dresses and their dog.

I wonder if the Trinidad Lighthouse was there at this time? You can see the fog rising over the water behind them.

One of the most beautiful places in California.
Thank You Caryl for sharing this wonderful photo of your grandmother sister and friends

The all look stunning and I just love that little dog what a beauty
Caryl, yes, I have tried the California Great Registers; you can get free access to them through the wikitree rootssearch at Family Search. That is where I have found some information of this fellow (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Miller-37788). He's not a relative of mine, but his grave is here out in the middle of nowhere, with no other graves around. I figure he may have family somewhere who doesn't know where he's buried. He was born in Maine, and lived in Humboldt county for many years as a rancher. He may have come out here with a couple of brothers. He apparently died in Albion while visiting down here. Any help I can get on making connections for him would be appreciated.
My wife's family homesteaded in the Eel River Valley in the late 1800s. They had a dairy ranch in Ferndale and Loleta. I have done tons of research there. Let me know if you need any tips.
Bart, thank you for your kind offer. If you have come across any information on William David Miller, please let me know, or just go edit his page, to which you will find the link above. He was born in Maine in 1831. There were 3 Millers, all from Maine, who may have been brothers, registered to vote in Humboldt county on the same day, in 1877 and onward. In 1877, he registered in the Upper Matole; 1880, Shelter Cove; 1888, Camp Grant. He died down in Mendocino county in 1890. William was a rancher. There was also James William Miller, a stage driver and Joseph B. Miller, a cooper. I know brothers often came west together. Any help would be appreciated.
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Mom built this igloo for my Bubby and me...one snowy season in Cave Junction, Oregon in 1949.  I am standing guard while Bubby stays warm!  My mom has been gone for over 20 years and I still miss her.  She was my best friend!


by Scott Lee G2G6 Mach 3 (36.9k points)
Thanks for sharing this photo -- it's great! But it gives me the shivers being a coastal Californian (though we've been having snow at the coast in the past few days!)
Scott, you bring back great memories for me with this igloo. I live south of Chicago, and when I was a child, we used to build igloos also.

It seems like we used to get a lot more snow then.

Thank you for the memories.
What a delightful wonderful photo Scott wow you and Bubby look like you really have fun.

What a amazing igloo Marylyn build for you

Thank You for sharing this wonderful photo
We built igloos in the 60's, and got all new age building tunnels between them.

They were gianormous. I was 6.

Thanks for the reminder.
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This is a 1900 photo of my husband's kind and sweet grandfather Hennen-252. Hugh worked in the lumber business and drove over 1,000,000 miles through Arkansas and Oklahoma. 

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (325k points)
edited by Alexis Nelson
He is a beautiful child! Thanks for sharing this photo.
Thank you Robin, he always kept that wonderful smile.
very cute picture of your grandfather. I love the chair that he is standing on the the outfit hat he is wearing. Thank you for sharing.
What a cute little boy he really look so happy

Thank You for sharing
What a captivating and enchanting smile. He has such happy eyes, as well as his smile. Thanks for sharing!
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These are my husband's aunts and uncles on his father's side. Their father was away in the US Army during WWI and I think perhaps this photo was taken to send him. He would have been pleased to see his sons dressed the way they were. They are (lt. to rt.) , Patrick ,William ,Marie, and Adele, It was taken in 1918.

by Robin Shaules G2G6 Pilot (895k points)
edited by Robin Shaules
Thank you for sharing this great WWI era photo. Know those children were missing their father.
This is a real childhood memory picture. The soldier outfits are cute. The huge bow is adorable.

I think the father would have been very please to receive this picture while he was away at war.
Robin what a magnificent photo of your husband aunts and uncles they all 3 really look so very cute, love they way they are all dress the boys with a hat on thank You Robin for sharing this wonderful photo
Thank you, Alexis, Cheryl, and Susan for your kind comments. I only had the opportunity of meeting Marie who became a nun -- for over 75 years!
+5 votes

The Esselink Family

by E. Buikema G2G3 (3.9k points)
+14 votes

I'm going to start out with this photo of my mother, Lois, pushing her big brother, Willis, in the wagon, around 1933, in Pasadena, CA. I used this photo last year in the 52 ancestors challenge, but it's so cute, I'm using it again. I may add a new photo later.


Here's another photo (below) which I haven't used before, of my grandmother's oldest brother and sister, my great uncle Albert Forrey and great aunt Laura. The kids were born in Marshall county, Iowa, where the family was living on the farm of the mother's parents. They moved to Kansas, arriving there around 1873. I do not know when they left Iowa, but they obviously must have traveled through Nebraska to get there, as that's where this photo was taken. Perhaps they stayed in Nebraska a while; those don't look like traveling clothes.


by Alison Gardner G2G6 Mach 6 (62.7k points)
edited by Alison Gardner
Such a great photo! Nice to see it again. I love the look on your mother's face.
OOH MY FAVOURITE photo is back again!!!

Thanks Alison!!!
+9 votes

52 Photos: Week 6 Childhood

This is a picture of Clara, Berta, Helen and Pauline Bydalek from Momence, Illinois (my home-town) and my husband's 1st cousins 1x removed.

I think this represents a true picture of an idyllic childhood.  All of the children from the Bydalek family are outside playing in their backyard with their dogs. 


by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Thanks for sharing this photo. It just makes me feel good. They all look so happy.
I absolutely love this photo of the children with there adorable dogs look like everyone had a lot of fun

What a real cute photo thank you for sharing Cheryl
+8 votes

This Ella Walls Leonard https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Leonard-8012 as a baby in 1900


by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (465k points)

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