Why does my cousin continue to dispute the parents of Abimilech Pate?

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His War of 1812 service record clearly states his birth year and birth place. Also, there is a census record  for Charles Pate in the 1800 census for Robeson County,North Carolina that lists a son under the age of ten. If she wants to deny it, don't keep the rest of the family from knowing.
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Charles Pate's will is what's disputing it. He has three sons in the census records. He names three sons in his will. The three sons are John, Charles, and Zachery. That is a documented fact that can't be disputed. Charles Pate of Robeson County, NC did not have a son named Abimelec.

I haven't seen any evidence for his place of birth but I have seen plenty of evidence that he isn't the son of Charles Pate of Robeson County no matter how much you may want it to be so.
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His service record. Nowhere does it give his date of birth or his place of birth. Also, he lived in Georgia and later Alabama, there is no evidence of him being in NC.

A Pate service card

Have you followed John , Charles and Zachariah?

There's plenty of reasons why someone isn't mentioned in their Father's Will (It helps if they are) The obvious ones are Child died before Parent and family Feud but there's others.

The Child was already 'borrowed' money, The child is more financially stable.

Have ALL the possible Fathers been looked at and eliminated?

Family names Abimilec doesn't seem a common name , but might be in the area - Does this name appear in any other Pate Genealogy or with connected Families
Heather, the census records show Charles with three sons. Three sons are named in his will. This person is not the son of Charles Pate of Robeson County. This man lived in Georgia and later Alabama. There is zero evidence that he was born in Norrh Carolina.
I found something that Kelly Hardcastle put online. In it, she indicated that Abimilec Pate was born 1790 in Robeson County, North Carolina.
That isn’t a record. It is user submitted. There is NO evidence to support this place of birth and very solid evidence that he is not the son of Charles Pate.
Deb, he is the brother to this Charles Pate. You have to remember that there are multiple people named Charles Pate in this family.
Charles Pate had grown children and grandchildren that are named in his will in 1824. You cannot have it both ways, Howard. You claim he and his brother were both born around 1790 so that just doesn't wash. This is the Charles Pate who was born in 1755 married to Phoebe Humphries (who he names in this will as his wife) and had married children and grandchildren in 1824 and whom you are trying to connect as his father.

There is only so much one can do to point out the problems associated with a supposed connection. If someone is simply unwilling to accept the obvious, it becomes pointless and is exactly the reason there are so many fake lineages on the internet.

I hope in the end you make the right choices about what to add to our shared tree and what constitutes a valid source. We have all struggled with these things and come to roadblocks on our journeys and I understand your frustration.

Good luck to you, Howard.
Just send me a private email that is not connected with Wikitree. I will share with you what I found. Then, you can take it with a grain of salt .
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The only service record I can find for Abimilec Pate in the War of 1812  shows only his rank of Private and his unit, 3rd regiment, (Wimberly's) Georgia Militia.  There is no place of birth or birth year listed on this military record.

What War of 1812 service record did you find which clearly states his birth year and place of birth?

Edited to add.

If you are referring to the data that was listed in this other message


That is not his service record. It is merely user submitted information with no source.

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