Do you have Irish Ancestry or love all things Irish? Join us in the Ireland /Irish Roots Project!

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Time to start a new thread !!


The  Ireland/ Irish Roots Project co-ordinates the efforts of Wikitreers who have Irish ancestry and/or would like to improve the profiles of Irish people and the Irish diaspora on Wikitree.

If you would like to join the project we would love to have you.  

The Ireland Project (previously the Irish Roots Project) has now changed its structure into Teams.   We require everyone with the Ireland Badge to be a member of at least one Team or Sub-Team and our google group.

See  for details.  

The Teams and an explanation of their roles are :-

Categories Team -  If you like to organize, categorize, build a plan and see it through; This Team is for you.

Counties Team - Those interested in one area of Ireland, Province, County, Town. Includes One Place Study

Managed Profiles Team - This team works on profiles managed and protected by Irish Roots. PPP

Membership Team - This is our Administrative Team. They track new Members, Enquiries,

Profile Improvement Team -  Made up of sourcerers, arborists, connectors, biography writers, data doctors, and others,

Topics Team - Irish - Notables, Writers/poets, politicians, military, history etc

Diaspora Team  - the term Irish_Diaspora refers to groups of Irish no longer living in Ireland or not born in Ireland. i.e. United States, Australia, England, France etc.

 Can you therefore let me know which Team you would like to join.  If it is the Counties Team then which County Sub Team(s) you are interested in.

Please post an answer below.

Irish Roots Project is in the process of changing its name to Ireland Project. So you may see both Irish Roots Project and the new Ireland Project at different times. If you haven't seen the revised project, check us out at Ireland Project. We also have a new Badge.

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
edited by Maria Maxwell
Thanks Melanie,  I'll contact you direct to take this forward,

It's funny, really, but after my last post in this thread saying I didn't really have any roots in Ireland (other than Grandma who was English, but born in Tipperary) it seems my one three-greats-grandfather may have been Irish (County Donegal), not Scottish as always believed.  (My mother would be spinning in her grave had she been buried.)

I am NOT requesting membership with the Project, though, because I refuse to worship at the shrine of the google-gods.  I'm just making note that I have an even stronger interest, now, in Ireland than just my Famine Girls.  smiley

Now I just need to start work on proving the connection.

Hello! My name is Tracy Holt McClary. I was named after my great-grandmother whose name was Eva O' Tracy. My husband is a McClary which through the years has been changed quite a bit from O' Cleary to McClary to Clarke to McAleer so I'm having quite a lot of trouble with his surname. Any help would be appreciated. I am also descended from the Pollard family on my mother's side and I know there is a Pollard Castle where there are family reunions. Also the name Canady came through my mother's line as well. Help! :)
I am interested in joining the Irish Roots One Name Studies  Team, under Topics. The Surname I am most interested in joining is O'Brien. I would also be interested in the Diaspora - Australia Team, if two are allowed.
Hi Kassie and welcome to the Ireland Project and the Diaspora Australia Team and the Ireland One name study Team
Hi!  Half of my maternal great-grandparents were from Ireland.  Dwyer/Ryan/Stapleton are from County Tipperary.  I believe Mulvey is County Lietrim.  I haven't been able to make the leap across the pond.  The Dywers came to the US in 1848, but I don't know when the others came to the US.  Looking to make connections with relatives or learning more about my Irish ancestors.

Hi Sandy. I added a Death Certificate to Philip Andrew Dwyer (1869 - 1938) It has his parents listed on it. It will get you one more step back to Ireland.

Would you like to join the Ireland Project Diaspora Team

Yes, please!

thank you!

I would like to join the Ireland Project. My grandmother Bridget Quinn was born in Coalsisland, Tyrone in 1918. I would like to join the team County (Tyrone) and Diaspora team as I've never lived in Ireland.

My DNA is often referred to Scottish/Irish and I believe my great grandfather was born in Scotland. Are there any searches here that could help me with that?

Thank you!

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My ancestors came from Kerry (Ballinskelligs and Valentia Island),  Tipperary and Kilkenny, Ireland

My family interest centres around Lyne, O'Connor, O'Shea, Falvey, Lyons, Maher, Curtin, Watters and Rankin.

I have created a family tree which is located on MYHeritage. My tree continues to be work in progress as I establish new relatives.

I have done a DNA and yDNA test. My DNA test is uploaded to GEDCom..

I have uploaded gedcoms to Ancestry, Findmypast and WikiTree.
by Tim Lyne G2G1 (1.3k points)
Hi Tim and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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My ancestors came from Limavady. Names I am interested in  are McDermott,  Toner,  Ferris and York.

I have my tree on and genes reunited. Before submitting a name I triple check to make sure the correct information is documented.

