Introducing Myself and an Initial Problem....

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Hello All,

I am afraid I am one of these people that periodically dips in and out of genealogy, but that said I have been researching for 20 odd years now and have amassed quite a bit of information. Which brings me to my initial problem. I have attempted to upload my Gedcom file but as it has more than 5000 individuals it was refused. My Gedcom currently has 5373 people in it and I am a little reluctant to 'skinny down' the contents which would pretty much defeat the purpose of having it altogether in the first place. Is there any way around the issue?


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Make a gedcom for your father's side and another for your mother's side and upload them separately.
How obvious was that? Thanks very much for answering; I think I need another coffee.....

Coffee fixes everything...
That it may but I am now having difficulty splitting my tree into two parts. Where-ever I have another link connected to a part of my tree on the other side I have whole branches disappearing from the part of the tree that I am trying to retain. The trouble is that when I tackle it from the other side the same branches then disappear from this side. I would like to avoid having to scan the whole tree and input the missing data manually- that could take quite some time.

I may need to tackle this from another direction.

Any suggestions anyone?
even 2,500 at a time seems huge to me.

Maybe go to your great great grandparents and create a GED for each of them, then you'll only have about 300+ profiles per GED.  Then, you'll only have to manually enter up to your grandparents but then you can put in more detail for them and your parents.

I'd try one GED for a great-grandparent, if it works, do the other 7.
@SJ: If ever a truth was spoken! Hail, Coffee!

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Trying to upload a 5000-individual GEDCOM to WikiTree is, IMHO, a very bad idea. Once you get the GEDCOM loaded you have to go through EVERY single one of those 5000 with GEDCOMPARE before you can get the ADD button to even put in a single profile from your massive GEDCOM.  You would spend MANY hours just going through GEDCOMPARE. Then, any profile you create using GEDCOMPARE is a mess that you have to clean up for it to be useful. If you simply must add your info by uploading a GEDCOM and using GEDCOMPARE, I would strongly recommend only having your GEDCOM include a few generations back from yourself and no more than a couple of hundred individuals. Frankly, I tried adding from GEDCOMPARE--once. I saw the mess I had to clean up and format and decided I'd much rather do manual adds. Oh, yes, it is cumbersome and slow to add one-by-one, but I am so much happier with the results because my purpose here is not to create a massive number of profiles, but to have each and every profile I do add be accurate, well-sourced, and well-formatted and honor my ancestors.
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Thanks for that. It does seem to be a practical solution and would save me wasting a great deal of time. Would it not be a good idea to incorporate the points that you have made into the page for uploading the GedCom files? It would make sense to illustrate the fact that large GedComs are not very practical for this system and it does make me wonder how many people with 1000+ people in their GedCom have started here and then not proceeded any further precisely because of the points you have made.

Just a thought anyway. I will start inputting my main lines and see how I get on.

Thanks again,

I would LOVE to do that! So many people have asked almost the identical question you did, I think it would be a grand idea. However, I am not by any means in the position to tell others what to put on any WikiTree instruction page. I'm just sharing my experience and my opinion. I've only been here since November, so I am still learning myself.

Best wishes with adding your profiles to WikiTree, no matter how you decide to do it. I'm sorry I didn't give you a proper welcome in my first post, but I do hope you know I'm glad to have you join.
Thanks very much, it is much appreciated,

Thanks for the star, Herb!

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