Do you have German Ancestry? Join us in the Germany/German Roots Project!

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The German Roots project is seeking new members to come join us as we work together on making sure everything German and Germany related is added to WikiTree. We want to work on improving profiles, adding information that is geographically and historically significant. We want to make sure that every emigrant who considered themselves German (no matter what country the land they left is now a part of) is added to WikiTree, sourced and connected. We want to see a German portal up and running, that will help make WikiTree more user-friendly and bring together German speaking members to collaborate. We want to see categories and free-space pages and sub-projects being added and maintained.

If you are interested in anything German related; you have German roots, you are German, interested in migration, historically relevant events, or anything in between, then we want you to join!

We have lots of great sub-projects such as the Volga Germans; Palatine-Migration; Hesse Roots; and Prussia. You can see all the sub-projects we currently have on our project page. Or why not tell us what you think would be a great sub-project.

The future of the German Roots project is bright with possibility so it is a very exciting time to join us. If you want to work with us to build up a collaborative and helpful community, and encourage collaboration between people from all around the world then comment below and tell us a bit about why you want to join, what German related interests you have, and/or how you want to contribute to the German Roots project. The only thing you’ve got to lose is a brick-wall or two!
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Steve Archuleta, Did you find a way to get help/information about your German ancestors? ( Your note is above.)
Hi Roberta,

Thanks for email me. I am trying to find a listing of some German words matching the sections found on the civil/ church records. I live in South Louisiana and the biggest group of my ancestors were Acadian/Cajun, Quebecois, and from France. My German ancestors come next with lines coming from Germany,& Switzerland.

Our records ( S. Louisiana) before 1900 were done primarily in French. There are certain words that I know to pick out of the text to identify which name is what. I know how to read numbers and how to read the years of the records done in French. I have even gone into Online sites in France and have read records over there.

What I am looking for is key words in German. I have found numbers in German where I can match the words. I have found the words for different family members. I am trying to understand how years are written. French is different from English and I'm sure there are differences with German. I'm looking to find out if German civil records have been posted to the Internet. My family was from southwestern Germany, near the Swiss border. We have found some information, but I am trying to find out information on the women in our family, especially from 1830 and back.  I have done this in my Acadian/ Quebec &French ancestors along with my German ancestors in Louisiana who started coming here in 1721. It's interesting the information I have found doing this.

I'm currently working on my Kramer/Kraemer/Kreamer side of the family. There is information out there but not to the extent that I can find with the Acadian/ Cajun records. Have a great weekend. Karin
I have always heard of my Scottish, English, and Irish ancestors, but never German. My Wiki Tree opened up to 50 or so German ancestors IN JUST ONE GRANDFATHER! I have no idea if there is even more. I am excited to learn about the culture and people of Germany.
I would like to join the German Roots project. I am currently working on location categories for locations in Uelzen, Niedersachsen, where the majority of my paternal German relatives originated. I have some ancestors back to 1600/1590 (Ripke, Richers, Ebeling; see my profile for all surnames I am following) and want to flesh them out but need the project backing to really jump in, I think.
Hi. My mother's parents came to Morden, Manitoba from Bavaria at the turn of the previous century but obtaining information about their lineage in Germany is tough because I have no working knowledge of the German language. Suggestions?
Hello! I would like to be added to this group as my paternal line of Krieger originated in Germany prior to migrating to the US in the 19th century. Thank you.
I am new to Wikitree, and currently in the process of transitioning my tree info over.  My mothers side is heavily rooted in Germans from Russia, mostly Black Sea Germans, that I have researched quite extensively using Odessa 3 and other sources of the like.  I have been out of the game for a couple years, but now that I have an empty nest, I have all the time in the world to pick it back up.  I am starting with a proper transition to WT, as well as investing in courses.  I would love to join the Germany Project, as well as the sub Projects for Black Sea Germans.  I also have a few Volga German ancestors, and a handful from Prussia, but I would like to get my research organized and put in from my Black Sea German group first before I take on those new to me areas. I still need a couple weeks to get my tree info transition over to here though, and learn my way around.  I am excited to see the specific Germans from Russia projects and the wealth of information contained on the information pages.  I am super excited to dig in.

i would like to join this Projekt, because i searching for my family roots and recogniced that there are connection to german aristocrates. von Aachen, von Wassenberg, von Kleef and more. i try to extend the search myself but i also need some help.

Yes, I would like to join, as I have some information on my lines (& own some German family books & one French one) which are German or considered themselves German even though some lived just over the border into what is now France:

Some of my Germanic lines are from these areas:


Bissingen an der Teck

Weilheim an der Teck


Bad Brückenau

Moselle, France:
















I am also interested in joining this group. Have been in WT for about 5 years now. I've been working with my Schürger ancestors from the Urspringen area. I have many from this area. Like many researchers, I've found many relatives who immigrated to USA, and many stayed at home. My Immigrants' families have been relatively easy to track as they came into the states and their families grew, found new jobs, and moved around. Not so easy to research those staying in Germany. Recently started a one-name study to assist in my research. Am always looking for new ways to move forward . . . 

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Hello! My husband and I both have German roots, therefore our children are doubly blessed. Our ancestors immigrated to the United States in different centuries. Mine came with the Palatine migration and his came during WW1. Whereas, he knows exactly the footsteps his ancestors made, I do not and have hit a brick wall in finding them. I need you!

Cynthia J. (Wickline or Wicklein [Gr sp]) Lear
by Cyndi Lear G2G Crew (450 points)
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I'd like to join the Germany project.  I have ancestors in the Chemnitz region and have cousins in the Berlin region (two oldest children of gr gr grandparents stayed in Germany when the family left).  I've hit a brick wall with my gr gr grandparents, Ernest and Augusta Lohse.
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The search engine turns up a lot that looks like decent quality, and so does a quick google.   I always try these first (and later with more detail) because it can catch a surprising amount, and has busted some brick walls for me.

Here's the link to the ecosia search:
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Hi, I would like to join the Germany project because the majority of my ancestors is from Germany, and I'd like to find out more about them and also help others find out more about their German ancestors.
by Gudula Suskin G2G Crew (370 points)
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I wish to join the Germany project. I am working on Lugenbeel ancestors going back pre-1700s. Most of my resources are from Family Search at this time. I would be happy to coordinate and grateful for any help as I admit I am not very experienced here! Thanks.
ago by Lisa Roller G2G Rookie (230 points)

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