can we have some improvement on G2G feed please?

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I sometimes want to refer back to a G2G question that happened a while back.  In order to find it, I have to scroll through pages and pages of G2G feed items, which are repetitive.

The suggestion I would have is that a question show up in the feed just once.  Right now, it shows up repeatedly as every time a person wrote anything in it creates a separate listing for it in the feed.  My feed shows me I have more than 99 pages that I can refer back to.  But since some discussions get multiple responses, you see it over and over and over......

Any way to reduce this?
in WikiTree Tech by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (324k points)

2 Answers

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This is something to think about. It would be great if we could somehow tag questions we want to follow into a personalized feed, so we can refer back to them later. And when we are no longer interested in following a question, we can then untag it.
by Alex Stronach G2G6 Pilot (291k points)
Are you folks aware of the G2G Favorites list?  When you open any question (such as this one) you'll see a blue plus sign just to the right of the bold header.  If you scroll over it and click on it, this question will be added to your list of favorites.  You can go back and look at your favorites any time by going to your G2G profile and clicking on the "Favorites" tab at the top, among the tabs for All Questions, All Answers, etc.
No, I didn't know about that... thanks for pointing that out!
Dennis, this really should be an answer so we can select as "best"!
Dennis, still doesn't fix the problem, although that's a good one to know.  But I don't necessarily know that something will fit under that until later sometimes.
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Danielle, respectfully, I have an opposing opinion on this.  I really like the way it adds a notification of each response *after* the first page, and I wish there was an option to extend that to the current first page too.  In effect, each response hides the last response, and at any point in time, only the very last comment or answer is linked.  This is especially a problem with multi-page threads, with ongoing discussions within a thread happening on different pages.  Right now, you have a link to the most current comment, but then have to review the entire thread, every page, to see if there were any other responses.

If someone adds a very interesting and informative comment near the end, but immediately afterward someone else adds a "me too" near the beginning, you only have a link to the "me too", and cannot know about the good comment elsewhere unless you go back through the entire thread one more time.

Perhaps options could be added to support both of our wishes?
by Rob Jacobson G2G6 Pilot (126k points)
that ''me too'' response is definitely something that makes this list much longer.  And since I follow a number of tags, I get huge amounts of things in there.  Maybe if there was an ''unfollow'' button for conversations in which I have no further interest or nothing to bring, would make this smaller.  But something's got to give, else the G2G listing usefulness goes by the board.

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