In Data Doctor can I move names that have "or" to ==Research Notes== in the text section?

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in The Tree House by Lucy Robinson G2G6 Mach 1 (19.9k points)
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If I understand your questions correctly, you can also move an "or"  name to the nickname field.
In some cases, it might be appropriate to create in the text area

== Name Variations == or == Alternate Name ==

where you could provide a more detailed explanation if needed
Walter that's a great idea. I will definitely remember this. Thanks

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Yes, that sounds like a good idea.
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (518k points)
Who would flag that comment? If you don’t agree with it, please post what you believe should be done.
I was about to post the same thing, Marion.  There is nothing about Eva's answer that would require a flag.
Please remember that not everyone knows what the flag is for. I have seen many posts flagged and most are probably indicating approval. The same is true for most downvotes. Mistakes happen and it takes people time to learn the ropes in G2G. Some may be indicating disapproval but are probably thinking the flag works like a thumbs up or thumbs down vote in other forums.

To whoever flagged the post. A flag is to alert the moderators to a problematic post and more than one flag will remove the post from view while awaiting review. A flag can be undone by the person who initiated it.
This is why I usually post saying something like "there's nothing blah blah" .. but I should try to use something more like your wording.  At least that way, if it was a newbie, they know more about the flags.
Are flags bad? I thought if I flagged something it would be easier to find when I searched for it. Sorry if I caused anyone to get upset. It was definitely not my intent. Maybe a definition can be added to the help pages so others new to G2 will understand the rules.
Thank you Deb/
Hi, Lucy,

As I explained above, flags are used to alert moderators to problem posts. Mostly things like advertising spam or sometimes truly offensive comments.

If you want to save something to find easily later, use the plus sign at the top right of any question to add the thread to your favorites. There is no way to save individual comments or answers.

Hope that helps.
Confusion might come from emails. if you flag an email it does make it easier to find. On Wikitree it is a red flag - a warning that either you feel the post is offensive, spam or inappropriate etc.

An upvote means you think the post has merit. From what I have seen most Wikitreers don’t like seeing down votes.

Also .. flagging spam posts will hide them after 2 flags are added.  (Well, adding 2 flags to any post will hide them, which is why some of us express concern when seeing a flagged post that isn't needing moderation in some way).

As Deb said .. the + up the top is great for marking things you want to come back to.  :)


G2G has moderators that review all flagged posts. Just because we can't see them, doesn't mean they are gone. If the post is erroneously double flagged for some reason, a moderator can and will restore it.
and just a note - I can't differentiate shades very well. I won't share how long it took me to figure out that saved/not saved was indicated by the shade of the plus sign (no telling how many G2G discussions I DIDN'T bookmark because I clicked an even number of times on the plus sign to make sure it was saved ... it's a toggle on/off function). After much study, I now can tell the minute [to me] difference between the plus sign being on/saved & being off/not saved.

G2G has moderators that review all flagged posts. Just because we can't see them, doesn't mean they are gone. If the post is erroneously double flagged for some reason, a moderator can and will restore it.


I figured that.   I also have seen some single flagged posts vanish only to return later, so I figured someone was restoring them.  Just because WT moderation works differently from what I'm used to on forums doesn't mean it's not working.  

I think some of us are just trying to prevent the vanishing of the post, even for an hour or so, when it's not warranted.  You can't blame us for caring.

Deb it's nice to know about the + sign. I appreciate your help with this
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If it was a dutch name I would be careful because some of them have it as an integral part of the  family name. But in this case it sounds as a good option.
by Eef van Hout G2G6 Pilot (166k points)
Eef, I am not familiar with Dutch naming, does OR have a different meaning for Dutch names?
Most of the "or" errors in a name field are  there because users enter things like "John or Jack". Sometimes one of the names is a nickname, and sometimes the user can't decide which one was the given name.

We also remove "or" from place fields, since "North or South" Carolina and "Scotland or Ireland" end up as places.

It's fine to add a research notes section and move one name, explaining it in the section. Use ~~~~ to annotate it with a timestamp.  

Just explain it all! :-)
The dutch word for "or"  is "of". When  official  family names were frozen around 1811 some families in the east of the country were "in between" names because families there were named after the farm they were living  and just moved. The official names became the combination of both names, sometimes with "of" or something meaning "also named" in between. Some examples:

* ten Tije of Boonkamp

* Agterberg of Achterberg

* Hagmolen of ten Have

* Vennegoor of Hesselink
Thank you Eef, very clear explanation.
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When I have valid sources that present two dates, I will take the earliest date, and put it on the profile with that source citation, then in parents (or 2nd date with source citation) and sometimes, if if feel more explanation is needed, I will add a lettered note down in the ==Research Notes== section explaining the material. I use "<sup>[[#1|[A]]]</sup>" to connect the information in the profile with the Note down below.

I believe this is within the rules for WT - document sources, and put as much info into the profile as you can.
by Roy Lamberton G2G6 Mach 5 (59.3k points)
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I like Walt's idea, but you would want 3 equal signs in front and back of the line, such as:

===Alternate Name=== or ===Name Variation===

This way it is a subheading under ==Biography== and not aligned with the main headings of ==Biography== and ==Sources==

I hope this helps.

Stay safe.
by Sheryl Moore G2G6 Pilot (170k points)

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