Seaching for Edith Brown's mother Louisa Brown (née Hutchins) and sisters who emigrated to Australia

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Good evening,

I am trying to locate the Brown family :  Louisa Brown (née Hutchins) emigrated to Australia with her 3 daughters in the (approx)1900's after her husband George Frederick Brown died.  My Great Grandmother Edith Brown (b. 20 May 1881-d.1956) decided to stay in London and got  married to James Joseph Styles in Kensington  in 1912. I have not been able to get very far with my research and I would much appreciate some help please.

All the best

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Does Louisa have a middle name and date birth.
What were the names of the daughters?  Any idea when they left .. even an approximate? As Leslie asked, any idea which state they went to?
Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your reply.I don't have Louisa's her birth date nor do I know if she had a middle name.
Hi Melanie,

Thank you for your reply. I do not know the names of her daughters   They left England  between 1900-1912 (approx), I don't know the state they went to either.
Edith Brown b.20 May 1882- d.1956 was Louisa (Hutchins) Brown's 4th daughter.

You're a year off with Edith: 

Name:         Mother's Maiden Surname:

GRO Reference: 1881  J Quarter in RICHMOND  Volume 02A  Page 368


Gives a point from which to work.  Any idea if the siblings were older or younger than Edith?

These are not ALL going to be the siblings .. they're just the names that came up between 1870 and 1894 with the mother's maiden surname "Hutchins".

It will give helpers some names to look for on the passenger/immigration lists.   The 1881 Edith is the known factor.

BROWN, MARY ELLEN HUTCHINS       HUTCHINS       GRO Reference:1872 S Quarter in HENDON Volume 03A Page 134 

BROWN, LOUISA               HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1880 J Quarter in ISLINGTON Volume 01B Page 300 

BROWN, EDITH     HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1881 J Quarter in RICHMOND Volume 02A Page 368 

BROWN, LILLY       HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1882 S Quarter in FARNHUM Volume 02A Page 112

BROWN, MARGARET       HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1887 J Quarter in LIVERPOOL Volume 08B Page 59

BROWN, EDITH MAUD    HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1889 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1035

BROWN, EMMA ANNIE ROSINA            HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1891 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 988 

BROWN, FLORENCE        HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1891 J Quarter in FARNHAM Volume 02A Page 104 

BROWN, GEORGINA        HUTCHINS   GRO Reference:1893 J Quarter in RICHMOND-SURREY Volume 02A Page 394 

Hi Melanie,

Thank you for your help.  Georgina is Louisa’s daughter

I now have something solid to work on.

All the bedt

Good afternoon,

The story that was passed down through the generations was not fully correct. Louisa Brown and her children - Leonard, Georgine and William Henry Brown emmigrated to Australia between 1901 and 1912 approximately.

The Brown family lived in Hampton Square, Mortlake, Richmond UK according to the 1901 census

Louisa Brown, head age 38 ( born 1863)

Edith Brown, daughter aged 19 Laundress (born 1881) stayed in London

Leonard Brown, son, aged 17 (labourer) born 1884

Georgine Brown, daughter, aged 7 born 1894

Willian Henry Brown  son, aged 4, born 12dec 1896

Father - George Frederick Brown deceased approx 1899

Thank you all for your help.

All the best

It can be interesting to find things that show some of our family stories to be less accurate than we may have believed.

Glad to know that we helped, even in a small way.  :)
Good evening,

May I ask you for some more advice please?

I have located 4 members of a Brown family on a passenger list of the  'India'. The ship left London for Adelaide on 16 February 1902. There are  no first names or initials. Any idea where I could get this information from please.

Best regards,

South Australia passenger lists can be found at

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Do you know which state they moved to? I could not find anything in Victoria.
by Leslie Cooper G2G6 Mach 3 (35.7k points)
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I do not know which state they went to.
Hi Lesley
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Gillian, If you made profiles for these people, including all the information that you have so far, Wiki Treers would have more information to work on. Then perhaps we could help you.
by Jean Price G2G6 Mach 4 (44.1k points)

Thank you for your reply. I have very little to go on, at the moment.
Gillian, I wonder if you are being a little nervous about actually recording  your family. From the information you have given us you could build four profiles - Edith Brown, Louisa Hutchins, George Frederick Brown, and Joseph Styles. Once you see the names on the screen, and with their biographies started, you will be up and away.

Would you like a mentor to contact you to walk you through the first steps of recording your family?  If you wish to contact any of us privately, click on the underlined name, then on the Profile name, then on "send private message"

Thank you for all the information, I will take  a closer look over the weekend to work on this. I am very grateful for all the help being offered. I think their emigration would have been around 1911-1912.

Al the best

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Louisa Hutchins married George Frederick Brown in Sep Qtr 1880; Registration District: Richmond, Surrey; Ref. 2a 572.

I think these are the Census entries for Louisa:

1881 ; 1891 ; 1901 ; 1911

This looks like George in 1891

by Vivian Egan G2G6 Mach 8 (82.7k points)
Well that marriage date rules out the 1872 Mary Ellen Hutchins Brown, so struck through.  (Every little bit helps.)
Dear Vivian,

Thank you very much for your help. I have much more to go on now.

All the best

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Edith Brown arrived Queensland,Australia,March 30 1914.aboard ship

Norseman.I have contacted Australia,so i can see who came with her.May

take couple days too hear from them.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (920k points)

Hi Wayne

There’s a little confusion here. I am trying to locate Louisa (Hutchins) Brown and her 3 daughters, Edith Brown was the only daughter owho stayed in England.



A family tree on has Georgina and William Henry.  It says that Georgina married Oct 1915 in Kingston, Surrey, but the tree owner may not have known that she emigrated:
Other trees on are having a lot of trouble with the surname Brown.  One tree has George with two wives successively, both with the surname Brown.  One of the two families is this one, but doesn't add anything.

But even allowing for the above, the following in Surrey C. of E. Marriages looks promising:

Leonard Brown aged 21 in 1904, residence 41 Hampton Square Mortlake married Annie Elizabeth PERKINS on 16 April 1904 of 22 Hampton Square.

Father, Frederick Brown dec'd
Further family:  Len and Annie had a son

Frederick Thomas Brown born 11 Nov 1908 married Edith E. Cockrell in 1934 in Surrey.

If I am right, Frederick Thomas died 31 Jan 1983 at Mortlake.  Letters of Administration granted 24 May.

Maybe it was only the girls who emigrated, looking for husbands?
There are several family trees on  They look as though they copied from one another.  Details given are:

Louisa was born 13 Sep 1860 in Richmond, Surrey, and died Mar 1920 in Reigate, Surrey.  The other girls:

Ellen, born 1887;  Mary born abt 1889.  Death of both girls unknown.  Leonard died 1918 in Flanders or France.

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Hi Gillian

While searching for my grandfather who turned out to be Sidney Thick from Broad Chalk and not Henry James Brown found through DNA  I came across the name Hutchins as I was looking for Hitchings.

So try Charters Towers North Queensland Australia and also Gordonvale North Queensland Australia. I find going on Ancestry puting in the name and clicking on family trees public. It is in the drop down box where you can click a list of sites to search right at the bottom. It would be a start . Let me know how you get on.  I live Queensland Australia

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