I would be more than happy to help others, only problem is, I do not know how to use this site properly. I've tried in the past but got no feedback, so don't know if I was doing it right.
by Suzie McDermott G2G Crew (530 points)
Hi Suzie and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.    

Here's a link to the new video on how to use WikiTree    Happy to help you where I can - I've sent you a private message.
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I am interested in my Blair and McClanahan Irish ancestry. I am still trying to find where those lines come from. My Gedmatch ID is:

A449363 (Ancestry)

JS9126252 (23andMe)
by Michelle Burk G2G Crew (530 points)
Hi Michelle and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I would like to join, I'm searching for my Hallisey and Sullivan ancestors. Thank you, Cheri
by Cheri Ryals-Hallisey G2G6 Mach 1 (10.5k points)
Hi Cheri and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Good luck with your research.
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I'd like to join this project. I have Irish ancestry on both my maternal and paternal sides. I've been researching my 19th-century Catholic Irish ancestors from Kilkeel, Down (Colgan, Cunningham, Kiltey, Traynor), Laois (Harnan, Halligan), Tipperary (Lonergan), Leitrim (Earley, Guckian/Hackett), Mayo (Boyd, McDermott, Harvey) + current unknowns.
by Michaela Graber G2G Crew (780 points)
Hi Michaela, I added you to the Counties and Maria will be getting you the Badge soon.
Hi Michaela and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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Hi. I would like to join the Irish Roots Project.  I have Irish roots on my mother's side (still working on figuring out my father's side).  Surnames include Purcell, Gahan, Walsh, Carroll, Farren, Lang, Tohner, McMahon, Devine and Mulkern.

I have tested with 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTree (Big-Y and mtDNA) and LivingDNA.

WIth the most recent Ancestry update, it predicts my ancestors to be from Connacht.  


by Chad Snyder G2G4 (4.5k points)
Welcome to the Irish Roots Project Chad
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Hi there!

I am new to Genealogy and I am very interested in my Irish roots. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

by Anonymous Evans G2G2 (2.2k points)
Hi Stacy and Welcome to the Irish Roots Project
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I have ancestors from Cork and Roscommon, and I'm learning how to do more with Irish research (it seems like everyone has the same names and didn't leave a strong trail, though I do have some old letters).
by Cara Dailey G2G1 (1.7k points)

Hi Cara and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Know what you mean !  My Maxwell's all seem to be James, John, Mary or Jane laugh

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Although my family has been in the Philadelphia area since the 1860's, I'm still 98% Irish per the updated Ancestry test!

Thanks to the Donegal Genealogy Society, I found out my original paternal ancestors had the surname of O_Craimsigh. This eventually became Bonner, Boner, Bonar, Crampsey, Crampy, Crampey.

My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Dougherty, which was originally O'Doherty then Doherty. The spelling seems to have changed in America. I even know exactly where they lived and have seen it on Google Earth. The last farm on the left before the Tower at Banbas Crown, Malin Head, the most Northerly point on the Island of Ireland. County Donegal.

My maiden name is Brown, my Mother's was Campbell, my maternal grandmother was Johnson.

My maternal side is from County Donegal also, but far South of Malin Head, in the town of South Donegal.
by Mary Zabora G2G1 (1.7k points)

Welcome to the Irish roots Project Mary. I also added you to the County_Donegal_Sub_Project

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Hello! My name is Marybeth Mann and  I’m interested in joining this group because I have my grandfathers parents:

James Mann, b.1887 from Gilnahirk, County Down, N. Ireland.

My grandfathers mother, Alice Kirkwood b. 1887. Ballyregan, County Down, N. Ireland. 

George Mann  (father of James) b.1849, Caddy Drummel, Northern Ireland. His wife was Jane Hill b. 1848, Gilnahirk, Down, N. Ireland. David’s father is Isaac Mann- Caddy also. Today I found out Ray Hawkes (Genealogist) found Isaac Mann’s father, William Mann, not sure of his birth date or death date even though there is a guesstimate. Jane Hills parents: no information.

Alice Mary Montgomery Kirkwood was born in County Down, N. Ireland, father William Mann b. 1831-not sure if it’s county Down or Antrim where he was born. His wife Mary Anne Perry b. 1845.

