war and military sticker help needed yet again

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Heck I can not even find the right war to get the sticker for it - tried French and Indian but that gives me a sticker with the name not on it, and a flag that keeps flashing to other flags!  Crazy dang stickers - do not know why I even try - except I have always thought we honor our vets - so trying to add the sticker for a guy who was in the Militia from New York Orange county in 1709 and fought in Queen Anne's war - served until 1715 then went on to be a county supervisor and assessor and justice of another county adjacent

source is:https://books.google.com/books?id=PygwAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA395&lpg=PA395&dq=orange+county+militia+1738+Vincent+Mathews&source=bl&ots=PSFAC6fS4T&sig=ACfU3U0wpxcSxWKdvVmAFlf7J7A3q9B34A&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiStoWdl8LgAhVKwYMKHXczCv0Q6AEwB3oECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=orange%20county%20militia%201738%20Vincent%20Mathews&f=false
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Hi Navarro! There’s (not yet) a sticker for Queen Anne’s War. However, there is the sticker on this page: 


that you can use. There isn’t (yet) a badge to include in the sticker, but there is a space for a text that you can enter yourself for Queen Anne’s War. I believe the format will also allow you to enter Orange County, New, York, Militia. Try it out and see.

second of the French and Indian wars - some Spanish deal in England - and it hits us over here because the french  were still battling the New England folks even after the treaty of Ryswyck in 1697 - and it took qite a while for the New Englanders to get any British backup - 1701 to 1709 then they came.  Why did they not teach us this in high school?

Anyhow wont the no badge throw an error?  I will see if I can get it to go
Oh and I did put in for a new subproject on the French and Indian war project page - so that I think is the next step on this, my dang obscure war guys!  I had another one in a New Jersey Militia before - still have to fix up that profile - bunch of crap on it that needs untangled but I did get a sticker on there, and there is some good sources- thanks again
Navarro .. try this instead of the 20th century poppy:

{{Veteran Recognition
| badge-image =ADWP-85.png
| nationality =United States
| branch =Orange County Militia
| start-year =1709
| end-year =1714 attaining Captain
| text =Served Queen Anne's War


The full image is public domain, I simply cropped the upper left corner.  If you like it, good.  if you don't, no biggie.  :)
Nice one Melanie.  Thanks

No worries.  Always happy to help if I can. smiley

You'll need to remove the line  | nationality =United States Navarro as there was no United States at this time.  This will not affect the basic sticker and just removes United States before Orange County Militia.

And Navarro, there is a Category for Queen Anne's War.

[[Category: Queen Anne's War]]

See: Queen Anne's War

It is a sub-category of Colonial wars (1620-1774)

You are right, sticker works with no country, added category too, thanks LJ

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Got it, took the poppy badge for it - Vetrans Recognition sticker and it would be fine, but i is toward the middle and I have a project box that is under it that is on the left so I don't know - looks funny to me - should I get rid of it?
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Put the sticker below, in the bio.
The other way would be to reverse the order .. that is:

{{New Netherland Descendant}} ABOVE the Veteran Recognition.  That should change how it displays.
does look better with reversed order - good idea

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