Richard P. Dozier, b. 1852 Indian Territory, AR. Married Margaret V. Bankston 1876. Lived in Brazos, TX 1880

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My computer is wonky with Ancestry today.  However, a search of the names yields an post from 2008.  Have you seen that, or have you seen it and already been able to eliminate it?
by Heidi Nead G2G6 (7.0k points)
I did mean the posts by ravencomeslaughing.  Sorry those weren't helpful.

The mortality schedules for Navarro county only go up to 1880.  The state of TX started to issue death certificates after 1903, according to what I read.

According to the Navarro county TX Genweb, one funeral home was Bank Sutherland, which later became McCammon Funeral home.  That seems to be the only funeral home listed in that Genweb.  However, the August 1991 Issue of Navarro County Leaves and Branches has a cemetery index.  Volume 14 issue 3.

Have you put in a query to the Navarro County Genweb since that is the county of interest?  There are quite a few Doziers mentioned in some of their publications.

What was Maggie's name at the time of death?  And do you know where they died and were buried?

Sorry none of that helped!
Thanks for the responses.  This has been so perplexing.

I noticed all the Doziers there in Navarro CO. as well.  I looked through a lot of the local cemetery indexes and found some interesting names , but nothing I could say for sure was his family based on what I do know. I don't think its a coincidence there are so many Dozier names in that county.  My feeling is that he is kin to some of them if not most of them.

With regard to Mattie and John; when and where they died......we can't be sure of that either.  Here is what we do know..... In 1900  all the kids; John, William, Ella (my g grandmother), Cora, Dora and Maggie and head of hose hold... "Richard P. Dasher" as they spelled it on the census, along with wife Margaret Viola Bankston-Dozier.... were all living in Purdon Villagaes / Blooming Grove area of Navarro CO TX.

Then, in 1910 the census states Margaret is living in Calvin, OK ..... that only 4 of her kids are alive and living with her and her new husband of one year , John Muligan......  We know its John and Maggie that died because of the ones we know for a fact lived and raised families.  I think Maggie married a man named Chapman....she had a daughter named Katy Chapman.

My uncle JF Caldwell mom and her brother are Caldwells; Ella maried Frank Caldwell........seems to think that Frank and Ella buried two daughters (little girls-Iva and Myrtle) at or near Gerty or Calvin, OK.  So he thinks maybe that's where John and Maggie are as well.

We actually drove down to Calvin and Gerty, but no luck finding tombstones.  We did find an Indian grave yard.........and I suppose its possible Richard could be in there as well.  However, its only family stories that perpetuates that he's part or half Indian. My great aunt, Nora....Ella's daughter, told everyone in the family that he wore braids and was half Indian.  Except for the facts of who he married, who the kids are, when they were all born and where, where they lived from time to time, we only have stories about where he could be buried and when he died.

Since TX didn't start official records untill 1903, its going to be dificult to locate him.

I did a search request thruogh TX vital stats from 1903 to 1932 with al possible spellings and nothing turned up.  I think I will take your advice and search with the Texas genweb/Navarro CO and Corsicana cemeteries.  Since no records exist at the State level, maybe one of the counties they lived in may have something.

I appreciate your kind responses and listening ear.  I'm new to this sort of searching so I can use all the help and suggestions available.


Scott D. Elam
I am sure it's for a search down the road, and may be easier to prove than my own search for the same, but I wouldn't discount that Indian story.

My dad told me so very many stories about family members.  The one about Indian ancestry is one of the very few I have not been able to affirm or disprove.  The vast majority of details he shared have proven true.

If you aren't already doing so, record whatever you hear or learn.  If you learn details on the road and you have someone to record while you're driving, stop and have that person record, whether it's text messages, put into email, etc,  I am super bad about keeping everything together so I have learned to email myself what I record.  I transcribe and then email myself.  I have found lots of pieces of paper of conversations with my late dad.  I am thankful that I transcribed several of them into emails.  Create a folder in your email for it ( mine is called genealogical convos) and then direct the email to that.  I have done that lots of times and it has been a real blessing.

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