I only have possible names for William Kirkwoods parents as Alexander Korkwood and Calwell for his mother. Mary Anne’s parents: nothing.

by Marybeth Mann G2G Crew (470 points)

Welcome to Irish Roots Marybert. I also added you to the County_Down_Sub_Project

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Hello. Researching my maternal grandfather's family from around Ballynahinch, Co Down. Surnames include Reid, Dickson, McIlwain, Shaw, and Brown. DNA tests done with 23andMe and FTDNA.
by Larissa Hayward G2G6 (10k points)

Hi Larissa, and welcome to the Irish Roots Project. I also added you to the County_Down_Sub_Project

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Hello, I would like to join the Irish Roots Project. I have some ancestors from Ireland but have been having trouble getting very far. Thank you                                                                                                                                                  

Lynn Pulsifer
by Lynn Mcallister G2G Crew (710 points)
Hi Lynn and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Good luck with your research.   Here's a link to our resources page
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Am such a nut at times as 15 years of ancestor searching can drive you that am not sure if I asked to join

My paternal line all Irish Left Co Mayo about 1851 for Hull Yorkshire

If am already joined thanks if not please add me

Happy St Paddy's Day from Galway to all Irish souls every where
by Suzy Young G2G6 (7k points)
Hi Suzy,  No problem - I can confirm you are a member of both  the Irish Roots and County Mayo sub projects.  

Hope you enjoyed yesterday !!
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I have been trying to look up about my family. I cant seem to get any further. The last name is Norton from what ive been told we came from cork co. I was trying to find when and futher into my family .
by James Norton G2G Crew (440 points)

Hi James and welcome to WikiTree.    So that I can welcome you into the Irish Roots Project I need you to volunteer to add to our tree and sign our honour code.  (it's just a click)   Here's a link which will take you through the steps  In the meantime have a look at our resources page for research ideas.

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Would like to learn more about the Boyle Family Tree that brought my ancestors to the United States. My aunt Georgine (wife of Raymond Boyle) did extensive geneology concerning my father's family and contributed and added much to the Boyle Book, but I haven't seen her work since the 1980s, and I would like to know more.
by Martin Boyle G2G Crew (470 points)

Hi Martin and welcome to WikiTree So that I can welcome you into the Irish Roots Project I need you to sign our honour code.  (it's just a click)   Here's a link which will take you through the steps  

Not familiar with the book you mention.   Try our resources page or perhaps post a separate message on G2G to ask if anyone knows where you might be able to get a copy.

Hi Martin and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Good luck with your research.
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I am related to the Rowleys and Campbells of Mount Campbell through [[Rowley-1651|Josias Rowley]], who married [[Kemmis-Betty-2|Alice Anne Warner Kemmis-Betty]]. Alice was my GGGMother's Aunt.  My interest is sparked by an original handwritten genealogy produced by Gilbert King of Charlestown, Drumsea in 1884 passed town to me and shared here

I am a distant relative of Sir Richard Carney, Athlone Herald (1661-1683) and Ulster King of Arms (1683-1698).
by Phil Jourdeuil G2G6 Mach 1 (10.3k points)
Hi Phil and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Thanks for your reseach page.   I'll sort out links to it and the appropriate Project pages.

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Hello! I'd love to join this project. I am actively working on County Down connections primarily from Drumgooland and Ballyroney. My surname focus at the moment is Dalzell, Massey, McBurney and related families.
by Linda Massey G2G5 (5.9k points)
Hi Linda and welcome to the Irish Roots and County Down Projects.
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I would love to join the Irish project as my late husband had Irish roots, as well as my own ancestry. My husband family was Maloney, my ancestors Brawley, Callan. I am hitting brick walls on all, except the Brawley'sas far as I can find came from Londonderry.
by Norma Maloney G2G5 (5.7k points)

Hi Norma, Welcome to Irish Roots. I also added you to the :County_Londonderry_Sub_Project

Hi Richard, Thank you for letting me join. I have since found out that I may have Irish Roots in Northern Ireland and in Southern Ireland. Antrim, Louth, & Clare & Limerick. It seems my Ancestors and my husbands ancestors really loved to move around a bit. I have also found some of my cousins or I should say second and third cousins living in America, Canada as well as Scotland. It looks as though I am the only one who moved to South Africa.
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Most of my ancestors are Irish, and I would enjoy becoming a member of this project and helping out. Thanks for asking. I'm ready to join, if you want me
by Anonymous Hudnall G2G6 (9.6k points)
Hi Debra and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Welcome aboard.
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My name is Neil Brown. My Irish ancestors on my fathers side come from Donegal, Conwal parish (grandfather).. My grandmother came from county Cavan, Bogesky, near BallyJamesDuff. With a name like Brown, genealogical searches are difficult.

Hi Neil,  Looks like you were not logged in to WikiTree when you posted your message.    There are more than one WikiTreers with same name as yourself.   Can you let me know your WT ID so that I can take your request forward - Thanks smiley

I am trying to find the birth and/or baptism record of Daniel Brown who was born (i believe) in Glenswilly, County Donegal. He married Anne Whoriskey from Gortahork and eventually moved to Keeloges, where my grandfather was born. Am also trying to track down Their children, Francis, Patrick, Joseph and Kitty.
Hi again Neil and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.    I've added you to the County Donegal and County Cavan Teams.   Good luck with your research.

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